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combichrist planetdoom
Artist: Combichrist
Title: Planet Doom (video clip)
Genre: Aggrotech / Industrial / Techno / / Dark Electro
Release Date: 8th February 2024
Label: Out of Line Music

On February 8th COMBICHRIST released their new music video ‘Planet Doom’ right after the namesake single has been dropped. This video shows COMBICHRIST as teenagers in the classic 80s horror movie. But was it scary? Andy LaPlegua is a person with a strong sense of humour and a pretty goth energy. Andy and Ben Winston collaborated to create this video on the edge of dark comedy with a haunting plot. LaPlegua was always inspired by horror movies and decided to spend some cold nights in Alabama to make ‘Planet Doom’ video. The recognizable COMBICHRIST style can be seen in the ‘Planet Doom’ single, which sounds impressively aggressive paired with “early 80s teens” scenes. Blood, sweat and Rock’n’Roll! Unexpected but cool combination, though COMBICHRIST has always been about breaking the genre rules.

By the way, there’re no rules for them either. It’s impossible to predict what they’ll produce. And large number of fans was burning with curiosity waiting for this video to be released online on YouTube. The band’s audience has a distinct bond with them. The first person to listen is always the musician - Andy creates music for his own enjoyment, and those who appreciate it become a family. The band’s videos are cinematic and entertaining because they tell stories. This time, COMBICHRIST is closer to the movie vibes than ever before. Well, maybe we are going to see a Combi-movie one day? Who knows, let’s see! But for now, the band is preparing for the upcoming US tour.

‘Planet Doom’ single can be heard here:
Combichrist official:

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