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combichrist megaherz tour2023Markthalle, Hamburg, Germany
29th September 2023
Megaherz X Combichrist - “European Tour 2023”

The Munich authority of the Neue Deutsche Härte surprises with new tour dates in autumn! As one of the most famous German NDH bands, MEGAHERZ has been fighting for something bigger than them for almost 30 years. Distorted riffs are the brute force that allows their profound lyrics to fully unfold. Their mosaic of metal, rock, gothic and soulful lines is and remains unique in the German music world.

In the coming fall, MEGAHERZ will embark on an extensive European tour together with the Industrial Metal veterans COMBICHRIST, making the music halls of the continent tremble. Only the first promo photo allows conclusions to be drawn about their further musical development, of which their fans should receive information later this year. However, it is already obvious - the religious parallels between MEGAHERZ anno 2023 with a bishop’s scarf and priest’s collar and the disciples COMBICHRIST from the USA, who are already professed in the band’s name, are truly given. A series of salvific events are coming up for all pilgrims of the two co-headliners, who will finally find redemption in the music fairs of these two bands after the long pandemic. Fans of both bands can look forward to unforgettable performances that offer a unique combination of hard guitar riffs and danceable electronic beats.

But that’s not all that the fans can expect: MEGAHERZ has planned a few more musical surprises for this year that will delight their fans - stay tuned!

Additional Concert Info
Doors: 19:00
Start: 20:00
Tickets: are available for 44.25 euros (plus charges pre-sale) via Eventim

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