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DSC03901Grünspan, Hamburg, Germany
3rd August 2019
Combichrist - “One Fire” Tour 2019 - Support: Rave The Reqviem

Sometimes there are traditions built up, though I don’t think it’s actually on purpose. One of those traditions seems to become that COMBICHRIST perform in Hamburg mid-summer when it’s hot outside and just make it even much hotter inside taking care that we all get used to the temperatures in hell just on time. Though it was not as hot as last year end of July when COMBICHRIST crashed the legendary Logo venue together with NIGHT CLUB and WEDNESDAY 13, and Grünspan as venue also promised to be maybe a little bit cooler, the sweaty bodies where all around once again.

Rave The Reqviem

The support for the Northern European leg of the “One Fire” tour is the Industrial Metal band RAVE THE REQVIEM. The Swedish Industrial Metal combo that perfectly combines elements of Rock, Metal, spherical vocals and Electro parts was founded by Filip Lönnqvist aka The Prophet and in 2016 the first concept album ‘The Gospel Of Nil’ was released, two years after the self-titled debut. The latest album ‘FVNERAL [sic]’ was released a few months ago in 2018 at the Out Of Line Label.


Music & Performance
Though I was sure that this time it was going to be way less warm than last year at Logo, right when I entered the venue it already felt extremely warm and the venue was by far not as crowded as it was when the bands started playing. The start of the show was announced to be 8 pm, but surprisingly RAVE THE REQVIEM entered the stage around 7:47. With ‘Skydweller’ they started full of energy their set. Actually I didn’t know any of their songs before, and was pleasantly surprised form all the power and interaction on stage. Everyone on stage seemed absolutely engaged and had a lot of fun conquering tonight’s stage in Hamburg. The presented songs very really catchy, like ‘Are You Happy Now, Fidelio?’ or ‘Saint Jvdas’ really got stuck in my head.


Later we talked with friends about the gig, and everyone I talked to really enjoyed it, though we all agreed that the sound mix was a bit mushy and so some details of the songs didn’t get through as they were probably supposed to. Nevertheless RAVE THE REQVIEM convinced fully with their full-hearted performance.

01. Skydweller
02. Ghost Royale
03. Mono Heart
04. Are You Happy Now, Fidelio?
05. Ikaros
06. Saint Jvdas
07. Hold The Sceptre
08. Fvck The Vniverse
09. Heroin(e)
10. Crack The Sky
11. Aeon

Music: 9
Performance: 10
Light: 8
Sound: 8
Total: 8.8 / 10

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COMBICHRIST - 16 years, 9 albums, 10 EPs and a countless number of live gigs all over the world. The masters of Industrial Metal know how to turn any crowd into a crazy mosh pit and let the people leave the concert only grinning widely. The newest album ‘One Fire’ was released in June 2019 and entered the German Album Charts on position 13 in the release week. Now they are untiringly touring all around the world, just after the much extended European tour the band is heading over to South America in September and Australia in October. But before, COMBICHRIST are destroying and burning down some venues in Europe.


Music & Performance
The venue was already pretty packed when RAVE THE REQVIEM performed, but somehow even more people appeared when COMBICHRIST where about to come on stage. While the support band started more than ten minutes earlier, COMBICHRIST themselves came on stage 15 minutes later than previously scheduled. Also everything seemed ready, so we all were just desperately waiting for the show to start. After Joe Letz left the band some months ago, COMBICHRIST were now about to perform with a line-up consisting of mastermind Andy LaPlegua (vocals), Eric 13 (guitar) as well as Dane White and Will Spod, both on drums. The set-up alone with two drum kits looked already pretty nice and promised a lot of fun. The concert started with an intro and the single from the new album ‘Hate Like Me’. I guess that was the moment when I finally really got into it.


The unmistakable live power of COMBICHRIST is unbreakable and the moment the guys are playing it’s hard to escape. Two literally evergreens followed, ‘Never Surrender’ and ‘Shut Up And Swallow’. At least now we reached the right operating temperature for a COMBICHRIST gig and there was no chance to escape the released energy beast. Actually you might have expected more new songs on this tour, I mean it’s called like the new album, but that was not really the case. Anyway the chosen song mix transformed the front mart of the crowd into an enthusiastic mosh pit and the atmosphere was like the time didn’t do anything to songs like ‘Throat Full Of Glass’ or ‘Blut Royale’. After round about an hour the band left the stage for some minutes and came back with some more songs to let the blood flow and our feet burn.


Of course they played ‘Get Your Body Beat’ and from the new album the title song, ‘One Fire’. This was just another hot, punching performance with everything that you might expect or wish for from a performance of the Industrial Metal legends COMBICHRIST. Hot, hotter, COMBICHRIST, right?

Setlist (probably not the absolutely correct order)
01. Intro
02. Hate Like Me
03. Never Surrender
04. Shut Up And Swallow
05. Satan’s Propaganda
06. Guns At Last Dawn
07. Throat Full Of Glass
08. Can’t Control
09. Follow The Trail Of Blood
10. No Redemption
11. Blut Royale
12. What The Fuck Is Wrong With You?
13. Maggots At The Party
14. Get Your Body Beat
15. One Fire

Music: 10
Performance: 10
Light: 9
Sound: 9
Total: 9.5 / 10

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All Pictures by Nastja Iz

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