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combichrist thisiswheredeathbegins
Artist: CombiChrist
Title: This Is Where Death Begins
Genre: Aggrotech
Release Date: 3rd June 2016
Label: Out Of Line Music

Album Review

Have you ever had the feeling when you wished a band you once liked disbanded and found something different to do before it was too late and you had to cringe at what they’ve turned into? COMBICHRIST in ‘This Is Where Death Begins’ smells like NINE INCH NAILS with an after-taste of MAD MAX: Fury Road soundtrack, a derivate in other words. The barrage of guitars is supposed to revive otherwise empty corpse but the corpse just doesn’t want to be The Returned. Having forged a career in angry music since 2003 Andy LaPlegua seems to have run out of steam and makes music that sounds angry but the anger is just a façade and as such fails to connect with whatever authentic anger and pissed off-edness dwells in the listener and as such gives no catharsis but a yawn. It’s a caricature of its former self, if there’s such a rating as bin it, here goes it.


01: We Are The Plague
02: My Life My Rules
03: Glitchteeth
04: Exit Eternity
05: Skullcrusher
06: Time Again
07: Destroy Everything
08: Tired of Hating You
09: Don't Care How You Feel About It
10: Blackened Heart
11: Pay To Play
12: Slakt
13: Black Tar Dove pt1
14: Black Tar Dove pt2
15: Homeward

CD3/DVD “Summer Breeze 2016“
01. Just Like Me
02. No Redemption
03. Zombie Fistfight
04. Can't Control
05. Maggots At The Party
06. Retreat Hell Pt. 1
07. Never Surrender
08. Blut Royale
09. What The F**k Is Wrong With You?
10. Love Is A Razorblade
CD2 “History Of Madness“
01. Brain Bypass
02. Adult Content
03. Winteryear
04. Without Emotions
05. Line To The Dead
06. History Of Madness
07. The Kill
08. Spit
09. Vater Unser
10. Turmoil
11. Industrial Strength
12. Convenient Silence
13. Strike
14. Bullet Fuck
15. God Warrior
16. God Bless


Andy LaPlegua – lead vocals
Joe Letz –drums
Eric13 – guitar
Brent Ashley – bass

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combichrist thisiswheredeathbegins


Music: 3
Sound: 4
Total: 3.5 / 10

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