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aeonsable hypaerion
Artist: Aeon Sable
Title: Hypaerion
Genre: Gothic Rock
Release Date: 11th March 2016
Label: Solar Lodge

Album Review

Germany’s AEON SABLE have been creating a darkly psychedelic corner for themselves in and around the hustle and bluster of by-the-numbers gothic rock for some time now, daring to experiment and remain fluid in what they create.  At times wonderfully esoteric, there’s a genuine mysticism running through much of their music, and a feeling that everything is carefully planned, drip-feeding a loyal audience rather than saturating and diluting the expectation pool. It’s a pity there aren’t more like them. Latest album ‘Hypaerion’ spooks into existence with the out-of-this-universe title track, layering on the creepiness and doom-riffing guitars. Mr Sable adds his crazed-preacher vocals to the whole sinister dirge, and it’s like listening to Carl McCoy fronting Dio-era BLACK SABBATH. Wonderful!

But to confound and confuse, ‘Elysion’, that follows, is in classic Goth-Rock-Pop territory, a foot-stomping, bass-burbling, morose piece of arms-aloft black delight. Definitely one for the live stage. ‘Laylah’ (no, not THAT one) is similar, twisting itself around a staccato guitar and suitably grandiose set of chord changes, and ‘Garden of Light’ swaps chanting vocals for a black-metal growl that suits it just perfectly. There’s no flab or excess anything for much of ‘Hypaerion’, and that’s its real charm. Take ‘Of Cats And Mice’. Good melody, everything working nicely together, you feel at ease, in the presence of people who know how to write a song. It’s a pity it has to fade (tsk tsk) but we can forgive them this minor transgression.

Everything slows majestically and blows icily across some Icelandic landscape on ‘White Snow’, a song both beautiful and harsh, trading in opposites. It explodes into something truly magnificent by the end, a burst of colour and noise on a plain white background. Perhaps AEON SABLE should have left it there. But rather cheekily, they opted to out-epic themselves and end the album with the 15 minute mini Goth-Opera ‘Procession’, which plays out like some horror flick soundtrack, but one where the terror is hidden, the darkness suggested. Ghostly synths, mournful vocals, stabs of furious guitar, atmosphere building on atmosphere, and finally harmonising itself into a grave so deep you feel yourself falling forever. Now THAT’S how you do dark rock.

From start to end, ‘Hypaerion’ is a richly layered, intelligent, modern gothic album that is never afraid to confront the clichés inherent in a genre that has been trying to out-gloom itself for decades now, nor is it scared to veer off into unknowns, create new dimensions, and stay true to itself throughout.


01. Hypaerion
02. Elysion
03. Laylah
04. Garden Of Light
05. Of Cats And Mice
06. White Snow
07. Procession


Din-Tah Aeon - Guitars
Nino Sable - Vocals
Jo - Guitars
Quoth - Bass

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aeonsable hypaerion


Music: 9
Sound: 9
Total: 9 / 10

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