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benzina nelvuotochece
Artist: Benzina
Title: Nel vuoto che c'è
Genre: Rock
Release Date: 29th February 2016
Label: B Music Records

Album Review

It’s hard to imagine a metal or very hard rock band singing in Italian or French for example, as the languages don’t sound aggressive and harsh enough, however there are always exceptions. Maybe… Anyway when it comes to soft rock everything is just fine and music nicely combines with lyrics to make a good song. The new album of Italian formation BENZINA can be a proof of it. Actually the project was founded in 1999 and came through different changes till it was given a second birth by Enzo Russo, who’s also known as a member of another Italian band, SPIRAL69. With the new mastermind and guest musicians not so long ago BENZINA released a new album, entitled ‘Nel vuoto che c'è’. The album offers 10 rather diverse compositions and starts another chapter in the musical development of the project. The opening track ‘Vince chi resiste’ sets the pace to the rest of the songs attacking a listener with a swift and stiff sound which then turns into something more tuneful for a while. The next piece is a little bit more peaceful or it’s better to say steady gaining points with the chorus. ‘Io non ti sento’ has a slant into alternative mostly because of the manner of singing and some parts of the lyrics.

All the songs have almost the same level of expressiveness and it’s really hard to mark out any of them so it depends on personal preferences of a listener and to my taste the most interesting are melancholic ‘Lontano lontano’, ‘Per dimenticare’ and ‘Solo parole’ which would be good for musicals and of course ‘Ancora una volta’ mentioned earlier. In whole heavy riffs or leisure passages captivate more and more as the album proceeds and you are eager to find out what will come next. The songs are devoted to traditional subjects like love, despair and a search for yourself. In general the album turned out to be good enough and may interest a wide audience, of course within the limits of the genre.


01. Vince chi resiste – 3:43
02. Ancora una volta – 4:14
03. Io non ti sento – 4:30
04. Lontano lontano – 2:53
05. Il tempo scava in fondo – 4:22
06. Come e quando sei – 3:42
07. Dietro di me – 4:02
08. Per dimenticare – 5:09
09. Solo parole – 4:14
10. Una sconfitta è per sempre – 1:37


Enzo Russo + Guests


Cover Picture

benzina nelvuotochece


Music: 8
Sound: 8
Total: 8 / 10

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