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Title: Per Aspera Ad Astra
Artist: Aeon Sable
Genre: Gothic Rock
Release Date: 15th February 2010
Label: af-music

Album Review

This is what I sometimes miss about Gothic Rock - the raw edge, the lo-fi feel that was inspired by a love of The Stooges as well as early Roxy Music. AEON SABLE has that lo-fi quality that, despite being full of samples and guitar delay, feels so damn organic. This isn’t to say AEON SABLE is at all sloppy in their song writing and performance though. The duo are positively adept at constructing atmospheric rock tracks that use dark ambient electronics alongside garage rock drum beats and the timeless gothic guitar sound. The album could almost be considered Progressive really. Sort of like The Fields of the Nephilim and Garden of Delight if both bands had been obsessed with Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of The Moon rather than Sumerian mythology.

The opening track ‘Dark Riders’ is a slow subdued track that sounds like early Fields of the Nephilim mixed with a Nick Cave ‘Murder Ballad’ that makes for a strange introduction to the band. ‘At The Edge of the World’ is a very clean sounding 80’s Goth song that has plenty of delay in all the right places - it feels like the band are gradually building up their songs from the minimal to the ultra-lush. This feeling is confirmed as the madrigal opening of ‘Exodus’ turns into a gritty guitar riff overlaid with lots of delay and atmospheric keyboards. ‘Monument’ has that Dark Side of the Moon feel with a dark Nephilim-esque guitar riff played over a strange sample that builds into a big mournful track before letting loose with the electronics towards the end. ‘Morning Sun (Remix)’ should be on all Goth DJs future play lists with its use of lush electronics and sumptuous vocals - simply amazing.

‘Agnosia’ has a Joy Division atmosphere to it that is rather sexy but with that Nephilim-esque guitar work still at its forefront. The final track ‘Sever’ starts with an ominous drum beat getting louder before crashing into a beautiful mix of ambient keys and gritty guitars - there is also a hidden acoustic track at the end which is a fun little addition. This album is pretty fantastic. The band is obviously veterans who can write and perform with the best of them and I’d be surprised if they didn’t make a splash with this album, one of the best fusions of classic Gothic Rock and a progressive mindset that I’ve heard in the post-millennial years.

Track list

01. Darkriders
02. At The Edge of the World
03. Exodus
04. Monument
05. Morning Sun (Remix)
06. Agnosia
07. Sever


Din-tah aeon


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Music: 9
Sound: 8
Extras: -
Total: 8.5 / 10


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