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M'era LunaAirfield Drispenstedt, Hildesheim, Germany
10th to 11th August 2019
M’era Luna Festival 2019 Day 2 with Fear Of Domination, Yellow Lazarus, Scarlet Dorn, Formalin, Faelder, Heldmaschine, Versengold, Melotron, Diary of Dreams, Funker Vogt, Combichrist, Spetsnaz, Joachim Witt, Assemblage 23, Subway to Sally, De/Vision, Fields of the Nephilim, Suicide Commando, VNV Nation

Also the second day of this year’s M’era Luna turned out as beautiful, black, and brilliant as expected – again with perfect festival weather. M’era Luna called its visitors out of the sleeping bags or beds to spend another musical day out at the airfield. The day started with Industrial Metal of FEAR OF DOMINATION and ended with a big party during the VNV NATION show where Ronan Harris once again proved that he’s a great entertainer. In between, further seventeen diverse bands of the dark scene graced the festival’s Main and Hangar Stage and were celebrated greatly by their old and new fans.

01 impression D3S5688 klein

Fear Of Domination - Main Stage (Marcel)

FEAR OF DOMINATION are one of the best Finnish Industrial Metal bands. Founded in 2006 in a garage, their today’s formation was shaped in 2012. They delivered a half-crazy, tremendous and highly theatrical show that left you behind with dropping jaw, in full ecstasy and reverently to a certain extent. And what about suitable music? FEAR OF DOMINATION ignite an apocalyptical, mad music fire, as if comes out of Bengal lights that never go out. When you listen closer, you will find elements of several parts of the popular music world - and maybe this is exactly what makes the songs so accessible, vivid and strong. When FEAR OF DOMINATION leave the stage, forget about your perfectly draped haircut, that’s for sure! This opener is absolutely impressive. Not just because of the painted faces, but because of the energy coming off the stage. An Industrial / Metal fireworks spread good mood already early at the day. There is so much variety to see on the stage that does not arise a second boredom. A nice start! // / // Setlist: 01. Dead Weight / 02. Face of Pain / 03. We Dominate / 04. Obsession / 05. Sick and Beautiful

02 fearofdomination D3S5560 klein

Yellow Lazarus - Hangar Stage (Marcel)

Do you know this kind of bands you listen to for the first time and then you know that something big is waiting for you? “YELLOW LAZARUS is what would happen if William S. Burroghs had an electro band”, says the self-description of the band, and this one sentence is enough. In 1971, William S. Burroughs published ‘Electronic Revolution’, a mixture of facts, fiction and visions of the effects the development of electronic devices will have on our life in the future. ‘Dead Slot Machines’ of YELLOW LAZARUS addresses that topic and shows how relevant it still is. In the meantime, Burrough is considered as a Pop culture icon, so keep YELLOW LAZARUS in your memory. The band members were all hiding behind masks, the singer behind a rabbit mask with glowing eyes. But still you could recognise him because of his tattoos. It was Elliot Berlin from i.e. AESTHETIC PERFECTION who was singing the male part. There was much power on stage reminding me a bit of ALEC EMPIRE. I was completely overwhelmed by the creativity which a depressed and yet somehow drugged happy alien used to eat itself into my thoughts. This description fits in the best way. You have to see it live! //

03 yellowlazarus D4S6476 klein

Scarlet Dorn - Main Stage (Nastja)

SCARLET DORN is a newcomer band, formed in 2017 that debuted 2018 with their album ‘Lack Of Light’. Dreamy, yet powerful melodies, an extraordinary, powerful voice that can be fragile at the same time. The female vocalist Scarlet Dorn was discovered by Chris Harms (LORD OF THE LOST) and the choice to build a new band and let them grow seems to have been the right one. Several gigs and support slots for LORD OF THE LOST or WITHIN TEMPTATION later as well as festival gigs at Wave-Gotik-Treffen or here M’era Luna - SCARLET DORN show that their full potential is just about to grow at full size. Scarlet Dorn, Gared Dirge, Bengt Jaeschke, Benji Mundigler and Henrik Petschull just started.

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SCARLET DORN got an early slot at half past 11 at Main Stage which didn’t keep the fans from coming to the gig and celebrate. Popular tunes and dark melodies and the combination of Scarlet’s soft, but very voluminous voice. A special treat was the guest performance of Chris Harms during the song called ‘I Love The Way You Say My Name’. Another “detail” that really caught the ear were the “backing” vocals by Benji and Bengt. You should really listen carefully to them, too. Such wonderful voices with an extremely wide range. A technically and emotionally perfect performance. Just the sound itself was a bit difficult as it is unfortunately quite usual at Main Stage, but the band’s performance was perfect and really engaging. // / // Setlist: 01. Hold On To Me / 02. Heavy Beauty / 03. I'm Armageddon / 04. I Love The Way You Say My Name / 05. I Don't Know, I Don't Care / 06. Cinderella

05 scarletdorn D3S5683 klein

Formalin - Hangar Stage (Lina)

Already since 2010 FORMALIN pep up the Industrial genre with their charismatic, but club-compatible songs in a very successful way: Tominous and Gabor create cool, cinematic soundscapes with a hard, but melodic approach. What comes out is raw, but beautiful, glamorous and stylish - all at once! The mixture of staccato beats and sawing synth sounds is addictive, and it’s almost impossible to stay just for a moment - you will be attracted magnetically and your legs will start to dance. The melodic parts rise like a phoenix from the ashes, and the dancefloor becomes a boiling den of iniquity. Endorphin, adrenaline, FORMALIN!

06 formalin D4S6520 klein

FORMALIN from Berlin were the second band that played on the Hangar Stage on Sunday. And even thought it was quite early for a festival morning a lot of people came to see the band this day. And even if I was very tired too, FORMALIN’s sound and positive energy caught me right from the start. And also the other people in the crowd danced and clapped their hands from the beginning. And I guess the band enjoyed their time on stage a lot. // / // Setlist: 01. Salvation / 02. Above the Sun / 03. Tied and Blinded / 04. Slutkingdom / 05. Collider / 06. Deliverance

07 formalin D4S6500 klein

Faelder - Main Stage (Marcel)

Under the mysterious name of FAELDER, members of UNHEILIG and IN EXTREMO formed a new all-star formation to provide a home for all restless souls with their atmospheric mixture of powerful Rock and hymn-like Pop. With the atmospheric mixture of thrilling Rock and bombastically arranged Pop Noir, the all-star quintet is the perfect connection between alternative subculture and mainstream. Rocking guitars merge with modern electronic beats, dramatically staged classic elements meet enthralling melodies that are finished by the distinctive baritone voice of Kai Niemann and his German lyrics full of melancholy and word-weariness. FAELDER unite contrasts of light and dark, catchiness and melancholy, romance and modern to a black, sparkling symbiosis. Dark Rock paired with romantic Pop and the mood became more relaxed than during other bands on the main stage. The fact that the musicians are all professionals is also noticeable. Dealing with the audience and the presentation of the songs were in a nutshell. The bass-laden voice carried the lyrics through the air… // /

08 faelder D3S5710 klein

Heldmaschine - Hangar Stage (Lina)

Originally founded as RAMMSTEIN cover band, since 2001 the five people from Koblenz make their own music under the name HELDMASCHINE. Already two years after their new start, they were considered as “biggest new discovery of the Neue Deutsche Härte scene”. The sound of HELDMASCHINE breaks the stylistic chains of the NDH, and delivers unexpected cross-references from electronic Pop and Alternative Metal instead, without letting miss the familiar and loved hardness of their music. The HELDMASCHINE shot again!

09 heldmaschine D4S6600 klein

The German Industrial-Metal band HELDMASCHINE rocked the Hangar Stage on Sunday. The hall was fully filled with people dressed in HELDMASCHINE merchandise and with big smiles on their faces. The band entered the stage dressed in futuristic masks surrounded by green lights and loud applause. The atmosphere came to its climax when the band played their song ‘Radioaktiv’ while singer René was wearing an armour with green lasers on his shoulders. At the end they played their all-time favourite song ‘Weiter’ and left back a lot of happy faces in the crowd. // / // Setlist: 01. LUXUS / 02. Kein Zurück / 03. Ich rolle das R / 04. Radioaktiv / 05. ICH ICH ICH / 06. Weiter

10 heldmaschine D4S6605 klein

Versengold - Main Stage (Marcel)

VERSENGOLD belong to the big climbers of the German music scene. With honest, handmade Folk Rock, the charismatic band consisting of six collected a large fan crowd. When VERSENGOLD are on stage, there is a unique atmosphere. Not for nothing, their reputation as excellent live band is going ahead. From bonfires and rehearsal garage to the big stages, from historically oriented hobby project to one of the biggest names of the German-speaking Folk Rock: VERSENGOLD look back to a fifteen-year, turbulent band history.

11 versengold D3S5754 klein

VERSENGOLD were, objectively considered, probably the most “normal” band at this festival and entered the stage in the afternoon sunshine. The North German humour they spread was scoring at the audience, but for me, the concept is more pure entertainment than content sophistication. With shallow entertainment, the afternoon is heralded and after three festival days everybody is happy with that. // / // Setlist: 01. Niemals sang- und klanglos / 02. Durch den Sturm / 03. Thekenmädchen / 04. Teufelstanz / 05. Haut mir kein‘ Stein / 06. Der Tag an dem die Götter sich betranken / 07. Braune Pfeifen / 08. Butter bei die Fische

12 versengold D3S5759 klein

Melotron - Hangar Stage (Marcel)

Since ever, MELOTRON stands for pleasantly eccentric, electronic everyday hymns, catchy and danceable songs with emotions, laced with a clever power of observation and unique energy. MELOTRON put a cynical spotlight on the human existence and mix it with booming Future Pop, melodic club beats and Synth Pop bombast. Classical New Wave sounds are combined with modern Dance sounds and enter the MELOTRON cosmos very elegantly. The question is: “Is this music for everybody?” It’s definitely music for friends of melodic electronic sounds, but fans of other music styles are very welcomed.

13 melotron D4S6646 klein

With their mixture of Pop music and synth sounds they stimulated the crowd on the dance floor. And MELOTRON were stimulating in all possible ways… with their subtle sounds and Andy’s chic red vest, they provided for so many sweaty people. It was a little more relaxed than during the bands before, but the room is well filled and the show did not leave any MELOTRON fan wishes unfulfilled. // /

14 melotron D4S6666 klein

Diary of Dreams - Main Stage (Nastja)

So it’s afternoon and about time for the majestic DIARY OF DREAMS. The (currently) trio around mastermind Adrian Hates is touring literally around the world with the recent album ‘hell in Eden’, released in 2017. Just this year they played in South America, USA, Canada and of course Europe. While many unknown places were finally conquered and covered in darkness, the performance at the M’era Luna festival was titled as coming back home and of course, what other stage could be more fitting for DIARY OF DREAMS than this. The clouds covered the sun a bit, a fact that was welcomed by all the Goths being literally grilled in the sun many times on that weekend. People like me just got their sunburn on Friday morning right during the build-up of the campsite. But beside of that short moment, the 50+ sun protect lotion helped a lot.

15 diaryofdreams D3S5911 klein

The performance felt truly powerful and majestic. The slowly becoming grey hair of Adrian blown away by the wind or the fan standing in front of him, heavy guitars and punching drums. DIARY OF DREAMS discovered themselves new several times in their 30-year-lasting career, this current state might be not the last one, but it feels grounded, like there are only people on stage who totally stand behind the band and the goals, the music that they make and are there to spread around the world. ‘Made In Shame’ opened the setlist, followed by the truly epic ‘Epicon’. ‘Malum’ and ‘Listen And Scream’ are currently filling the setlist as well as the evergreen ‘Traumtänzer’ that at least left the spot of the last song and moved further forward in the setlist. Catchy ‘Undividable’ closed the energetic, dark and monumental performance. // / // Setlist: 01. Made In Shame / 02. Epicon / 03. Malum / 04. Listen And Screma / 05. Traumtänzer / 06. Kindrom / 07. Undividable

16 diaryofdreams D4S6790 klein

Funker Vogt - Hangar Stage (Marcel)

When FUNKER VOGT was founded in 1995, it was far from clear that they would become one of the leading electronic acts within one year. Originally, FUNKER VOGT was just another project of Gerrit Thomas. Within short time it took precise form and until today it is the main act of all the projects of Mr. Thomas. The real “Funker Vogt” is a friend of the band, who really worked as a signalman at the Federal Armed Forces in that time. That name became a directive for the concept of the band, and in no time, FUNKER VOGT reached the top position of the German and international electronic scene. Since then, that top position was defended successfully the following years. It could hardly be otherwise because of that irresistible bastard of electronic music, Synth Pop and EBM.

17 funkervogt D4S6856 klein

Even with a new singer and technical problems, there is no hold for FUNKER VOGT. With lots of bass, a lot of show effects, t-shirt cannons and an electric chair, the boys do what you expect. Unfortunately, the audience today is a bit tired than the last few days, but in the end the spark was jumping over. // / // Setlist: 01. Thor’s Hammer / 02. Gunman (Neumix) / 03. Wasteland / 04. Bring the Fight / 05. Für Immer / 06. Wahre Helden (Video Version) / 07. Feel the Pain (Video Edit) / 08. Der letzte Tanz (Tanzmix) / 09. Ikarus / 10. Tragic Hero (Neumix)

18 funkervogt D4S6841 klein

Combichrist - Main Stage (Marcel)

Andy LaPlegua has always fired with COMBICHRIST from all the pipes that the genre between Aggrotech, Rhythm ‘n’ Noise and Industrial has to offer. The creations of the quintet still does not seem to have reached the end of the creative flagpole. They experiment with (yes, tunes), in the other moment, a dubstep beat passes you and then again there are Synth layers making you dance. One thing is clear: unlike many other comrades in his genre, LaPlegua has not found a fondness for perpetual repetitions, one-dimensional song structures and canned pre-set sounds. COMBICHRIST really takes away the anger, despair, and morbidity that they use as stylistic devices. COMBICHRIST is the apocalypse at a very high level!

19 combichrist D3S6038 klein

Already before anyone of the band was present on stage, the PA spread COMBICHRIST’s ‘This Shit Will Fuck You Up’ over the audience and anyone was loudly singing along. Aggressiveness is what makes this band. The image that hits you here is pure violence and madness. Or is it perhaps even more genius than they want us to believe? The songs come like a shot into the brain directly and without announcement. In addition to the songs, the members also fit together very well. Everyone serves another branch of madness. Great stuff for all who are not afraid of anything. // // Setlist: 01. Hate Like Me / 02. Never Surrender / 03. Throat Full of Glass / 04. Can’t Control / 05. They / 06. Blut Royale / 07. What The Fuck Is Wrong With You? / 08. Maggots at the Party / 09. One Fire

20 combichrist D3S6056 klein

Spetsnaz - Hangar Stage (Marcel)

The two Swedes Pontus Stålberg and Stefan Nilsson alias SPETSNAZ took the right bands as role models. In a very consequent way and on a very high level for 18 years now, they make use of EBM sounds like NITZER EBB, FRONT 242, or DIE KRUPPS. So it’s time to celebrate majority at the M’era Luna! Powerful sound, frenetically booming bass lines and a merciless, rhythmic broadside fascinated fans of the old EBM school and fans of modern dancing mania. It takes one sentence to summarize: If you do not dance your ass off to that music, you won’t dance to anything else!

21 spetsnaz D4S6902 klein

After a long absence from the stage there is now a visibly good-humoured frontman on stage. He was injured, but shared on Facebook after the concert: “It felt really good to be on stage again. Thanks to all the wonderful people who supported us on the M’era Luna festival. You are all a part of my recovery and I do love you.” It felt the same way for the visitors. The fans celebrated their heroes. Muscles, sweat and boots moved evenly and against each other to such hits as ‘Apathy’. It was good to see the duo back on stage! //

22 spetsnaz D4S6884 klein

Joachim Witt - Main Stage (Marcel)

Many times, JOACHIM WITT reinvented himself, and he never lost the pulse of time of relevant German music history. He was never afraid of criticizing politics and society. Timeless are hits like ‘Der Goldene Reiter’, which describes the performance pressure and social aspect of capitalism, inclusive his own failure, and ‘Die Flut’, the legendary duet with Peter Heppner, which is a statement about striving for a better life or a better world in general, belong to his repertoire. His music, elegiac, melancholic, enraged and full of yearning, uses new facets to describe all the repeating themes that WITT feels very strongly about. Touching, natural pictures again prove the extraordinary versatility of JOACHIM WITT, without losing his own, original style. He is moody, spirited, rigorous, proud, friend and enemy, and he is brewing like a thunderstorm!

23 witt D3S6111 klein

JOACHIM WITT is probably not a master of disguise, but a master in doing something different again and again. Hardly anything in his appearance is reminiscent of the past of the last few years. (Although my impression can be misleading too.) The newer pieces are all kept a little quiet, because the man on the vocals may simply have calmed down a bit himself. However, in his showpiece ‘Goldener Reiter’ he unpacks what he is also able to do. What strikes me most is that the accompanists on the stage could not be more different. The one with long black hair holding his guitar like his biggest treasure. The other, with blond, long, tumbled hair and a shaggy beard is constantly licking his fingers. And on drums sits a drummer who seemed to me slightly bored since he otherwise plays much more aggressive stuff at KOLARI. Technically all great, but I think the boys would not start a band together. (Presumably, I get an email in the same thing ;) ) // / // Setlist: 01. Herr der Berge / 02. Dämon / 03. Quo Vadis / 04. 1000 Seelen / 05. Das geht tief / 06. Liebe und Zorn / 07. Die Flut / 08. Goldener Reiter / 09. Strenges Mädchen

24 witt D3S6133 klein

Assemblage 23 - Hangar Stage (Marcel)

Already in the late 80s, Tom Shear started to construct first sings at his home in Seattle, which were initially minimalistic and without a singing voice. During the course of time, he refined his sound again and again, found out about his qualities as a singer, and in the middle of the 90s, he founded ASSEMBLAGE 23, which quickly became a pillar of the protesting EDM scene in North America and attracted enormous attention internationally. Always, the productions of ASSEMBLAGE 23 are packed with creativity and electronic music on the highest level, and thanks to the unmistakable voice of Tom Shear, unique moments are created, that are indispensable for fans of demanding, electronic sounds. When it comes to the performance itself, the duo on stage seems to be a bit boring, bit when it comes to the music, ASSEMBLAGE 23 is one of those bands that are even better live than on CD. They position themselves with their music exactly between EBM and Synth Pop and thus cleverly both store their fans from. No big show around it, because the music is here in the foreground, but still songs like ‘Awake’ or ‘Naked’ just caught the audience immediately. // /

25 assemblage23 D4S6976 klein

Subway to Sally - Main Stage (Marcel)

SUBWAY TO SALLY make music. Feel music. Live music. Are music. Eternal change is the secret. Only a handful of other bands were able to reinvent themselves again and again over such a long period of time and to get new fans instead of losing them. There was a change from English (Latin and Gaelic) to German language, there were electronic and rocking episodes, then acoustically and thoughtfully times, and no matter if you call it Medieval Metal or Bombast Folk, SUBWAY TO SALLY remained true to themselves even in times of change, variety and surprise. At all times, the septet masters the fine nuance, every shade, but also a key to success are the wonderful and metaphoric lyrics by Bodenski, that invite to thinking and dreaming.

26 subwaytosally D3S6159 klein

You love them or you hate them, there is not much in between when it comes to Eric Fish and his friends. This appearance in the late afternoon with a guest appearance by Chris Harms, a lot of Pyro and a lot of new songs cared for the first real blast in the audience. As a funny side note the band started in kind of glittering Disco outfits with Eric wearing a wig and big sunglasses before all changed to their usual outfit. The area in front of the stage was full to the brim and the visitors celebrated as if there is no tomorrow. One of the photographers even handed a red rose to Eric during ‘Kleid aus Rosen’, one of the band’s biggest hits. This was not an exceptional appearance of the band but as always a good one. // / // Setlist: 01. Messias / 02. Island / 03. Kleid aus Rosen MMXV / 04. Königin der Käfer / 05. Eisblumen / 06. Für immer / 07. Tanz auf dem Vulkan / 08. Veitstanz MMXV / 09. Alles was das Herz will / 10. Aufgewacht

27 subwaytosally D3S6193 klein

De/Vision - Hangar Stage (Marcel)

In postmodern times, where listening habits and perception have to be adjusted permanently, it is difficult, to make reliable statements about the future of the music industry or their producers. All the nicer then, that DE/VISION are like a solid rock in such turbulent times. Since more than twenty years, Steffen Keth and Thomas Adam release extraordinary albums with high hit potential that attract attention far beyond conventional, musical borders and sometimes they even create irritations among their loyal fans. The excessive testing of new styles allowed DE/VISION to define the quintessence of their qualities and musical orientation: the exciting mixture of soft, but remarkable Pop melodies and fascinating retro elements is still on the agenda. Always fresh, always exciting, always with a wink, always DE/VISION.

28 devision D3S6290 klein

DE/VISION are always a highlight for any Synth Pop lover. They have so many hits in their repertoire that anyone in the audience constantly could sing along. If someone gets a balancing act between loud and emotional, then it is DE/VISION. Thomas and Steffen, accompanied as always by Markus Köstner on drums, have been thrilling fans for years and are winning new ones with every performance. Who once succumbed to this mixture has no chance to escape anymore. Everything just worked here, great thing.
// / // Setlist: 01. Who Am I / 02. Synchronize / 03. Rage / 04. They Won’t Silence Us / 05. mAndroids / 06. I Regret / 07. Time to Be Alive / 08. Try to Forget / 09. Your Hands on My Skin / 10. Flavour of the Week / 11. A Storm Is Rising

29 devision D3S6232 klein

Fields of the Nephilim - Main Stage (Marcel)

According to the old Israeli mythology, the “Nephilim” are gigantic demigods that walked the earth in prehistoric times, which is a pretty good analogy to the FIELDS OF THE NEPHILIM. The quintet around singer Carl McCoy are true titans of the Gothic movement, and with their distinctive mélange of Metal, Gothic and Industrial, they made an impression on the scene during the last three decades, and up to now, they form styles. Their dramatic soundscapes unite monumental Rock with elegiac-psychedelic set pieces that are carried by the dark timbre of Carl McCoy’s voice. The performances are as breath-taking as rare, that’s why it was a great pleasure to see one of the most influential bands of the gothic movement live on stage at the M’era Luna!

30 fieldsofthenephilim 2019 08 11 19.47.30 klein

The fact that it is a bit emptier in front of the stage may have been due to the weather, or the fact that you could not see anything due to the fog machines. Whoever stuck the button there, I am there to see a band, not to see them not. There were no photographers allowed for this gig due to request of the band. Maybe they feared anyone could still see them in all this fog? So sorry, no pics here. But since the first impression is usually the lasting one, at least until the next concert, the musicians could not convince today. Of course, there was always someone for whom it was the most beautiful concert of the festival, unfortunately not for me. For that I’m even more excited for the next time since I know they can deliver a good show! // / // Setlist: 01. Intro (The Harmonica Man) / 02. Preacher Man / 03. Endemoniada / 04. Love Under Will / 05. Dawnrazor / 06. Moonchild / 07. The Watchman / 08. For Her Light / 09. At the Gates of Silent Memory / 10. Mourning Sun / 11. Prophecy / 12. Last Exit for the Lost

31 fieldsofthenephilim D4S7364 klein

Suicide Commando - Hangar Stage (Nastja)

My personal last band of M’era Luna 2019 was SUICIDE COMMANDO. I’ve been there also when they played M’era Luna last time in 2016. That was actually a hell of an evening at the Hangar with ZEROMANCER, SUICIDE COMMANDO and IAMX in a row. I still remember the pain in my feet afterwards. But also the best combination of bands I could have wished for. The Hellectro pioneers guarantee for a hell of a gig - the mixture of absolutely danceable melodies, controversial lyrics, shocking video productions and hellish vocals has the very special SUICIDE COMMANDO trademark. Johan van Roy and his band mates literally made the Hangar dance and sweat this time again. With the bombastic, devilish dance hits ‘Death Lies Waiting’, the epic ‘Shizotopia’, extremely touching ‘Cause Of Death: Suicide’ or one of my personal first songs that I got to listen to and that made me become into SUICIDE COMMANDO many years ago ‘Bind Torture Kill’ - there was no break for the Hangar people.

32 suicidecommando D4S7322 klein

Of course, ‘God Is In The Rain’ immediately made the whole Hangar dance and celebrate as there was no tomorrow and ‘The Pain That You Like’ is still on my mind as soundtrack of M’era Luna 2019. ‘Hellraiser’, just recently re-released as picture disc vinyl, closed the M’era Luna headliner slot at Hangar and just when SUICIDE COMMANDO finished their set, we finally saw that the sky looked beyond real and extremely fascinating outside. What an end for some of us and such an epic view on the way back to the campsite. As to cite Johan - “see you some time, somewhere, in fucking hell” - hell, yes. // / // Setlist: 01. The Gates Of Oblivion / 02. Raise Your God / 03. Death Lies Waiting / 04. God Is In The Rain / 05. The Pain That You Like / 06. Shizotopia / 07. Cause of Death: Suicide / 08. The Devil / 09. Bind Torture Kill / 10. We Are Transitory / 11. Hellraiser

33 suicidecommando D4S7216 klein

VNV Nation - Main Stage (Marcel)

The Irish-English duo VNV Nation rushes from one success to another. Meantime, they moulted to a true power pack of the alternative electronic and Industrial scene. The unique mixture of current, electronic styles, Industrial, Rock and Dance elements, profound lyrics and an inspiring, sensitive voice ranges from brutal, modern electronic beats to dark and dreamy ballads and symphonic-orchestral arrangements. VNV NATION earned huge appreciation and gained a complex fan base from all around the world with their powerful live shows. The fans come from all kind of musical styles. VNV NATION broke down the barriers between Electronic, Industrial and other alternative music styles, and they put things into new dimensions. One thing stands firm: the Last Judgement is coming and with VNV NATION, best things came at the end! The time has come for VNV NATION to enter the stage of the M’era Luna Festival like 2016, 2011, 2008, 2005, 2002, 2000.

34 vnv D3S6331 klein

This information is important for all who think that the same bands are always be booked. 7 times in 20 years is not really common. Once again VNV NATION proved that they were a worthy headliner of the festival. That VNV NATION play at many festivals and as a concert visitor you see the guys more often may give the impression. But most of the visitors do not care about seeing VNV very often. The project around Ronan Harris just knows how to keep control over their audience. Today, they even brought a special LED wall creating a fantastic light show. It was literally danced on the infield, at the food stalls, in the queue to the entrance and in the campground. At the end, everyone celebrated together once again this beautiful weekend and emotions from tears to exuberant laughter were seen. // / // Setlist: 01. When Is the Future? / 02. Chrome / 03. The Great Divide / 04. Genesis / 05. Illusion / 06. Off Screen / 07. The Farthest Star / 08. Control / 09. Legion / 10. God of All / 11. Immersed / 12. Resolution / 13. Nova / 14. All Our Sins

35 vnv D4S7418 klein


Apart from minor technical fallouts, which can always be part of any music event, M’era Luna presented all artists at both stages in their best form. A big and heartfelt thank you is order to all musicians, helping hands, technicians, partners, and of course the promoters FKP Scorpio. Thank you! M’era Luna lovers have already marked the dates for next year’s Goth get-together. On 9th and 10th August 2020, the festival will celebrate its 21st edition! On our gift wish list for M’era Luna would still be a more surprising line-up for some change. The fans are hoping to see even more old bands that haven’t played in a long, long while at M’era and are curious about more new projects that haven’t had the chance of being part of this annual lunacy in August yet. After all, the majority of the dark music fans have attended the festival every summer for many years and plan on keeping up the tradition for many more to come.

36 impression D3S4822 klein

Most importantly, M’era Luna always promises us a weekend filled with international top acts and amazing live music. Obviously, the festival’s unique vibe makes it one of the most popular and magical events in summer as well, proved by a sold-out festival this year. This is thanks to the authentic Medieval Market, the Gothic Fashion Town, interesting walking acts and decorations, and of course a rich supporting programme including the literary Friday readings, signing sessions, late parties at night with well-known DJs, the M’era Luna Academy offering interesting workshops and talks on various topics, extravagant fashion shows, and a tunnel of horror as well as new for this year, a beauty and make-up tent. On top of that, it is all the guests coming from here, arriving from around the corner, or even from wide afar that make M’era Luna this special meeting point for reunion and celebration that it is. See you again next year with such bands as NITZER EBB, SCHANDMAUL, LORD OF THE LOST and many more.

37 impression D3S6265 klein

Written by Daniela Vorndran, Marcel Lüke, Nastja Iz & Lina Neike
All pictures by Daniela Vorndran ( /

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