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HeldmaschineClub Seilerstrasse, Zwickau, Germany
6th October 2023
Heldmaschine - “Flächenbrand Tour 2023” - Support Versus Goliath

On the evening of October 7, 2023, the Club Seilerstrasse in Zwickau was the venue for a concert that thrilled fans of the German Industrial Metal band HELDMASCHINE. The band is currently on their “Flächenbrand Tour” and the fans’ expectations were high. The atmosphere in the club was very good right from the start.

Versus Goliath

The evening was opened by Support VERSUS GOLIATH from Munich. VERSUS GOLIATH manages to combine Rock, Metal and Rap into a dark mixture. The band was also able to convince the audience and received good feedback. It is worth checking out their YouTube channel!

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The atmosphere later on was positively charged when the first HELDMASCHINE sounds came out of the speakers. HELDMASCHINE’s signature sound, which is a mix of hard guitar riffs, pounding beats and powerful German lyrics, left no doubt, that it would be an energetic concert evening. The band took the stage for the first song wearing masks with their faces depicted on a display. The audience was immediately thrilled when singer and front man René Anlauff sang the first lines. His powerful voice and stage presence immediately captivated the audience. During the concert, the band played many songs from their current album ‘Flächennbrand’ and some of their older songs. All the fans sang along loudly and were carried away by the energy of the music. The light show and visual effects accompanied the performance very well. The band members appeared to be in the best playing mood and continually interacted with the audience.


There were moments when fans felt like they were directly part of the action. Throughout the entire concert, the band was rewarded with lots of applause and cheers at the end of every song, and rightly so. You do not often experience such a brilliant atmosphere in the audience. Overall, the HELDMASCHINE concert in Zwickau was an unforgettable experience for all guests. The band showed once again why they are one of the leading forces in German Industrial Metal. The combination of powerful music, a good stage show and passionate commitment to their fans made this evening a true highlight for everyone who was there. The Club Seilerstrasse can also be confirmed to have been a top host. At the bars, everyone got their drinks quickly from the friendly staff. The ventilation in the club is very ingenious. You will never experience heat, sweating and stuffy air there. This makes the concert experience so much more enjoyable.

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