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introAlter Schlachthof, Dresden, Germany
21st December 2014
Eisheilige Nacht 2014 with Subway to Sally, Saltatio Mortis, Unzucht and Heldmaschine

Without ice-holy temperatures, I have made a pilgrimage with dear-lovely company to Dresden on 21st December 2014. In this evening, the Middle Ages rockers of SUBWAY TO SALLY invited to the EISHEILIGE NACHT at Alter Schlachthof Dresden. Already 6 o'clock was the admittance and on time at 7 o'clock, Eric Fish entered the stage to start the evening with a few words to initiate. Now with words of praise he announces the opener of the evening which ventured, his opinion, a skilful step towards independence. We are talking about HELDMASCHINE, formerly known as the RAMMSTEIN cover band VÖLKERBALL.


Right at the beginning HELDMASCHINE heated up the audience with lots of smoke, laser and light show. The hall was already very crowded and the temperatures grew from minute to minute. The audience seemed very enthusiastic about the hard, fast, electronic sounds of the band, which definitely cannot hide its RAMMSTEIN influences. The audience seemed to like the appearance, as they sang along with every song and celebrated. I personally found the light show a little too exaggerated and got the impression that the musicians wanted to deceive with it that something is missing. After 30 minutes, the show was over and after a last photo with the audience the rebuilding for the next band began. // / // Setlist: 1. Radioaktiv / 2. Menschenfresser / 3. Es brennt / 4. Doktor / 5. Ich komme / 6. Propaganda / 7. Weiter // Rating: 6 / 10



The next band was announced by Eric Fish with the words that this group is completed by the most beautiful voice in the world. There now follows the appearance of UNZUCHT with the singer Daniel Schulz. Briefly he reminded me of Ville Valo, but his voice was not quite as memorable for me. Nevertheless, they spread an atmosphere that aroused the audience to dance, swing arms and clapp animated. Both, older songs as well as some of the titles of the new album ‘Venus Lucifer’, were presented during the short set. A special highlight of the song selection was the wonderful ‘Entre dos Tierras’ cover. This performance is sure to be remembered to the public for a long time. // / // Setlist: 1. Rosenkreuzer / 2. Deine Zeit läuft ab / 3. Schwarzes Blut / 4. Nur die Ewigkeit / 5. Unendlich / 6. Entre dos tierras / 7. Engel der Vernichtung // Rating: 7 / 10


Saltatio Mortis

Another rebuilding break receives special attention, as it was accompanied with songs by Udo Jürgens. This was explained by Eric who informed the audience of the death of the singer, as announced by media on this day. Nevertheless the exuberant appearance of SALTATIO MORTIS followed. The audience was animated by Alea, the charismatic front man, to clap along and jump around from the first to the last second. The audience followed this request of course with pleasure. Both musicians and fans celebrated the show. Alea jumps from one stage to the next and Lasterbalk told some anecdotes about the new album. The musicians also gave a taste with two new songs of their forthcoming record.


One can be curious on the new album anyway. Even during the very new songs, the audience was enthusiastic and they made it clear in great jubilation. For me, the show of the eight musicians was the best this evening. // / // Setlist: 1. Früher war alles besser / 2. Idol / 3. Sündenfall / 4. Prometheus / 5. Uns gehört die Welt / 6. Eulenspiegel / 7. Willkommen in der Weihnachtszeit / 8. Wachstum über alles / 9. Nur ein Traum / 10. Satans Fall / 11. Koma / 12. Wo sind die Clowns / 13. Ode an die Freundschaft / 14. Habgier und Tod / 15. Worte / 16. Spielmannsschwur // Rating : 9 / 10


Subway to Sally

Now followed the last rebuilding and the appearance of the headliners SUBWAY TO SALLY. An intro accompanied with fire started the show of the musicians who gave some songs from the new album ‘Mitgift’ and old classics for good this evening. After the performance of SALTATIO MORTIS it was very difficult for the seven musicians to keep up with the performance and dynamism of its predecessor. Unfortunately, they did not manage this really what probably also was caused by the fact that you barely heard the lead singer. However, Eric kept the audience entertained. The audience was mostly excited and celebrated the appearance of the musicians loudly. With many fire fountains, the hall was fired up even more, and the mood was always hilarious.


For me the highlight of the evening was the joint appearance with SALTATIO MORTIS, in which in total 15 musicians sang together some pieces. // / // Setlist: 1. Warte, warte / 2. Schwarze Seide / 3. Feuerland / 4. Wo Rosen blüh’n / 5. Wenn Engel hassen / 6. Traum vom Tod II / 7. Unterm Galgen / 8. Grausame Schwester / 9. Arme Ellen Schmitt / 10. Für immer / 11. Im Weidengarten / 12. Das schwarze Meer / 13. Tanz auf dem Vulkan / 14. Sieben / Mit Saltatio Mortis 15. Kleid aus Rosen / 16. Spielmannsschwur / 17. IX / 18. Veitstanz / Encore: 19. Julia und die Räuber // Rating: 8 / 10


All pictures from the show in Bochum by Daniela Vorndran ( /

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