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PROJECT PITCHFORK 18. Darkstorm Festival 0237 AJStadthalle, Chemnitz, Germany
25th December 2014
DarkStorm Festival with Project Pitchfork, Mono Inc., Megaherz, Hocico, Welle:Erdball, In Strict Confidence, Rotersand, DIVE, The Exploding Boy, Grausame Töchter, Coppelius, Ost+Front

Arriving in Chemnitz and expecting a lot of snow there on this December day, there was nothing like that. Honestly we had a little struggle to find the venue and something to park our car. When we finally found it and the building with a huge “Stadthalle” sign on it, we were waiting to get in. But at the wrong entry. Someone came out, told us we could wait here to get inside but he was wrong and after a while we started to walk around the building, asked people at the backstage entrance and finally got to find the right queue. But we were not that much lucky as in the very moment I entered the venue someone told me that the press people have a separated entrance and told me to get on the other one. Once again walking around the building, finding out the friendly security guy was wrong and finally found the right entrance for me after a freezing walk. Signs would have helped a lot, but that’s a thing coming to my mind a lot this day.


The first band this evening was OST+FRONT. I saw a lot of their spots on TV, but never saw them live. I didn’t miss anything as this was just another boring RAMMSTEIN-like band. They delivered a show full of blood and I just couldn’t get the thought “Oh well, RAMMSTEIN did this like years ago” out of my head. I wasn’t entertained at all. Not in the moment when they were taking blood to drink to the audience, not when they were serving sausages and not in the moment when the singer tried to be super dominant and sat on down on one of his band mates. The band left me with that “We have seen this like thousand times before” feeling, but there have been quite many people liking their show at the main stage that evening. // // Rating: 6 / 10

OSTFRONT 18. Darkstorm Festival 0902 AJ


It was a bit difficult to find the second stage as there were no sings. So me and my lovely company were searching for one. I was humming “I’m searching for a sign, have to leave this place behind…” from one of the APOPTYGMA BERZERK songs in my mind when trying not to get too angry cause of the horrible organization at this day. But stumbling around and feeling dumb was totally worth it the very moment ROTERSAND entered the stage. All my anger was blown away cause Rascal Nikov and Krischan J. E. Wesenberg were so much fun to watch. Of course they played some of their well-known songs such as ‘Merging Oceans’ and something new called ‘Electric Elephant’. Rascal was really fun to watch and to listen to, he made me laugh several times and I’ve never seen someone walking through the audience and still singing. Perfect show. Really. If a band leaves the stage and you’re left with a smile on your face and your companion says “Definitely the highlight today”, their performance must have been great. // / // Rating: 8.75 / 10

ROTERSAND 18. Darkstorm Festival 1039 AJ


Right after ROTERSAND, Dirk Ivens entered the stage to present some DIVE songs. For those who have never seen him live, DIVE has a sound of drum machine sound, EBM touch and I have always seen them with strobe lights on stage. I must admit that you need to like that type of music, or you are just one of those EBM guys wanting to dance. It was hard to watch what Ivens did on stage as the strobe light was either blinding me and made it hard to watch what was going on. Nonetheless, I liked the music and just closed my eyes. Some EBM guys behind me were pushing people around, they really had their fun and I guess if the stage would have been not that low I wouldn’t have cried for sunglasses. Maybe someone should check this before leading people close to blindness. // // Rating: 7.7 / 10

DIVE 18. Darkstorm Festival 0171 AJ

In Strict Confidence

Second “Wow” moment that day was when a well-dressed and hot looking HayDee Sparks entered the stage with her guitar in a Latex suit and super-hot high heels. It was not only me who was staring at her all the time. With a video screen in the background lovely videos on it, the band did a good job. HayDee made the people clap their hands. She totally caught people’s attention and they did what she proposed. Dennis Ostermann did a good job with being concentrated on the music and his singing. Of course they didn't left the stage without the one and only 'Zauberschloss' and a dancing HayDee to it. Some people were quite unhappy when this beautiful woman left the stage, I heard them sighing behind me when she went away. // / // Rating: 8.5 / 10

IN STRICT CONFIDENCE 18. Darkstorm Festival 0504 AJ


I must admit that I have seen this band like 50 times during the past years and never got disappointed. I hoped for Racso on synthesizers but he was sick as Erk told us, so Markus of RABIA SORDA took the Keyboard part that day. Wearing spooky make-up and starting with one of my favourites ‘Thy Kingdom Come’, I was really blown away from the very first moment. I told my friend that I would now start to freak out and he shouldn’t mind it when I would be jumping around like being insane. Some stupid guy next to me touched my leg again and again. I first thought it was accidently, but it was not. He started to touch my butt and I had to decide if I would slap him now or just go somewhere else. I chose the second option, went on dancing and jumping around and had a lot of fun until I hurt my toe when jumping. There’s no better way to hurt yourself than hurting your foot on Christmas at a HOCICO show. It hurt like hell but it was worth it. Totally. If I need to get hurt at a concert once again it should be one of the HOCICO concerts please. I see it as an indicator of fun, so my fun level must have been very high that day. // / // Rating: 8.8 / 10

HOCICO 18. Darkstorm Festival 0408 AJ

Unfortunately I couldn’t go on watching shows and tried to find someone to cure my foot. The security guys were quite annoyed that some hurt girl in a short dress asked for some medical help and took me paramedics waiting at the smoker’s area. Some other security girl had to force them to move their asses off the heating. Yes, I was sorry they really had to work on Christmas. Really. They made me take off my shoe, looked at my toe from like 1 meter away and told me they couldn’t help me. I’ve never seen so lazy paramedics. Sorry. Even when I hurt my knee at E-tropolis festival years ago, I got help and left the paramedics area with a cooling package. I decided to sit down and wait for my friend who was there for PROJECT PITCHFORK. So I told him to go and watch one of his favourite bands while I was waiting for him. I know the main stage room was very full of people and I was told that it was great, but I can’t say something about it. Sorry PROJECT PITCHFORK, next time I’ll be there and review what you’re doing on stage. I promise.

PROJECT PITCHFORK 18. Darkstorm Festival 0114 AJ

I went home and on my way back it started to snow. I really had to smile cause of the snowflakes falling and the good shows I was allowed to watch. And I was making jokes about how dumb it is to hurt your foot at a concert. Self-ironic comments are way better than moaning.

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