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096 covenant D3S8747 kleinRattenfängerhalle and more venues, Hameln, Germany
12th & 13th October 2018
Autumn Moon Festival 2018 with Then Comes Silence, Terrolokaust, Solar Fake, The Red Paintings, INVSN, The Arch, The Cascades, Fields Of The Nephilim, System Noire, Sinheresy, Aeternitas, Der Prager Handgriff, Schattenmann, Eisfabrik, Dool, The Other, And Also The Trees, Coppelius, Diary of Dreams, Die Kammer and Covenant

Hameln, a town in Lower Saxony, Germany, is not only best known for the tale of the “Rat-Catcher of Hamelin”, but also for being the home of the extraordinary AUTUMN MOON Festival, an atmospheric festival with a club show feel taking place in the month of the pumpkin.

The Autumn Moon in Hameln attracted lots of visitors with bands reaching from Folk and Medieval to Gothic, Electro and Metal. The weather was fabulous. Bright sunshine and up to 27 degrees invited for chilling at the medieval market or the Weser promenade. The festival takes place in a time that is untypical for festivals and uses the autumn weather and the Pied Piper legend to fully unfold its charm and build a mystical atmosphere. Bands from all genres of the “Black Scene” play on four stages from noon to night. Between the stages, the Mystery Market takes place. Autumn Moon is not like other festivals taking place on a field, but in the park and on the water (stage on a ship). Due to the short distances you can easily switch between locations and listen to parts of each band. Between the concerts there is still enough time to follow the jugglers and walking acts that run across the grounds.

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Fire shows brighten the night and the selection of mead, nougat, cuddly toys, art, homemade and even more food is surpassed only by the attention to detail. Not only festival visitors stand between the stalls, but also tourists and locals use the opportunities that are offeredsince the medieval market is open to the public and not only to festival visitors. The smell of the garlic bread has probably lured them even more than their curiosity what the black crowd is doing. Carved pumpkins and artificial limb gauges between straw bales also tickle the last mysticism out. A few people are still sitting by the fire and talking to each other. No matter what has made you to come, everyone is happy and the family atmosphere and the diversity of the Autumn Moon are welcomed by everyone. An after show party was leading into the end of the two-day festival and some have already stocked up with tickets for the Autumn Moon Festival 2019.

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For the 2019 edition, taking place from 18th to 19th October, already the first bands are confirmed: Burn, Microclocks, The Dark, Snow White Blood, QFT, V2A, Solitary Experiments, Pink Turns Blue, Kowalski, Das Ich, Merciful Nuns (with their last concert ever), Dark Side Eons, Forgotten North, Nachtsucher, Rosi. The ticket shop is already opened. There are 500 Early-Bird-tickets for a special price. Get your tickets for 60 EUR via Two critical comments have yet to be made at the end. The volume, which was on all stages turned a bit too high, probably because of the joy of the good weather, and the photo pit in the Rattenfängerhalle, which was an absolute disaster for all photographers working there. The photographers were rarely able to squeeze through the centimetre-sized gap between the boxes and the barrier and found no place to stand, resulting in bruises and wounds on the legs and arms.

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  • 011_terrolokaust_D4S5982_klein
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  • 013_terrolokaust_D4S6012_klein
  • 014_terrolokaust_D4S6027_klein
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  • 016_solarfake_D4S6056_klein
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  • 021_redpaintings_D3S8320_klein
  • 022_redpaintings_D4S6141_klein
  • 023_redpaintings_D4S6158_klein
  • 024_redpaintings_D4S6168_klein
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  • 026_invsn_D4S6212_klein
  • 027_invsn_D4S6270_klein
  • 028_invsn_D4S6316_klein
  • 029_invsn_D4S6322_klein
  • 030_invsn_D4S6343_klein
  • 031_thearch_D4S6356_klein
  • 032_thearch_D4S6388_klein
  • 033_thearch_D4S6394_klein
  • 034_thearch_D4S6397_klein
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  • 036_thecascades_D3S8333_klein
  • 037_thecascades_D3S8338_klein
  • 038_thecascades_D4S6462_klein
  • 039_thecascades_D4S6472_klein
  • 040_thecascades_D4S6476_klein
  • 041_fotn_D4S6486_klein
  • 042_fotn_D4S6490_klein
  • 043_fotn_D4S6500_klein
  • 044_fotn_D4S6507_klein
  • 045_systemnoire_D4S6541_klein
  • 046_sinheresy_D3S8342_klein
  • 047_sinheresy_D3S8352_klein
  • 048_sinheresy_D4S6559_klein
  • 049_sinheresy_D4S6567_klein
  • 050_sinheresy_D4S6591_klein
  • 051_aeternitas_D4S6607_klein
  • 052_aeternitas_D4S6609_klein
  • 053_aeternitas_D4S6618_klein
  • 054_aeternitas_D4S6621_klein
  • 055_aeternitas_D4S6638_klein
  • 056_derpragerhandgriff_D4S6643_klein
  • 057_aeternitas_D4S6645_klein
  • 058_schattenmann_D4S6665_klein
  • 059_schattenmann_D4S6667_klein
  • 060_schattenmann_D4S6674_klein
  • 061_eisfabrik_D3S8402_klein
  • 062_eisfabrik_D3S8404_klein
  • 063_eisfabrik_D3S8428_klein
  • 064_eisfabrik_D3S8457_klein
  • 065_eisfabrik_D4S6725_klein
  • 066_dool_D3S8461_klein
  • 067_dool_D3S8472_klein
  • 068_dool_D4S6780_klein
  • 069_dool_D4S6783_klein
  • 070_dool_D4S6803_klein
  • 071_theother_D4S6857_klein
  • 072_theother_D4S6870_klein
  • 073_theother_D4S6875_klein
  • 074_theother_D4S6895_klein
  • 075_theother_D4S6917_klein
  • 076_andalsothetrees_D3S8518_klein
  • 077_andalsothetrees_D3S8543_klein
  • 078_andalsothetrees_D4S6933_klein
  • 079_andalsothetrees_D4S6936_klein
  • 080_andalsothetrees_D4S6945_klein
  • 081_coppelius_D3S8552_klein
  • 082_coppelius_D3S8582_klein
  • 083_coppelius_D4S7005_klein
  • 084_coppelius_D4S7030_klein
  • 085_coppelius_D4S7051_klein
  • 086_diaryofdreams_D3S8657_klein
  • 087_diaryofdreams_D4S7164_klein
  • 088_diaryofdreams_D4S7206_klein
  • 089_diaryofdreams_D4S7215_klein
  • 090_diaryofdreams_D4S7218_klein
  • 091_diekammer_D4S7252_klein
  • 092_diekammer_D4S7258_klein
  • 093_diekammer_D4S7263_klein
  • 094_diekammer_D4S7294_klein
  • 095_diekammer_D4S7307_klein
  • 096_covenant_D3S8747_klein
  • 097_covenant_D4S7351_klein
  • 098_covenant_D4S7377_klein
  • 099_covenant_D4S7428_klein
  • 100_covenant_D4S7433_klein

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