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43 mainstage eisbrecher D3S1276 kleinAirfield Drispenstädt, Hildesheim, Germany
6th to 7th August 2022
M’era Luna Festival 2022 Day 2 with Hell Boulevard, Aeverium, Unzucht, The Beauty Of Gemina, Feuerschwanz, Combichrist, VNV Nation Classical, Schandmaul, The Sisters of Mercy, Eisbrecher, Oul, Then Comes Silence, A Life Divided, Soman, Priest, Diorama, Rotersand, Nachtmahr, Front Line Assembly

The banner at the main entrance welcomed us back with the motto “The Happiest Black Of The Year” on day two of M’era Luna 2022. There were so many things to see and do, that the festivals visitor saw themselves in a ditch more than once.

At 10:30 the supporting started with the “Crypt Talk” in the Hangar, and at 11:00 HELL BOULEVARD from Switzerland opened the shows at the main stage for today. 11:20 was the opening time for the club stage where people preferring shadow to the bright sunlight gathered to see OUL and enjoy a fantastic mix of 80’s Dark Wave, Synth Rock und Electro that created a unique Goth vibe under the glistening sun. German Gothic Metal band AEVERIUM took over main stage next and at noon people started lining up for the signing sessions at Sonic Seducer’s stand. THE SISTERS OF MERCY saw a long line of waiting fans, who were eager to get their records and other items signed. THEN COMES SILENCE had travelled all the way from Sweden to take over at the club stage and the audience obviously enjoyed their music that is influenced by KILLING JOKE and BAUHAUS obviously.

28 clubstage thencomessilence D3S0691 klein

UNZUCHT who had to cancel two festival shows previously used the chance to shred heavily at main stage and tell the fans, that they are happy to be back on stage. Frontman Daniel Schulz had brought his family from Spain to the festival for the first time and decided to celebrate this by doing some crowd surfing (which is prohibited for everybody in the audience) and obviously enjoyed doing so. A LIVE DIVIDED played on club stage and many EISBRECHER fans had come to the stage to see Jürgen Plangger, who is EISBRECHERS guitar player live on stage for the first time today. Plangger is A LIFE DIVIDED’s vocalist while former LACRIMAS PROFUNDERE member Tony Berger is on guitar duties.

30 clubstage alifedivided D3S0787 klein

Meanwhile THE BEAUTY OF GEMINA made sure that many were rushing to the infield. The Swiss band does not deny their influences by THE SISTERS OF MERCY or THE CURE and played their version of SISTERS song ‘Nine While Nine’ which is quite bold, considering that THE SISTERS OF MERCY would be performing live on stage tonight. Fans in the front rows were sharing bottles of sun blocker and by doing so proved, that M’era Luna is one of the most peaceful festival and that the Goth family takes care of each other (authors note: it would be great if travel size bottles of sun blocker would be available at the festivals store next year).The bands melancholic songs clad the mood in darkness and before ending their show, the band reminded the fans about their upcoming tour and recommended coming to Switzerland in case of new German Covid restrictions in fall.

31 mainstage thebeautyofgemina D3S0822 klein

SOMAN played Techno and Electro beats at Club stage while the medieval market suddenly became absolutely empty. Fans of the Medieval Metal style of FEUERSCHWANZ had filled the Infield and the band made sure people all over the infield were singing and dancing. Of course, FEURSCHWANZ had brought some fire effects and even people who didn’t know the bands own material like ‘Untot im Drachenboot’ were eager to join the fun, when the band played a cover of ‘Dragostea Din Tei’. The band also won over fans of the so-called True Metal, when they closed their show with MANOWAR’s ‘Warriors of the World’ and the fans of course followed the line “Raise your hands into the air.” Eagerly. This definitely was a show to remember for those who don’t take things too seriously.

33 mainstage feuerschwanz D4S4875 klein

Swedish Synth Pop band PRIEST, who are currently touring with COMBICHRIST, saw people dance to their vibes at club stage while COMBICHRIST had attracted those who love Industrial-Core to the infield. Frontman Andy LaPlegue reminded the fans that they had to jump in for CRÜXSHADOWS and then started to drive the crowds mad. The front of stage was a mix of headbangers, those who loved heavy arm workouts and people jumping around during the whole set. The band gave them almost no chance to breathe and after the bands performance significant lines became visible at the bars that were quite understaffed everywhere this Sunday.

35 mainstage combichrist D3S0973 klein

The late afternoon had two great options for Goth fans. During the day many fans wearing DIORAMA shirts had been spotted at the festival site and so the club stage area became quite crowded, while DIORAMA delivered a wonderful Synth set for those who love to dance. Fans of the Classic Goth genre filled the Infield to the max, when it was time for VNV NATION CLASSICAL. Ronan Harris had brought the Philharmonic from Leipzig to Hildesheim and played a classic set, that had many goosebump moments. ‘Nova’ and ‘Illusion’ were moving many in the audience to tears and people had to wipe away tears carefully, avoiding to ruin their Goth makeup.

36 clubstage diorama D4S5064 klein

Many needed a break and a drink afterwards and so ROTERSAND’s merge of many styles that might be best described as Future Pop was a welcome distraction. SCHANDMAUL picked up VNV NATION CLASSICAL’s style for their orchestral intro, just to merge in their trademark bagpipes and hurdy gurdy and fans of the medieval genre took over the infield to dance to ‘Herren der Winde’ and drink to ‘Der Teufel hat den Schnaps gemacht’. After SCHANDMAUL closed their set with ‘Feuertanz’, those who liked to dance could continue doing so to NACHTMAHR’s Electro and Beat vibes at club stage.

38 clubstage rotersand D4S5155 klein

Many used the time to grab something to eat (and complain about the increased prices) take a seat and gather some strength for the shows of tonight’s headliners. Three minutes before the scheduled start, the stage was clad in fog for THE SISTERS OF MERCY and the front rows was a mix of fans from all generations. What followed, left many long-time fans absolutely stunned, for THE SISTERS have a certain reputation to hide in the fog and not performing at their best at festivals. Tonight, it was exactly the other way round! The fog vanished during the first songs and THE SISTERS OF MERCY showed total joy of performing live on stage for the fans, Andrew Eldritch telling the fans “Ihr seid so süß!” several times. Since Andrew remained front of stage and even walked to the side monitors several times posing for the photographers and the fans, many congratulated themselves on having attended the gig. The band played a firework of songs, some of them in rare club prone versions and even ‘Summer’ that is not to be found on the setlists so often was played in a wonderful live version.

41 mainstage thesistersofmercy D3S1198 klein

Ravey Davey who is the nurse of THE SISTERS OF MERCY’s drum computers Doktor Avalanche made the Doktor giving the audience amazing beats and synth sequences and rocked as much as the crowd, when it was time for ‘More’, ‘Temple of Love’ and ‘This Corrosion’. Guitar players Ben Christo and Dylan Smith joined Ravey Davey in waving his hands together with the audience during the intro of ‘This Corrosion’, while Andre Eldritch gave the conductor of the whole thing, before all hell broke loose and people danced to ‘This Corrosion’. Considering the number of SISTERS gigs the author has attended, these rates as good one and probably the most outstanding festival gigs in the last decades. In the authors books the gig had been way too short, although the SISTERS had done their best to put as many fan favourites as possible in their slot. Loud cheering and applause and an audience demanding an encore accompanied THE SISTERS OF MERCY, when they left the stage and hopefully the SISTERS will take this as a sign to keep on touring for the fans.

42 clubstage frontlineassembly D4S5367 klein

Those who loved EBM beats danced at club stage entertained by FRONT LINE ASSEMBLY, while the main stage was prepared for tonight’s headliner EISBRECHER. Frontman Alexander Wesselsky had a grip on the crowd immediately and even those who were not hardcore fans of NDH music came to the infield to see the bands show, that always comes with some special effects and the band even made a miracle happen: it was snowing on stage, while it was still well over 20 degrees Celsius. Afterwards the setlist was soaked and had to be replaced and the band used the chance to thank all the helpful hands that make events like this happen.

43 mainstage eisbrecher D3S1310 klein

When the last tune had faded a peaceful festival came to an end and the party continued at the campsite. Many were determined to set an alarm to grab a ticket for M’era Luna 2023 that will take place August 12th - 13th 2023. IN EXTREMO, PROJECT PITCHFORK, SUBWAY TO SALLY, JOACHIM WITT, THE 69 EYES, SOLAR FAKE, LETZTE INSTANZ, GOTHMINISTER and BLITZ UNION have already been confirmed. Tickets via

Gallery of all bands of the day

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  • 40_clubstage_nachtmahr_D3S1148_klein
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