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Mera Luna 2022Airfield Drispenstädt, Hildesheim, Germany
6th to 7th August 2022
M’era Luna Festival 2022 Day 1 with Enemy Inside, Rave the Reqviem, Qntal, Schattenmann, Ost + Front, Lacrimas Profundere, Lord Of The Lost Ensemble, The Mission, Blutengel, Nitzer Ebb, ASP ft. The Little Big Men, Adam Is A Girl, Ambassador21, Chrom, Noisuf-X, Tyske Ludder, Solitary Experiments, Faderhead, Haujobb, In Strict Confidence, Covenant

After a two years break, it was finally time for Goths from all over the world to gather in Hildesheim to celebrate at M’era Luna. The festivals organisers had done their best to turn the airfield into a Gothic world for those who love the dark side of the music world.

Those who had already arrived on Friday had the opportunity to attend readings by Isa Theobald, Lydia Benecke and Markus Heitz in the hangar before getting on the dancefloor. The festival had been almost sold-out and when it was dawn on Saturday folks got busy dressing up and styling themselves in the styling tent to be at the Infield in front of the main stage at 11:00 for ENEMY INSIDE. The Aschaffenburg based band came on stage being dressed up in white and played a fantastic mix of Dark Rock, Symphonic and Alternative Metal. ADAM IS A GIRL opened at the Club stage at 11:20 and unfortunately suffered from sound problems during their first songs. The band dealt with the sound issues professionally and the remaining set saw the fans celebrating the band’s music under the gigantic sunshade the organizers had installed in front of the club stage.

05 clubstage adamisagirl D4S3712 klein

RAVE THE REQVIEM from Sweden unfortunately suffered from technical problems on the main stage a few minutes later and so only three songs were audible for the fans since there was so much delay until the band could start the show. AMBASSADOR21 gave the fans some Industrial Hardcore while QNTAL from Germany played their amazing mix of middle-aged lyric material and Electro music on the main stage in front of a big audience and announced new music for fall 2022. Those who loved Melodic-Electro then gathered at the club stage to attend CHROM’s gig and the duo from Düren who had been opening for BLUTENGEL on several occasions saw many fans dancing to the beats they gave them. SCHATTENMAN from Nürnberg attracted NDH fans and the infield filled up significantly. The sun was burning down from the sky without showing mercy and so more and more fans gathered at club stage under the sunshade to enjoy dark and experimental sounds merged with brutal beats by NOISUF-X. Many ignored the heat and the sun to see Berlin based NDH band OST + FRONT live on stage and fans of Industrial, Goth and NDH obviously enjoyed this gig.

12 mainstage ostfront D3S0002 klein

TYSKE LUDDER are what one could call an institution in the German dark scene, the band never slowed down and created a unique and still versatile Electro sound over the years that was combined with various styles and influences and always came with the bands trademark German vocal style. The band’s drummer used the chance to get a good overview of Hildesheim’s Airfield by climbing on one of the stages side poles and obviously liked what he saw.

13 clubstage tyskeludder D4S3931 klein

MEGAHERZ unfortunately had to cancel their gig due to illness and so LACRIMAS PROFUNDERE got a last-minute call, flew in their Finland based vocalist Julian Larre and rushed to Hildesheim. The band’s gig was a blast and vocalist Julian did not only get in touch with the crowd by standing on the crash barrier, but also had the audience build a corridor for him and so he stood in the middle of the crowd and performed his vocals with thousands of people standing around him. It was obvious, that everybody in the band had done their homework and prepared for the upcoming tour already and so the fans did not only get a flawless performance, but also heard some music from the band’s upcoming album ‘How To Shroud Yourself With Night’.

14 mainstage lacrimasprofundere D4S4057 klein

While Frankfurt based Electro band SOLITARY EXPERIMENTS, who are an institution in the club scene, proved that their mix of Synth Pop, heavy EBM and Darkwave works at a festival as well as in an indoor club at the club stage, the main stage was prepared for a band that many fans had been waiting for since they got up this morning. LORD OF THE LOST had brought their ENSEMBLE with them and people literally streamed from the campgrounds, market square and restaurant areas to the infield. The band played an amazing set and the bands mastermind Chris Harms told the crowd, that it was wonderful to be back home.

16 mainstage lordofthelostensemble D3S0125 klein

FADERHEAD took over Club stage as soon as LORD OF THE LOST had ended on the mainstage and many rushed over to enjoy his Electro prone set for FADERHEAD is known by many in the Dark Scene from his solo gigs, cooperation with other bands of the genre and as a songwriter for some of them. Many had been waiting in front of main stage for hours, to see UK legends THE MISSION and the band played an amazing set of fan favourites and many said they are determined to attend the bands tour that is scheduled for spring 2023. Electronical duo HAUJOBB took over the club stage while everything was prepared for BLUTENGEL at the infield.

19 clubstage haujobb D4S4193 klein

When Berlin based Goth band BLUTENGEL came on stage, the infield was completely full and people danced to their music that is a wonderful mix of Electro music that is merges with Synth Pop and Classic Piano elements. The band performs their vocals in a mix of English and German and their unique style won them over the Dark Scene all over the world and many of them had travelled to Hildesheim to see their favourite band tonight. Sunset saw German IN STRICT CONFIDENCE performing their unique mix of Electro and Industrial live on stage, while soon after NITZER EBB played in front of a cheering audience on main stage. The infield rocked and danced to the bands EBM and Alternative Rock mix.

22 mainstage nitzerebb D3S0326 klein

Swedish band COVENANT drew those who love Future Pop and Ambient on the dancefloor at club stage and so people were perfectly warmed up for tonight’s headliner ASP, who had brought THE LITTLE BIG MEN with him tonight. Whole Hildesheim must have heard the “He-Jo” contest between artist and audience for sure and the band’s amazing lightshow painted stage and sky in wonderful patterns and colours. ASP claimed, that it seems that at Metal festivals ASP are “not Metal enough” and at Goth festivals are “not Goth enough” and so did everything to convince that they are a worthy headliner in Hildesheim and succeeded and so the festivals first festival ended with a bright moon shining over the Infield that was full of celebrating members of the dark scene.

24 mainstage asp D4S4527 klein

Gallery of all bands of the day

  • 04_mainstage_enemyinside_D3S9707_klein
  • 04_mainstage_enemyinside_D3S9711_klein
  • 04_mainstage_enemyinside_D3S9718_klein
  • 04_mainstage_enemyinside_D3S9722_klein
  • 04_mainstage_enemyinside_D4S3657_klein
  • 05_clubstage_adamisagirl_D3S9764_klein
  • 05_clubstage_adamisagirl_D3S9765_klein
  • 05_clubstage_adamisagirl_D3S9780_klein
  • 05_clubstage_adamisagirl_D4S3682_klein
  • 05_clubstage_adamisagirl_D4S3712_klein
  • 06_mainstage_ravethereqviem_D3S9789_klein
  • 06_mainstage_ravethereqviem_D3S9799_klein
  • 06_mainstage_ravethereqviem_D3S9803_klein
  • 06_mainstage_ravethereqviem_D3S9810_klein
  • 06_mainstage_ravethereqviem_D3S9812_klein
  • 07_clubstage_ambassador21_D3S9840_klein
  • 07_clubstage_ambassador21_D3S9855_klein
  • 07_clubstage_ambassador21_D3S9863_klein
  • 07_clubstage_ambassador21_D3S9872_klein
  • 07_clubstage_ambassador21_D4S3748_klein
  • 08_mainstage_qntal_D3S9880_klein
  • 08_mainstage_qntal_D3S9886_klein
  • 08_mainstage_qntal_D3S9895_klein
  • 08_mainstage_qntal_D3S9899_klein
  • 08_mainstage_qntal_D3S9900_klein
  • 09_clubstage_chrom_D3S9907_klein
  • 09_clubstage_chrom_D3S9908_klein
  • 09_clubstage_chrom_D3S9915_klein
  • 09_clubstage_chrom_D4S3772_klein
  • 09_clubstage_chrom_D4S3777_klein
  • 10_mainstage_schattenmann_D3S9928_klein
  • 10_mainstage_schattenmann_D3S9930_klein
  • 10_mainstage_schattenmann_D3S9937_klein
  • 10_mainstage_schattenmann_D3S9959_klein
  • 10_mainstage_schattenmann_D4S3783_klein
  • 11_clubstage_noisufx_D3S9966_klein
  • 11_clubstage_noisufx_D3S9972_klein
  • 11_clubstage_noisufx_D4S3795_klein
  • 11_clubstage_noisufx_D4S3801_klein
  • 11_clubstage_noisufx_D4S3803_klein
  • 12_mainstage_ostfront_D3S0002_klein
  • 12_mainstage_ostfront_D3S0008_klein
  • 12_mainstage_ostfront_D3S0023_klein
  • 12_mainstage_ostfront_D3S0041_klein
  • 12_mainstage_ostfront_D3S9983_klein
  • 13_clubstage_tyskeludder_D3S0047_klein
  • 13_clubstage_tyskeludder_D4S3829_klein
  • 13_clubstage_tyskeludder_D4S3843_klein
  • 13_clubstage_tyskeludder_D4S3931_klein
  • 13_clubstage_tyskeludder_D4S3954_klein
  • 14_mainstage_lacrimasprofundere_D3S0061_klein
  • 14_mainstage_lacrimasprofundere_D4S3965_klein
  • 14_mainstage_lacrimasprofundere_D4S3967_klein
  • 14_mainstage_lacrimasprofundere_D4S3998_klein
  • 14_mainstage_lacrimasprofundere_D4S4057_klein
  • 15_clubstage_solitaryexperiments_D3S0083_klein
  • 15_clubstage_solitaryexperiments_D3S0093_klein
  • 15_clubstage_solitaryexperiments_D3S0098_klein
  • 15_clubstage_solitaryexperiments_D3S0102_klein
  • 15_clubstage_solitaryexperiments_D4S4104_klein
  • 16_mainstage_lordofthelostensemble_D3S0117_klein
  • 16_mainstage_lordofthelostensemble_D3S0119_klein
  • 16_mainstage_lordofthelostensemble_D3S0122_klein
  • 16_mainstage_lordofthelostensemble_D3S0125_klein
  • 16_mainstage_lordofthelostensemble_D3S0140_klein
  • 17_clubstage_faderhead_D3S0144_klein
  • 17_clubstage_faderhead_D3S0149_klein
  • 17_clubstage_faderhead_D3S0157_klein
  • 17_clubstage_faderhead_D4S4124_klein
  • 17_clubstage_faderhead_D4S4145_klein
  • 18_mainstage_themission_D3S0172_klein
  • 18_mainstage_themission_D3S0178_klein
  • 18_mainstage_themission_D3S0179_klein
  • 18_mainstage_themission_D3S0185_klein
  • 18_mainstage_themission_D3S0198_klein
  • 19_clubstage_haujobb_D3S0201_klein
  • 19_clubstage_haujobb_D3S0205_klein
  • 19_clubstage_haujobb_D3S0213_klein
  • 19_clubstage_haujobb_D4S4182_klein
  • 19_clubstage_haujobb_D4S4193_klein
  • 20_mainstage_blutengel_D3S0238_klein
  • 20_mainstage_blutengel_D3S0258_klein
  • 20_mainstage_blutengel_D3S0268_klein
  • 20_mainstage_blutengel_D3S0279_klein
  • 20_mainstage_blutengel_D4S4208_klein
  • 21_clubstage_instrictconfidence_D3S0284_klein
  • 21_clubstage_instrictconfidence_D3S0291_klein
  • 21_clubstage_instrictconfidence_D3S0308_klein
  • 21_clubstage_instrictconfidence_D4S4239_klein
  • 21_clubstage_instrictconfidence_D4S4267_klein
  • 22_mainstage_nitzerebb_D3S0321_klein
  • 22_mainstage_nitzerebb_D3S0326_klein
  • 22_mainstage_nitzerebb_D3S0377_klein
  • 22_mainstage_nitzerebb_D3S0387_klein
  • 22_mainstage_nitzerebb_D4S4288_klein
  • 23_clubstage_covenant_D4S4379_klein
  • 23_clubstage_covenant_D4S4403_klein
  • 23_clubstage_covenant_D4S4426_klein
  • 23_clubstage_covenant_D4S4463_klein
  • 23_clubstage_covenant_D4S4465_klein
  • 24_mainstage_asp_D3S0476_klein
  • 24_mainstage_asp_D3S0509_klein
  • 24_mainstage_asp_D4S4527_klein
  • 24_mainstage_asp_D4S4535_klein
  • 24_mainstage_asp_D4S4626_klein

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