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blutengel byIrynaKalenska22Markthalle, Hamburg, Germany
17th November 2023
Blutengel - “Un:Sterblich - Our Souls Will Never Die” Tour - Support: Scheuber

To celebrate BLUTENGEL’s 25th anniversary, Chris Pohl and Ulrike Goldmann gave themselves and their fans a special gift by releasing a new album ‘Un:Sterblich - Our Souls Will Never Die’, which saw the light of day on 12 May 2023. The release in May was accompanied by concerts and a big outdoor anniversary show in June. The “Un:Sterblich Tour” continued in autumn with Hamburg, Mannheim and Hanover being the final shows of the year. Chris promises another major tour in 2025, although there will of course be special shows for the band in 2024, to be announced separately.


Dirk Scheuber is an ex-Keyboardist of PROJECT PITCHFORK. The statement said that SCHEUBER has been out of the album production business for many years and has been working on his own project for some time. So, after 30 years, their paths parted by mutual consent. Now the charismatic musician is touring with his new project! This summer he released a new album ‘Autarcique’.

scheuber byIrynaKalenska22

Music & Performance
Chris Pohl has chosen SCHEUBER as the opening act in Hamburg. And no wonder, because Dirk Scheuber has already gained the respect of dark electronic music lovers thanks to his collaboration with Peter Spilles. In his solo project, he reveals himself from a different side, more personal and deeper, more vulnerable and conscious. His latest songs like ‘Lotus’ and ‘Get Well Soon’ are emotional, and heartfelt. They are about falling down and rising up, getting well, seeing the light after darkness, being cleansed, and saved, and rediscovering love for life and yourself. There is no doubt that Dirk is a talented musician who is happy to share his vision of the world with his listeners. And to understand it is worth listening to.

Music: 9
Performance: 8
Light: 8
Sound: 9
Total: 8.5 / 10

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BLUTENGEL is first and foremost Christian Pohl. His main job was head of the TERMINAL CHOICE project, which he launched in 1993, doesn’t seem to keep him very busy. Other names under which he brought his music to the people were TUMOR and SEELENKRANK. In 1998, he added BLUTENGEL to this list. Stylistically, he ploughed the wide field of Wave / Gothic sounds. Danceable electro songs, whose lyrics revolve around the recurring themes of love, death and romance, are BLUTENGEL’s trademark.

blutengel byIrynaKalenska43

Music & Performance
BLUTENGEL performed songs from the new album ‘Un:Sterblich - Our Souls Will Never Die’ as well as classics from all eras. I believe Ulrike Goldmann is one of the best voices on the German dark scene. ‘Seelenschmerz’ and ‘We Belong To The Night’ in her performance have truly captivated me. But of course, paired with Chris’ deep and dark voice it’s also an absolutely perfect combination. Epic choruses, exquisite electronic sounds, and Chris and Ulrike’s dark romantic vocals created the right mood with the track ‘Dark History’.

blutengel byIrynaKalenska30

“Do you like the way it all sounds or does it sound like Scheiße?” - Chris asked the fans giggling. After cheers of approval from the audience, Chris seemed to calm down and continued singing. With the new album, Chris Pohl reflects on his musical past and shows that BLUTENGEL continues to evolve and develop. ‘Un:Sterblich - Our Souls Will Never Die’ is truly BLUTENGEL’s most personal album to date, with an epochal glimpse of the deeper and darker feelings of recent years. “The album combines the atmosphere of BLUTENGEL’s early songs with a modern sound. Also evident in the album artwork is this common theme of bringing the past into the future... - BLUTENGEL is and stays BLUTENGEL”. - Chris Pohl

Music: 10
Performance: 10
Light: 9
Sound: 9
Total: 9.5 / 10

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All Pictures by Photographer Iryna Kalenska

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