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blutengel leitbild
Artist: Blutengel
Title: Leitbild
Genre: Goth / Darkwave
Release Date: 17th February 2017
Label: Out Of Line

Album Review

BLUTENGEL is a German band founded by vocalist Chris Pohl and performing music in the style of Darkwave. The band was created after problems with the label that arose with its predecessor SEELENKRANK The first album was successful but the band stopped being active two years before the release of the second album. The album ‘Seelenschmerz’, released in 2001, became popular and the band first appeared in front of the public at Wave Gotik Treffen. The album ‘Angel Dust’ was released in 2002 and reached rank 58 in the 100 best albums in its first week. On September 15, 2007 the album ‘Labyrinth’ was released, receiving both positive and negative reviews. In 2008, Chris Pohl released the single ‘Winter Of My Life’, available for free download. Also, the single was released as a 7-inch clear vinyl with a circulation of 500 copies. Soon, the DVD ‘Moments Of Our Lives’ and two MCDs were released. In February 13, 2009 the full-length album ‘Schwarzes Eis’ was out which is available in three versions. Since then, there have been further releases, much touring and a ‘Best Of’ from BLUTENGEL.

We are going to talk about the new album ‘Leitbild’ today... so let's start. My first impression was of immersing myself in the times of Gothic novels and dramas, as if you were roaming along the alley of an Autumn park but... instead of going to a castle or palace you are moving to the nightclubs of the early 2000's where in the role of Kings there is instead DEPECHE MODE, however the costumes and clothes are the same, as are some of the subjects such as suicidal themes. On the song ‘Welcome To Your New Life’ you can fall in love with the atmosphere and vocals from the first seconds of listening, but on ‘Waste My Time’ it fully justifies its name being a bit clichéd for my taste. Listening to one song after another, feelings only intensify and take you deeper into the subject sometimes surprisingly with unexpected mood changes. In general, this is classic gothic rock in the best tradition. You certainly will not find here anything new and stunning to the imagination. Although I have to say the bonus tracks will be interesting to fans of experiments with different styles. And the admirer of such music will exactly get what he wanted.


01. Welcome To Your New Life
02. Lebe Deinen Traum
03. Waste My Time
04. Leitbild
05. Black
06. Scars
07. Unser weg
08. Immortal
09. The Days Of Justice
10. Complete
11. Gott : Glaube
12. Say Something
13. Wasting The Years
14. Alle Wunden
15. The Way You Feel
16. Der Himmel Brennt
17. Eternal Souls
18. I Surround You
19. One Last Time
20. Killing Memories
21. The Plague
22. Seelenschmerz
23. Eternal Souls
24. Leitbild
25. Say Something
26. Waste My Time
27. Anders Sein
28. Der Himmel Brennt
29. Wasting The Years


Chris Pohl – Songwriting, Lyrics, Vocals
Ulrike Goldmann – Lyrics, Vocals

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blutengel leitbild


Music: 6
Sound: 6
Total: 6 / 10

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