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blutengel nachtbringer
Artist: Blutengel
Title: Nachtbringer [Nightbringer]
Genre: Future Pop/Electro/Gothic
Release Date: 18th November 2011
Label: Out Of Line

Album Review

After their ode to tears in ‘Tränenherz’ released last year, BLUTENGEL followed up with ‘Nachtbringer’ their album of odes to the night. The CD also contains three unreleased demos and a live version of the group’s hit ‘Black Roses’.“ This album in contrast to the earlier one feels like pure BLUTENGEL by numbers. Mix the good old formulas that won them renown and voila another album is done! Sure, it guarantees their dark fun, the catchy memorable melodies (the album-titled song and ‘Out Of Control’, ‘Anders Sein’ to name a few), and the melodramatic lyrics (‘Another World’), Pohl’s vocals contrasting with his female colleagues and a bit of a good old Gothic atmosphere (‘Wir Sind Die Nacht’ where it comprises of church bell evocation, the heavy dark sounds bringing alive the foreboding of night with a sense of dramatic sensibility) and beautiful ballads (‘Am Ziel’) but there is very little new to be found here. The demos are interesting and the live track really good, which make the release appealing from a collector’s point of view. In terms of the band pushing somewhere new, building on what they had achieved, forget it, it’s more an exploitation of the old, probably as times are uncertain to make sure the band’s pension funds won’t be empty.


01. Nachtbringer
02. Out Of Control
03. Time (There Is Nothing More)
04. Anders Sein
05. Wir Sind Die Nacht
06. Another World
07. Voices
08. Am Ziel
09. Like A Shadow (Demo 2009)
10. Colour Of The Night (Demo 2009)
11. Still Standing (Demo 2009)
12. Black Roses (Live 2011)

Line-up (studio)

Chris Pohl - Male voice, programming, and lyrics
Ulrike Goldmann - Female voice and lyrics
Anja Milow -Female voice and visual concept

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blutengel nachtbringer


Music: 7
Sound: 8
Total: 7.5 /10

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