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blutengel inalleewigkeit
Artist: Blutengel
Title: In Alle Ewigkeit
Genre: Darkwave / Future Pop / Gothic / Synth Pop
Release Date: 30th October 2015
Label: Out of Line Music

Album Review

18 years ago Chris Pohl opened the Pandora box of BLUTENGEL and the vampiristic gothiness is still going on, for now with “fillers” such as this already released EP ‘In Alle Ewigkeit’ that precipitated the best of album ‘Nemesis: The Best  & Reworked’. As always these will be really of interest to the Hardcore initiated, this EP is going to bite into over 42 minutes of your time with few rarities and demos. Is it interesting – yes, pleasant – yes; worth a listen? Yes, one; why? The songs are just a bit average.


01. In alle Ewigkeit
02. Kinder der Sterne (Blutengel & Meinhard)
03. Between the lines
04. Weg zu mir (Rework 2015)
05. Insane (Blutengel vs. Grenzgaenger)
06. Nightlife (Blutengel vs. Grenzgaenger)
07. Demons of the past (You walk away demo 2012)
08. Lebensrichter (Demo 2012)
09. In alle Ewigkeit (Alternative Version)


Chris Pohl
Ulrike Goldmann


Cover Picture

blutengel inalleewigkeit


Music: 6
Sound: 7
Total: 6.5 / 10

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