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akanoid noi
Artist: Akanoid
Title: Noi
Genre: Electro
Release Date: 18th December 2015
Label: Elektrofish

Album Review

Despite this band was formed in 1999 and releases its 6th album... I never heard of AKANOID before, and this is with totally fresh ears that I discover ‘Noi’... and it's very pleasant. Musically we have here a very minimal electro production (kind of tracks Mr Martin Gore would easily mix in one of his pre-gig set) supporting a brilliant voice. This is not the most revolutionary album I've heard but it's very good indeed. The band introduces it as a very personal and autobiographic album and it's a very smart mix of club atmospheres and intimate mood. My preferred tracks are the 8mn progressive track ‘Sweatdrop’ and the powerful ‘Get It On’.

It's hard to point out this or this track as, to me, this collection really form an all electro trip. A perfect soundtrack for a night trip. It won't be the album that will stay forever on my iPod, but typically the kind of ones I will listen with great pleasure from time to time. If you like great electro production, powerful and deep voice, progressive minimal electro... this one's for you. I would also recommend it to DE/VISION fans who fancy the kind of sound they are developing since ‘Noob’.


01. Substance
02. This Night
03. Brainball
04. Trust
05. Share One Or Two
06. The Axe
07. Die In This Game
08. Chilltronique
09. Sweatdrop
10. Noise Of Invention
11. Get It On


Hilton Theissen - Vocals, Guitars, Programming
Uwe Lübbers - Synth, Engineering

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akanoid noi


Music: 7
Sound: 9
Total: 8 / 10

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