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blutengel monument
Artist: Blutengel
Title: Monument
Genre: Electro / Gothic
Release Date: 15th February 2013
Label: Out of Line Music

Album Review

BLUTENGEL are back with their elaborated album ‘Monument’. Chris Pohl and his band enjoy their success on the dance floors for almost fifteen years now. Their new album ‘Monument’ feels much like a zenith of their decade long work. So it is not a great surprise that BLUTENGEL has gathered only their best parts and elements from their production and forge a new world of music. Sadly there is nothing passionately different for die-hard fans which they are not already well accustomed to. The appealing synthesizer tunes in combination with driving beats and symphonic beautification coupled with gripping choruses are a safe trademark and well considered. On earlier albums some titles where not really matched together and gained an almost rigid cohesion.

‘Monument’ on the other hand does a great job of holding the listeners interest. BLUTENGEL focus their attention on the development of their sound and vocally venture clearly far beyond their familiar recipe. They formed and offered another danceable high-class titles with ‘You walk away’ the classical ‘You Do’ and the single ‘Save our Souls’ which was already published in November 2012. Chris Pohl and his band take the listener on a journey full of monumental gloom-pop anthems and also to dark minimalistic dance-floor tracks and wonderful ballads which captivate with depth and form. Pohl’s voice seems much stronger and also the voice from Ulrike Goldmann forms a classical symphony of its own. So BLUTENGEL form an socially acceptable gothic lifestyle in a fascinating way. So Welcome to the dark side, because it was never been so seductive !

‘Monument’ appears not only as a normal album version but also it appears in a 2CD Deluxe Edition with a bonus CD and as limited box set.


01. A New Dawn To Rise (Intro)
02. You Walk Away
03. Kinder dieser Stadt
04. All These Lies
05. Tears Might Dry
06. Uns gehört die Nacht
07. Die Zeit
08. When I Feel You
09. Willst du?
10. Nie mehr
11. Save Our Souls
12. Deine Welt
13. Lebensrichter
14. Monument


Chris Pohl
Ulrike Goldmann


Cover Picture

blutengel monument


Music: 10
Sound: 9
Extras: Deluxe Edition, limited box set
Total: 9.5 / 10

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