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dive compiled
Artist: Dive
Title: Compiled
Genre: EBM / Industrial / Noise
Release Date: 31st May 2013
Label: Out of Line Records

Album Review

Another compilation by DIVE? It's already the tenth compilation or box by DIVE aka Dirk Ivens but at the end of the day this collection makes sense, last but not least because the limited box released last year was sold out quite quickly and most of the other compilations were rather a collection of rarities and out of print releases than best-of compilations. The box released last year by Out Of Line Records featured the entire re-mastered DIVE back catalogue on eight CDs, and 'Compiled' works as a best of selection for all those who want the essential DIVE tracks in a less extensive format. 'Compiled' even has the same cover picture as the box set, so these are really some sort of twin releases.

Dirk Ivens started his musical career in the Punk scene of the late 1970s and became a pioneer of the EBM and Industrial scene in the 1980s with ABSOLUTE BODY CONTROL and particularly THE KLINIK. Dirk Ivens started his solo project DIVE in 1990 with a self-titled vinyl release, a year later he left THE KLINIK and focussed on DIVE and collaborations with other musicians, like  the temporary project BLOK 57 with VOMITO NEGRO's Guy Van Mieghem or, since 1996, SONAR with Patrick Stevens. Dirk Ivens released eight albums, eleven singles and EPs under the flag of DIVE and has been featured as a guest musician and on numerous samplers. With 'Compiled' we get the best possible overview of DIVE's work on two discs and 36 tracks.

DIVE is best known for the most sinister power noise you can get, and of course for Dirk Ivens' highly distinctive vocal style. The track 'Blood Money' is probably the best and the most popular example for this. Dirty and distorted, full of raw energy and always with a subliminal sense of danger. But DIVE is more than just noise and beats for its own sake, or for the underground dance floors, as Dirk Ivens' approach is more sophisticated than that. He is a master at creating captivating dark atmospheres, as tracks like 'Mercy', 'There Is No Hope', 'Growing Deep Inside' and many others prove. There are also catchy and dance-friendly songs like the brilliant 'Snake-Dressed' but there are always the DIVE trademarks underlying. Another example is 'Obsession', a twisted cover version of the 1980s chart hit by ANIMATION and a collaboration of DIVE with KIRLIAN CAMERA. The melody and Elena Fossi's singing may sound sweet and alluring but there also the grinding beats and groaning synth loops which turn this Pop song into a totally different beast. Definitely a highlight of this release!

This double CD is a must-have for anybody who loves Industrial, EBM and experimental electronic music and who doesn't own DIVE's back catalogue already. 'Compiled' gives a great overview of Dirk Ivens' solo project and demonstrates that DIVE is head and shoulders above most of today's Industrial scene. Dirk Ivens achieves maximum effect with minimal means, and his repetitive and often ear-splitting tracks never fail to be hypnotic and truly addictive. Recommended!


01. Snakedressed
02. Dark Room
03. Machinegun Baby
04. Bloodmoney
05. Lies In Your Eyes
06. Nobody Else featuring Ms. Poly-Ester
07. Two Faced Man
08. Be Yourself
09. Final Report
10. There's No Hope
11. Dead Or Alive
12. Flesh' Extreme Leap
13. Take Your Dreams Away
14. Broken Meat
15. Power Of Passion
16. Obsession featuring Kirlian Camera
17. Lost Inside You
18. Frozen

01. The Infinite Shades Of Disgust
02. Sidewalk Sinner
03. Dreamhunter
04. Vicious Bitch
05. No Pain No Game
06. Mercy
07. Growing Deep Inside
08. Where Were You?
09. Welcome To Hell IV
10. Slippin' Away
11. Small Paper Man
12. Are You Real?
13. Give It To Me
14. Weeping In The Dark
15. Man In The Mirror
16. Sickness
17. Behind The Sun
18. Deadman


Dirk Ivens


Cover Picture

dive compiled


Music: 10
Sound: 9
Extras: -
Total: 9.5 / 10

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