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peterhook1Kulturpark, Deutzen, Germany
7th - 9th September 2012
Nocturnal Culture Nights 7 Day 2: Hekate, Peter Hook & The Light, Dive, Vic Anselmo, Suicide Commando, Sono, Modern Cubism, The Beauty Of Gemina, Fliehende Stürme, Nova-Spes, Eisenfunk, Age Of Heaven, Principe Valente, The Wars, Fernthal, Versus, Opusculum

A goodnight' sleep and a breakfast later we were packed and ready for the second day of NOCTURNAL CULTURE NIGHT festival and thing we were looking forward then already: Peter Hook & The Light. Pure nostalgia!

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Opusculum (Small Stage)

OPUSCULUM had the pleasure to open the second festival day on the small stage with a mixture of electronic sounds drawing from varying sources of influences. In the end, however, the result is not as ground breaking as I had hoped for. Yeah, of course it is well-produced but that isn't all that matters. Clio basically has a good voice but she still needs practising and she still has to find her right range. The angry at the moment suits her more than the angelic and operatic. Breathing technique is the magic word here. Guess, then she won't have a hard time speaking anymore after a song. Promising but right now there's some work to be done. // Setlist: 01. Flugzeuge / 02. Schizo / 03. Skin / 04. Das bittende Ende / 05. Gruft / 06. Schatten // Rating: 4 / 10 //


Versus (Main Stage)
The guys from VERSUS were up next and brought in a little different stuff from what we heard before though they're audibly rooted in the worlds of electronic music. The sound was coming across rather organic though. The band and most notably their singer, who by the way performed o bare feet, gave it enough passion to attract the audiences attention and to hook at least a few of them at this early hour which is quite an achievement. Still, I couldn't quite fall in love with the music but that's not the most important thing there is. // Setlist: 01. Intro + Hunter / 02. I Want To Bw U / 03. A Lonesome Girls Night / 04. We Are Cloned / 05. Lies / 06. A Matter Of // Rating: 5 / 10 / /


Fernthal (Small Stage)
Since none of us had heard or seen FERNTHAL before my guessing was as good as any at the time saying it must be some kind of a medieval band entering next. My guessing turned out wrong eventually, since medieval bands usually aren't composed of two guys in the first place. If you want a hint about how it sounded. FERNTHAL produced a very emotional type of pop influenced music that came straight from the heart. Subdued and never really getting aggressive. A type of music that is getting rarer these days. If you were amongst those gathering in front of the small stage at the time you surely won't forget thee performance that was filled with one or the other glitch by the way. // Planned Setlist: 01. Bodybeat / 02. You're My Heaven / 03. Nothing Says The Same / 04. Killing Time / 05. Believe In Me / 06. Sweet Lie // Rating: 6 / 10 // /


The Wars (Main Stage)
Sometimes certain bands make you wonder why the hell you haven't heard of them earlier. I'M sure you know what I'm talking about. THE WARS from Berlin were such a case. Formed in 2008, the band has released a plethora of albums already. This band is one of those who do not aim to provide attendees of their shows with an energetic show to rouse them. The two and their drummer rather focused on a static performance however putting their skills on synth, keys and guitar to the table which were impressive to say the least, at times making you think there must be at least to other musicians on stage. Most impressive though were the deep vocals of Chris Kowski added to the mix as the icing on the cake. Really a surprise and not just for me I guess. // Setlist: 01. Transit / 02. Succubus / 03. Enclave / 04. Whiteout / 05. Nature / 06. Sequence / 07. Heisenberg // Rating: 8 / 10 // /


Principe Valente (Small Stage)
PRINCIPE VALENTE formed in 2005 in Stockholm and quickly gained some attention with their first EP released in 2007 with the most public exposure at a performance at Wave Gotik Treffen in 2009. Now in the bright light of day they were starting their performance at the small stage where already a considerable amount of people had gathered. Their style is best described as being a collage of alternative pop and Goth rock with a pinch of THE SISTERS OF MERCY and as such the band maintains a very classic yet at the same time modern sound with a heavy emphasis on atmosphere. Luckily they didn't forget to add some drive, showing during their performance // Setlist: 01 Before You Know It / 02. The Night / 03. One More Time / 04. Fiction / 05. In My Arms / 06. Wasted Time / 07. Afraid // Rating: 7 / 10 // /


Age Of Heaven (Main Stage)
AGE OF HEAVEN are one of those bands that despite a history spanning across decades never had the real breakthrough but acquired a cult following nonetheless. For one or the other visitor, seeing them might be the biggest sensation, especially the Goth rock aficionados should've gone crazy about it. In their music as well as in their stage presence AGE OF HEAVEN remain true to the lost art of classic Goth rock. The only odd thing about it was the drums entirely coming out of a machine.  Point that marred the impression a little for me. Apart from that, fans of the genre could use the chance to fall into a state of pure nostalgia, swimming on the deep atmospheres, supported by a good light show. // Setlist: 01. Lethal Poison / 02. The Garden Of Love / 03. Armageddon / 04. Machinery / 05. In The Mirror / 06. Your Hidden Mind / 07. To The Clouds / 08. The Providence / 09. Over The Seven Seas // Rating: 6 / 10 // /


Eisenfunk (Small Stage)
EISENFUNK emerged as a solo project of Michael Mayer in 2006 but over time grew to a powerful trio. The project was one of the few purely electronic acts, the second festival day had to offer and if you were into the hard-techno / noise stuff at that this was a must-see for you- I don't mean to offend anyone here but except for the fact that a bunch guys were doing  a harder form of techno up there that strangely encouraged people to go completely berserk I couldn't see what was so special about EISENFUNK at all. // Rating: 3 / 10 // /


Nova-Spes (Main Stage)
The trio NOVA-SPES can be called a small festival regular. It's already their second time playing the NCN festival after their appearance in 2011. The main stage was their playground now to offer the audience a mix of synth pop as well as harder EBM influences. The mix was well-produced and detailed and as opposed to other bands playing the festival already, the sound was at least acceptable . I had a problem with the vocals to be honest. While the quality of it is often deemed irrelevant in electronic music obviously, I'd like to point out here it isn't. Matthias Hübner just isn't a good singer and here, I don't know why, it really bothered me. Besides that, NOVA-PES did a solid show and the fact that Matthias carried around his son for a while whose face was painted just as the band member's still made them a sympathetic act. // Setlist: 01. Intro / 02. Leben ist Krieg / 03. Run / 04. Wir wollen jetzt / 05. Disappointed / 06. Always Death / 07. Todeszeit / 08. Machines in Front / 09. F...Shit / Encore: 10. Tanz // Rating: 5 / 10 // /


Fliehende Stürme (Small Stage)
The band came into existence in the mid-80s and rose from a former band called CHAOS-Z their current sound wouldn't fit to any longer. Over the years, the line-up changed so that only one of their originally members is still around and fills the gaps of guest musicians in the studio and when performing live. Something we saw at their festival show as well. But you have to give Andreas Löhr credit. It never sounds like patchwork in any second. And everyone up on stage knows exactly what they're doing and what they have to do to give the audience a good show, and the absolutely did. On of a few surprises the day had to offer. // Setlist: 01. Spieler / 02. Ein Tropfen im Feuer / 03. Zwischen Liebe / 04. Stahl / 05. Kaleidoskop / 06. Umarmung / 07. Ziellose Wege / 08. Das Chaos brütet / 09. Satellit / 10. Horizont / 11. Blauer Mond / 12. Kleines Herz / Encore: 13. Mein langsamer Tod / 14. Tag der Armut // Rating: 7 / 10 // /


The Beauty Of Gemina (Main Stage)
As the time for THE BEAUTY OF GEMINA's performance at the main stage was drawing closer, the e audience got bigger and bigger. The band has a loyal following that's for sure. The moment, the band entered the stage to start 'Voices Of Winter' with an acoustic introduction was just magical and people started cheering right away. The following 'Golden Age' and one of my favourites 'This Time' build up just the right mood to let yourself just fall into the depth of this music. Other than on previous performances THE BEAUTY OF GEMINA were back on top and a lot of passion was involved here in this performance. The sound was as clear as you can expect it around here, even though the vocals could barely be heard in the beginnings. // Setlist: 01. Intro + Voices Of Winter / 02. Golden Age / 03. This Time / 04. Shadow Dancer / 05. King's Men Come / 06. Prophecy / 07. Suicide Landscape / 08. Haddon Hall / 09. Dark Rain / 10. One Step To Heaven / 11. Seven Day Wonder / 12. Rumours / 13. The Lonesome Death Of A Goth DJ / 14. Badlands // Rating: 8 / 10 // /


Modern Cubism (Culture Stage)
While THE BEAUTY OF GEMINA were still playing, there was a special event to be held at the culture stage, starring a new project of Jean Luc De Meyer of FRONT242, involving lyrical contributions of Charles Baudelaire and Norge in their original French version set on top of eclectic and frigid electronic constructions that at times were strongly akin to synth pop other times they made you feel like you were listening to KRAFTWERK. Something that will never attract large audiences but those who favour an artful combination of poetry and music. If you get the chance you should check it out it's well worth your time // Rating: 8 / 10 // /


Sono (Small Stage)
I suppose that many were looking forward already to seeing CONJURE ONE at this point, including me. But a strike is a strike and if nothing leaves the airport what can you do? Luckily, the organizers quickly got a substitute with SONO who would've clearly better been playing on the main stage but that's another story. This time SONO only appeared as a duo but they achieved something none of the other bands did in a large scale. Either you were a Goth fanatic or a die-hard electronic fan they wouldn't let you escape. Starting their set with 'Future Son' the bar was raised with every new song. To 'All Those City Lights' you could see dancing people everywhere. It was kind of infecting how Lennart was dancing over the stage, smiling at the people while looking at them following him suit. Another cool feature of every SONO show is the wizardry Lennart puts into the eclectic guitar solos. SONO delivered  the highlight of the day and are proof that some electronic bands are made to play live. // Setlist: 01. Future Son / 02. What You Do / 03. All Those City Lights / 04. Blame / 05. The Edge / 06. A New Cage / 07. 2000 Guns / 08. Perfect Harmony / 09. Always Something Missing / 10. The Brightest Star / 11. Open The Door / 12. Better / 13. Keep Control // Rating: 9 / 10 // /


Suicide Commando (Main Stage)
It's already 26 years ago that Johan van Roy started SUICIDE COMMANDO as an experiment. The experiment grew into one of the most renowned projects in dark and harsh electronic music. We didn't even reach the point where the last band was playing the main stage but there were already that much people gathered as if that were the case. A short introduction and the gates of hell opened with the disjointed sounds of 'Severed Head' and Johan running on stage, letting all his rage out. The people began celebrating instantly and it would only get more extreme as the set continued with such tracks as 'God Is In The Rain', 'Die Motherfucker Die' or 'Dein Herz Meine Gier'. A real treat came up for the fans with the classic 'Time'. At one point during the show Johan got some people on stage but at least the girl he got there just didn't feel really comfortable being there and soon vanished again. Nevertheless a fantastic show.// Setlist: 01. Intro / 02. Severed Head / 03. Hate Me / 04. God Is In The Rain / 05. The Perils Of Indifference / 06. Cause Of Death: Suicide / 07. Dein Herz Meine Gier / 08. Time / 09. Attention Whore / 10. Love Breeds Suicide / 11. Die Motherfucker Die / 12. Bind, Torture, Kill / Encore: 13. See You In Hell/ Hellraiser // Rating: 8 / 10 // /


Vic Anselmo (Culture Stage)
If you weren't into the harsh electronic stuff, there was an acoustic alternative with VIC ANSELMO, playing a special piano show. Well, it was supposed to be a piano show but due to, say, technical flaws, which didn't make Vic too happy it became an acoustic guitar show. Though it's not the same, it became equally beautiful and enchanting. One little remark at the end: Next time I would prefer to get a longer setlist and that a working piano is nearby. // Rating: 9 / 10 // /


Dive (Small Stage)
DIVE surely was the most anticipated act on the small stage on this day and thus a mad amount of people had come to shake their bones rapidly to the experimental tunes of Dirk Ivens. It's simply fascinating how the pulsating, experimental machine sounds combined with the intense vocals can cast a spell on an audience and how it makes people succumb completely to the rhythm. For the photographers it became a nightmare as usual with the dim lights and the intermittent stroboscope lights he's utilizing. Almost impossible to catch a good shot. Most times you'd just get black Conclusion of that show isn't a tough task. You can sum this up as a celebration of the state of ecstasy. // Setlist: 01. True Lies / 02. Sidewalk Sinner / 03. This Is Me / 04. Bloodmoney / 05. Power Of Passion / 06. Broken Meat / 07. Lost Inside You / 08. Machinegun Baby / 09. Dead Or Alive / 10. Wake Up Screaming / 11. Lies In Your Eyes / 12. Pain And Pleasure / 13. Sufferhead / Encore: 14. Snakedressed / 14. Rocket USA / 15. Blindness // Rating: 7 / 10 / /


Peter Hook & The Light (Main Stage)
I never thought I'd get to see this and personally the show I was looking forward the most today. PETER HOOK, founding member of JOY DIVISION and NEW ORDER had come with a pack of hand-picked musicians to perform JOY DIVISION classics in al their glory. It all started with the pulsing 'No Love Lost' that had no real melodies but plenty of atmospheres building up inside. Soon as the distinctive bass melody of 'Digital' sounded you couldn't hold back moving to the beat. Though Peter Hook couldn't reproduce the vocals exactly the way I would like him to, he did a very good job  in bringing the raw emotion back to life. The set contained so many favourites that I could write about it all but would make it a never-ending story in doing so. That's why I'm just telling how much songs like 'Disorder', 'She's Lost Control' and most of all 'Love Will Tear Us Apart' make me wish  that Ian would still be alive performing those songs here for us. // Setlist: 01. No Love Lost / 02. Digital / 03. Disorder / 04. Day of the Lords / 05. Candidate / 06. Insight / 07. New Dawn Fades / 08. She's Lost Control / 09. Shadowplay / 10. Wilderness / 11. Interzone / 12. I Remember Nothing / Encore: 13. Dead Souls / 14. Twenty Four Hours / 15. Warsaw / 16. Transmission / 17. Love Will Tear Us Apart / 18. Ceremony // Rating: 9 / 10 // /


Hekate (Small Stage)
We've already reached the end of the second festival. But before we were leaving there was still one final show to see, and HEKATE made you drift into other spheres and other times with instruments that part of us might never have seen before. I think you could say they're a folk band although that doesn't quite cover it. It was the perfect soundtrack to come down after such a long day and with the spherical sounds still in our ears we left soon for our hotel rooms to recover. // Setlist: 01. Tempeltanz / 02. Fatherland / 03. Henry M. / 04. Montségur / 05. Morituri te salutant / 06. Seelenreise / 07. In My Garden / 08. Present Day / 09. House Of God / 10. Maid of Orleans // /


Dance Theatre & Fashion Show

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