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sono backyardopera
Artist: Sono
Title: Backyard Opera
Genre: Electronic
Release Date:1st April 2016
Label: Kontor Records

Album Review

With some bands it is like revisiting an old friend; someone that you haven't seen in quite a while and once you're back together, it is like you've never been apart. A feeling that is quite similar to that which you get listening to a new SONO album. The sound might be somewhat different to what was there before but instantly recognizable, 'Backyard Opera' is the new little guy in the SONO discography. SONO kicks things off quietly on the new album with 'Here Comes The Night' with scattered piano on a multitude of folded sound textures. A very contrasting experience is waiting for you on the following 'Cupid'; founding on an amalgamation of rapidly firing break-beats and placid melodic work to bring SONO back to the midst of the dance floors. A transformation towards the organic, a little folk injected electronic hybrid happens on the definite sounding 'Move On' before we arrive at SONO's take on TANITA TIKARAM's 'Twist In My Sobriety'.

I've heard quite a few interpretations of that song already and I think that SONO have come quite close as far as the original mood and feel is concerned, including a modern twist. Very much love how this one has come out, really. 'Flames Get Higher' has already been issued around Summer 2013 and hasn't changed a bit as far as I can tell. Still the clean, piercing beat that offers a taut foundation for a minimal dance track which is bursting with emotions:: Something that applies equally to 'Too Little Too Much', only that this is wrapped up in 80s aesthetics and a cohesive sea of haunting layers. Ominous pads lead you into what gradually morphs into the next hip whipper with 'Little Black Heart'. It is like all of those classic songs that make nod your head and move y<our feet even when sitting. The album comes full circle with 'Time' which connects with its intro counterpart in the way that it creates a sonic environment to sink into in an instant. Little acoustic flourishes, piano drops and a beat that just floats along to everything.

So has it been worth the waiting time? Yes it certainly has. There is no redefinition of the formula SONO Have established many years ago. The devil is in the details as they say. A little refinement here, a tweak there and above all Lennart's unmistakably flawless vocal delivery.


01.Here Comes The Night
03.Heaven Is In Hell
05.Move On
06.Leave Me As I Am
07.Same Same Same [Featuring Northern Lite]
08.Twist In My Sobriety
10.Flames Get Higher
11.Too Little Too Much
12.Little Black Heart
13.Until The Morning Comes
14.Forever And A Day
15. Time


Lennart A. Salomon
Florian Sikorski
Martin Weiland

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sono backyardopera


Music: 9
Sound: 9
Extras: -
Total: 9 / 10

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