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Title: Panoramic View
Band: Sono
Genre: Pop
Release Date: 5th October 2007
Label: PIAS Recordings


Their first single 'Keep Control' becomes a hit; in Germany and even in the American billboard charts where the single stayed for six weeks. 'Keep Control' was also the first German hit ever, which was awarded with the title 'Track of the Year'. With their first album 'Solid State' which also became a great success they also attracted the attention of people from the most different scenes, which is also an indicator for the variety SONO provide and that they are not limited to a specific scene or genre. The second album is called 'Off' and was released in October 2005. The third and latest album with the title 'Panoramic View' has been released about a month ago on 5th October.


Lennart A. Salomon - Vocals, Guitars, Writing, Production
Florian Sikorski - Keyboards, Writing, Production
Martin Weiland - Keyboards, Writing, Production, DJ

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Track Review

01. Don't hold on - 4:41
Just look forward and don't hold on to yesterday. Well, that's often easier said than done. When someone's alone and has an uncertain future, the memories of better times from the past is all this person has. Then it's good to have someone to drag you out of that and who shows you that there are still things that are worth to fight for. The overall mod of the song is very melancholic. The track starts with some spherical synth layers and a bass, but soon Lennart’s voice appears to start the chant, later a massive beat pattern starts which stands in contradistinction to the mood of the song. Later on you'll also hear a guitar solo from Lennart.

02. All those City Lights - 4:15
'All those City Lights' is the track which preceded the album release. A video to the track also exists and in my opinion, it perfectly catches the feeling of the song. Even without knowing the clip you'll get the feeling to drive through a bright shining city at night. The song works with a danceable, but not too massive rhythm and also some spherical synths appear in the chorus which give the song even more atmosphere. Lennart’s varied chant thrones above all

03. Always something missing -
The title already puts it down pretty good. Should I adapt myself and just live a life like most people do just to pretend to be normal or should I just live my life the way I want to without any compromises. The song immediately starts with a mid-tempo eat and some loops soon followed by the vocals. The chorus gets more powerful with some low synth layers and additional loops. After the last line has been sung, a playful instrumental part follows to end the song.

04. Carry on - 4:30
Do you know that kind of situation? You know a person for a long time. Trusted her and followed her wherever she might go. But you suddenly get aware that something's changed. This is not the person you once knew and you're not sure anymore if she's walking the right path. You're not able to stop her and as hard as it is for you, you decide to leave before she weeps you to the abyss with her. The song starts right away with the drums and few seconds Lennart is starting the first strophe accompanied by some clicking sounds in the background. During the chorus the guitars dominate the song and there's a subliminal darkness during those lines. In the later course, it sounds like real drums are used. Even if not, it sounds pretty good.

05. Someday - 4:12
If you think you've heard that melody before, then you're probably right. It was taken from the very famous song 'Lullaby' from THE CURE. But don't think of this song as a mere clone of 'Lullaby'. Think of it as homage. Starting with a down-tempo beat, the well-known guitar chords and strings, the song immediately builds up a melancholic atmosphere. The first parts of the guitar chords are repeated over and over again in the chorus but in the chorus the melody is fully played. It might just be imagination but I also think that the vocals on this track are a lot more powerful than on previous tracks.

06. Your favourite Place - 4:21
This song obviously deals with a situation when a long lasting friendship is about to turn into a relationship but one of the two just can't seem to make the final step. He wants to, but for an unknown reason, he seems to be afraid that it would change everything and maybe even hams their friendship. The topic is packed in a slow and balladry song. When the chorus starts and those wide strings appear and Lennart sings “Come on and take me to your favourite place under the sun” then you can almost feel the sun on your skin.

07. Stuck in the Middle - 3:51
Change your point of view: Get a new one, a broader perspective on the world… There's so much more than could imagine. It could enrich your life. The song combines an electronic mid-tempo beat with the guitar skills of Lennart which gives the song a certain rock appeal. I could not recognize any strings or wide layers but some deep bass effects.

08. Too many Madmen - 4:09
Wider melodies are hard to find in this song, but therefore the use of so many different sounds and samples makes the track very interesting and chequered. At the beginning there’s something that sounds like a clapping with some noise in the background before the beat joins in. Then other sounds are added that last only a few moments to disappear right before the chant begins. A tiny little synth melody appears during the chorus to accentuate Lennart’s voice.

09. Eleven - 3:07
'Eleven' is the only instrumental track on 'Panoramic View' and is located in the down-tempo area. The first part of the song is almost entirely dominated by the slow-ish beat and beefed up with different sounds. Later also wide synth layers and chorals are added.

10. The brightest Star - 3:35
A relationship has ended and now you're feeling weak. She was the constant in your life, the one who gave you strength in bad times, but now she's gone and the pain drives you insane. You wish you could just skip this chapter and go on with your normal life but it's not so never is. The song goes straight forward with a processed melody and then the danceable beat starts. Focussed mainly on the vocals with no melodies during the verses, the chorus gets more atmospheric through the combined use of guitars and synth layers. The second strophe also comes up with some nice sound gadgets.

11. Dear Body - 4:32
The beginning already makes clear that the closer of this album will be of a more atmospheric and slower kind. With rather halting beats and the intensive use of different melodic synth layers and strings in combination with Lennart’s voice - this song invites you to dream. The lyrics sound as though the character would write a letter to his body.

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Music: 9
Sound: 9
Total: 9


I have to admit that I was not a big fan of the last album 'Off' but anyway I gave 'Panoramic View' some spins and in hindsight I’m glad that I did it. Rocking tunes take turn with dreamy ballads. Sometimes strings are used to create more depth or they just have been left aside as with 'Too many Madmen'. Lennart’s voice adapts itself to the circumstances. At times very restrained or powerful, just as the song needs it. A little bit more diversion in the tempo might have been good as there are several mid-tempo tracks on the album, but apart from that SONO made everything right with 'Panoramic View'.


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