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Title: Plus
Artist: Sono
Genre: Electronic
Release Date: 6th November 2009
Label: Pias Recordings

Album Review

Time flew ever since the last full-length release from the house of SONO ‘Panoramic View’, and before you know it, you already have the next album in your hands. This time it’s going by the name of ‘Plus’.

’Future Sun’ already kicks off the album with a club anthem. It’s opening with a distinct sequence line which is enriched later by live drum accents and a pumping bass drum. SONO show once more how to expand the worn-out club sound with elaborate arrangements to make it interesting again. The current single ‘Better’ follows right away and lulls the senses with a warm embrace of melancholy, while the legs can move to the beats at the same time. ‘The Edge’ picks up a little groove and turns it into something entirely irresistible. Even if you’re sitting, you’re catching yourself nodding along. One line off the lyrics puts it quite aptly “I get a little excited / Feel the adrenaline rush” Idle ‘Talking’, spicing up rumours and spreading them online in as many ways as possible has become a culture, and a sport for some. This phenomenon is picked up in the lyrics to ‘Talking’ and questioned, so you shouldn’t just focus on the rhythms here, there’s a lot of lyrical content as well.

’Back To Me’ comes with a completely un-danceable beat, for it’s a ballad centring Lennart’s mellow vocals carried by expansive string arrangement and acoustic guitar. A gorgeous gem and a pleasant contrast to the clubby material! ‘Fail To Heal’ is a bit more edgy. It’s in the way it works with some multi-layered sound tricks and breaks that it deserves this predicate. Needs a few spins though to reveal everything. The second CD, for those who grabbed a copy of the limited edition, has in stock a recording of a live concert in Leipzig. Normally, I’m all for live recordings, as they’re a good way to give people an idea of a live performance, but when listening to this recording, I’m getting the feeling there’s ‘Always Something Missing’.
SONO shows are so much fun but you have to experience them live. But I don’t want to bash this recording as it’s still a good document, especially of how the band plays with their arrangements ‘A New Cage’, or involves the audience ‘Take Control’ on their shows. It’s a nice bonus, with perfect sound, to an already great album. SONO play out their strengths here and at the same time lift their sound up to a new level. Congratulations!


CD 1
01. Future Sun - 4:28
02. Better - 5:43
03. Perfect Harmony - 4:08
04. The Edge - 3:37
05. Lucky You - 4:18
06. Talking - 4:18
07. What You Do - 5:39
08. Back To Me - 3:45
09. Fail To Heal - 4:28
10. Black Cloud - 4:55
11. Come On - 5:49
12. Naked - 3:30
13. Sleeping Beauty - 3:34
14. Keep Control Plus - 3:45

CD 2 (Live in Leipzig) [Ltd.Edition only]
01. A New Cage - 6:15
02. 2000 Guns - 3:58
03. Always Something Missing / The Brightest Star - 9:46
04. Too Many Madmen - 4:16
05. Blame - 4:51
06. Keep Control - 5:00
07. All Those City Lights - 4:10
08. Whatever - 6:35


Lennart A. Salomon - Vocals, Guitars, Writing, Production
Florian Sikorski - Keyboards, Writing, Production
Martin Weiland - Keyboards, Writing, Production, DJ

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Music: 9
Sound: 9
Extras: 7
Total: 8.3 / 10


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