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SonoMovie, Bielefeld, Germany
6th March 2020
Sono - “20 Years” Tour

Without doubt, the Hamburg trio SONO is one of the most constant names when it comes to electronic music, and the Dance and Pop scene can’t be imagined without them. In the year 2020, the band celebrates its 20th anniversary, and was currently a best of album released containing all singles. As small foretaste, on December 6, the first of a hand full of top-class remixes of their super hit ‘Keep control’ was out.

The concert in Bielefeld was the first one of the tour and could be seen as kind of a warm-up in a nice club in front of a smaller audience. There was no support, just SONO. And the trio had quite a lot of coos songs to present… from the smash hits like ‘2000 Guns’ or ‘Keep Control’ to songs they had not played live in ages. Not anything run smooth, there were some technical issues, some songs were skipped because of that and even one song had to be played acoustic. Very charming! Just check out the gallery of the show!

  • _D4S9681_klein
  • _D4S9692_klein
  • _D4S9697_klein
  • _D4S9702_klein
  • _D4S9707_klein
  • _D4S9712_klein
  • _D4S9728_klein
  • _D4S9740_klein
  • _D4S9742_klein
  • _D4S9748_klein
  • _D4S9757_klein
  • _D4S9760_klein
  • _D4S9762_klein
  • _D4S9772_klein
  • _D4S9777_klein
  • _D4S9783_klein
  • _D4S9794_klein
  • _D4S9795_klein
  • _D4S9799_klein
  • _D4S9805_klein
  • _D4S9810_klein
  • _D4S9818_klein
  • _D4S9828_klein
  • _D4S9843_klein
  • _D4S9859_klein
  • _D4S9865_klein
  • _D4S9869_klein
  • _D4S9871_klein
  • _D4S9872_klein
  • _D4S9879_klein
  • _D4S9881_klein
  • _D4S9884_klein
  • _D4S9886_klein
  • _D4S9887_klein
  • _D4S9890_klein

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