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M'era Luna 2022Airfield Drispenstädt, Hildesheim, Germany
6th to 7th August 2022
M’era Luna Festival 2022 - General aspects, readings, workshops, crypt talk, fashion show and impressions

M’era Luna Festival is not only about bands but also offers a diverse supporting program and shopping options. The readings on Friday already have a long tradition as well as various styling workshops.

On Saturday a fashion show with well-known and new labels took place twice. The audience could take a look at leather outfits and accessories by RABENLEDER, alternative and goth styles by DRACULA CLOTHING who ship worldwide from Prague, chain harnesses, phantastic headwear and masks, amazing fairy-tale like dresses by RABENHAUPT, osteo art and accessories made from bones by VIRGINIA THE WOLF, amazing latex outfits by AMATORIS LATEX COUTURE and wonderful goldsmith works and headpieces by NOX AURUM presented by 68 professional models.

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For those who are interested in dance, a medieval dance at the medieval market square was a highlight on Saturday. There were two market squares to shop until you ran out of cash, one that focussed on medieval goods and one that offered goods of all kinds for the dark scene and the goth household. At the medieval square you could buy drinking horns, a fur for your outfit and may leather goods as well as incense or oriental spices. Those who love met, lined up at the food and stalls all around the square watching passers-by or had a conversation with old or new friends. Between the main entrance and the campgrounds further shopping and eating options were available. There were long lines at the ice-cream shop where you could black soft-ice matching you outfit or multicoloured ones with various tastes and they even had a vegan option. In the morning long lines were also seen at the breakfast counter and the various coffee outlets.

2022 08 07 20.10.43 klein

At the regular retail mile well-known brands such as KILLSTAR, SHOCK.SE, NEW ROCK or ALCHEMY had set up their goods, as well as lovely FLEZ ART store from Berlin who offered all kinds of goods with bat design and other goth themed items. A real highlight were Mike Rademacher’s sculptures, a devil made from iron as well as an Alien from the movie series an many more that were not only impressive in daylight but beautifully illuminated at night and definitely one of the most beautiful forms of upcycling.

impressions P2610780

On Sunday morning many had crept out of their tents quite early for festival standards to secure a seat in the hangar, where the “Crypt Talk” took place live for the first time. There had been two online “Crypt Talks” during the pandemic, but to see Chris Harms (LORD OF THE LOST) and Stephan Thanscheidt, who is CEO of M’era Luna organizer FKP SCORPIO discuss current themes of the music and festival business was something many music enthusiasts didn’t want to miss. Those who were present were rewarded by Stephan’s announcement that at noon, M’era Luna would announce the first wave of bands for next year’s festival and many were seen setting timers on their phone.

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For those who were not only interested in stars on stage or at the signing sessions at SONIC SEDUCERS tent, there was “Zodiak Talk” that dealt with all kinds of astrology and there were a bunch of questions from the audience waiting for the expert. The Shibari Performance led to many Gothics staring at the stage open mouthed. RopeEmotion from Gelsenkirchen introduced the audience to Shibari, a bondage form that has its origins in the Japanese culture. Seeing a tied up woman hanging down from a rigg, being swirled or tied in various aesthetic positions was definitely something most people in the audience had not experienced so far and so there was a thundering applause, when the performance ended.

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The opening of the new outdoor stage definitely offered new options for the side program, for the hangar was almost perfect for all the performances on display. Almost perfect? Yes! It would have served the shows and performances in the hangar a lot better, if the sidewall had been closed entirely, for the bright daylight unfortunately interfered with the light show that accompanied the performances. Maybe next year the organizers will close the sidewalls entirely and let the artists and models shine in perfectly illuminated darkness.

impressions P2610069

The changes to the festival sites layout and buildings have led to many new offers and options that were more than welcomed by the audience, so let’s stay curious and openminded for the next festival that will take place August 12th - 13th 2023, for CEO Stephan Thanscheidt promised, that FKP SCORPIO will not change M’era Luna but strive to make it better.


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All Pictures by Munich Vampire & Daniela Vorndran ( /

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