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inex14Airport Drispenstedt, Hildesheim, Germany
11th and 12th August 2012
M’era Luna Festival Day 2: In Extremo, Hocico, New Model Army, KMFDM, Eisbrecher, Rotersand, Schandmaul, Amduscia, Welle:Erdball, The Beauty of Gemina, Faun, Down Below, Lacrimas Profundere, Absolute Body Control, Lahannya, Eklipse, Les Jupes, The Juggernauts

Not only because of the weather, the festival Sunday was hot. Also because of such bands as NEW MODEL ARMY, LAHANNYA, ROTERSAND or EISBRECHER, who warmed the audience up – first to mention the hot pyro show of IN EXTREMO.


Different tot he years before, the second festival day started at the Hangar, where Belgian Electro duo THE JUGGERNAUTS was opening the day. BORG (aka Peter Mastbooms of THE KLINIK and ex-VOMITO NEGRO) and Glenn (RADICAL G.) entered the stage in pilot outfits to present their sweat-inducing EBM. For the attendees, who really enjoyed the show, it was the perfect start into the day with cold, precise machine rhythms. // /


While it was electronic at the Hangar stage, we turned towards to more guitar driven music on the main stage, but still, LES JUPES were using keyboard sounds to spice their songs up. David Schellenberg, Kelly Beaton, Adam Klassen and Michael P Falk from Canada were presenting gloomy and melodic Indie Rock that was very well accepted by the audience, especially due to their likeable and charming appearance. //


Away now from electronic music in the Hangar to some classical string arrangements presented by EKLIPSE, a classical string quartet consisting of four young ladies with talent, discipline and charisma, playing violin, viola or cello. Compared to APOCALYPTICA every now and then, the quartet is less rocking but more elegant and bewitches with its magical music – string cover versions of well-known hits, such as ‘Sweet Dreams’ by EURYTHMICS or ‘Wonderful Life’ by HURTS. Other bands they are interpreting are i.e. COLDPLAY, LINKIN PARK, DAVID BOWIE, LADY GAGA or KATE BUSH. With their fantastic, sexy outfits, the four ladies were also an eye catcher at the Hangar stage. // /


It was just 12:00 when the air in front of the main stage was heating up towards 30 degrees and LAHANNYA entered the stage, to heat it up even more. The band LAHANNYA is fronted by Lahannya Noya, best known for her tight and sexy outfits. With solid Goth Rock, powerful and catchy, the band impressed the audience, showing that there are also female fronted bands in the genre, who can be compared with the big stars of Goth Rock. // /


Back to electronic topic at the Hangar with another Belgian Project, ABSOLUTE BODY CONTROL, consisting of Dirk Ivens (i.e. THE KLINIK, DIVE) and Eric Van Wonterghem and already founded far back in 1981. The Hangar was very well filled when the duo started with its old-school electronic classics, such as ‘I Wasn’t There’, ‘Is There An Exit?’ or ‘Figures’. The performance remained as minimalist as the music, it was just Dirk who moved excessively in his special way with convulsive movements while Eric behind his desk was a paragon of coolness. //


Rock’n’Sad was now the motto at the main stage with German LACRIMAS PROFUNDERE, consisting of Rob Vitacca (vocals), Oliver Nikolas Schmid (guitars), Tony Berger (guitars) and Dominik Scholz (drums). Before, we had female fronted Dark Rock at the stage, now we were presented the male version presenting high-class Goth Rock, sometimes atmospheric and floating and then again pushing and fast. The set was gloomy and dark, even though the sun was shining bright. // Setlist: 1. Lips / 2. Be mine in tears / 3. We shouldn’t be here / 4. My little fear / 5. The Letter / 6. My Mescaline / 7. Ave End / 8. No matter where you shoot me down / 9. Amber Girl / 10. A Pearl // /


DOWN BELOW as next band in the Hangar were surely not the taste of everyone with their sometimes kitschy Dark Pop / Rock. The hall was now especially filled with younger fans and the band showed right from the beginning close contact to its fans, i.e. when singer Neo Scope jumped down into the pit and climbed the fence. Due to a sad happening in his family, drummer Mahony (who was replaced by a crew member) could not take part at the show and so, the band recorded a video message for him with all fans screaming “Mahony, we think of you!” Along with ‘Dein Licht’, the fans were holding up little lights given to them earlier and anyone, even the security, was waving arms along with ‘Mit Goldenen Segeln’. All in all, the show was for me to kitschy, but the fans obviously liked it. // Setlist: 1. Leuchtfeuer / 2. Zeichen / 3. Alle deine Wege / 4. Du und Ich / 5. Stark sein / 6. Wildes Herz / 7. Dein Licht / 8. Sand in meiner Hand / 9. Mit goldenen Segeln // /


FAUN were up next on the main stage, offering the first contrast there on the day with their medieval and folky program, using lots of different instruments and inviting for dancing and dreaming. The sextet proved how well they could handle all those different instruments, combining medieval and folk melodies with modern influences and so, creating a wonderful mood. // /


THE BEAUTY OF GEMINA, who will release an acoustic album in January after their acoustic tour with DIARY OF DREAMS, today presented their Rock show. Swiss band proved once more that they are good for solid dark Rock and especially front man Michael Sele with his sonorous voice impressed once more. The set presented a nice selection ot of already four released albums, highlight surely was once more the “band hymn” ‘Lonesome death of a Goth DJ’. // /


Concerts of WELLE:ERDBALL are always something special for the fans. This time, both ladies Plastique and Venus impressed with transparent plastic dresses, something new for me. The band already has about 20 years of stage experience and proved once more, that their old Commodore C64 (one of them was as usually thrown into the audience – well, not the computer but the package to hurt no one) sounds are good for moving people still. During about 45 minutes, the band presented a best-of set par excellence, containing of course such hits like ‘23’, ‘Schweben, Fliegen, Fallen’ (of course with big balloons flying into the audience), ‘Arbeit adelt!’ or ‘Starfighter F-104G’. Plastique was taking over vocals during ‘Ich bin aus Plastik’ and threw sweets into the crowd. Once more a great show pleasing the fans in front of stage. // /


Just like HOCICO, who would enter the stage later, also AMDUSCIA, the project of Polo Acevedo, comes from Mexico. Usually with Edgar on keys, this time Polo as accompanied by two ladies on keys. As usually, Polo was wearing a metal mask with a camera lens in front on one eye while presenting harsh Aggrotech accompanied with lots of smoke, strobe lights and bass, making people move and sweat during the following 50 minutes. // Setlist: 1. Intro / 2. Dead or Alive / 3. Desequilibrio Mental / 4. Solo Maquina (Antihuman Remix) / 5. Creepy Life / 6. Absolution / 7. Impulso Biomecànico / 8. Profano Tu Cruz (Edit) / 9. Beyond the Darkness (Raving Mix) / 10. Touch That (Kill Your Thoughts) // /


Just like FAUN before, SCHANDMAUL on main stage were moving towards medieval fields, but more in a rock direction and less dreamy. Under the motto “Traumtänzer” (Dream dancer), Thomas Lindner, Stefan Brunner, Martin Duckstein, and Mathias Richter were now spreading good mood on the festival area. The men of the band were not accompanied by Anna Kränzlein and Birgit Muggenthaler-Schmack this time because both were at home just given birth to babies. Instead, Ally on fiddle and another lady on bagpipe were helping out. Shows of SCHANDMAUL are always a happening, not only because of the charming and funny stories Thomas usually tells, but also because of songs like ‘Drachentöter’ or ‘Walpurgisnacht’ and some games, the band is playing with the fans. This time, it was a funny “Freeze, Slowmotion or Zombie Slowmotion” action. Have you ever seen so many zombies on a festival? // /


ROTERSAND, scheduled at the Hangar as next band, were eagerly awaited by its fans. Founded in 2002 by singer Rascal and Gun, the duo was later completed by producer and DJ Krischan J. E. Wesenberg, presenting powerful and catchy Future Pop. After a long illness of Rascal and many cancelled shows, the band was finally back on stage and oh, how they as well as the fans loved it! There was so much excitement in the hall from the very beginning! Already with the first song ‘Electronic World Transmission’, the trio hit directly into the fans’ hearts. No one was standing still. And for their comeback show, the band also had a surprise! When ‘First Time’ started, a female ballet dance trio supported the band on stage. And they really did a great job! After crowd pleasers like ‘War On Error’ or ‘Exterminate Annihilate Destroy’, calm ‘Undone’ was closing the set. Huge applause was rewarding the band who just did not want to leave the stage, telling over and over how happy they were and thanking everyone for the great day. // Setlist: 1. Electronic World Transmission / 2. I Cry / 3. Almost Violent / 4. First Time / 5. Merging Oceans / 6. Lost / 7. Storm / 8. War On Error / 9. Exterminate Annihilate Destroy / 10. Undone // /


While ROTERSAND spread party mood in the Hangar, EISBRECHER did the same on main stage. The band around charismatic front man Alexx and his companion Noel did not have any problem to offer comparable qualities. With a journey through their past albums, the band prived why they deserved the third last slot at the main stage. Rough songs and chant, distorted guitars, a dark atmosphere… and a lot of fun are the trademarks of the band. First with a few new songs and afterwards with such hits like ‘Amok’, ‘Schwarze Witwe’, ‘This is Deutsch’ and obligatory ‘Miststück’, EISBRECHER offered a fantastic entertaining show. At the beginning, singer Alexx even reacted on a yell from the audience requesting the ‘Pokérap’ (song from the Pokemon series) being presented now by Alexx. ‘Schwarze Witwe’ was presented with help of a disco ball and as usually during ‘Amok’, big oil barrels were built up where the band hit on in perfect choreography. As always just a cool show. EISBRECHER live simply do not fail! // Setlist: 1. Exzess Express / 2. Willkommen / 3.Verrückt / 4. Leider / 5. Herz aus Eis / 6. Amok / 7. Prototyp / 8. Schwarze Witwe / 9. This is Deutsch / 10. Miststück / 11. Die Hölle muss warten // /


At the Hangar, now a scene legend was entering the stage, the Industrial band KMFDM, who made the crowd dance with lots of loud synths, e-guitars and drums. Sascha Kanietzko and his wife Lucia Cifarelli were sharing vocal duties and showed with songs like ‘Krank’, ‘Potz Blitz’, ‘A Drug Against War’ or ‘Tohuvabohu’ why the band is called a legend. With their own created style they attract fans of different genres, might it be the EBM fraction or even some metal heads. Their powerful sound soon made clear why they deserved the co-headliner spot at the Hangar. The big final was presented with ‘Hau Ruck’, ‘WWIII’ and ‘D.I.Y.’. Fantastic and energy laden show of the legend, not showing any signs of age yet! // Setlist: 1. Krank / 2. Amnesia / 3. Tohuvabohu / 4. Dystopia / 5. Potz Blitz / 6. Rebels in Kontrol / 7. Spectre / 8. A Drug Against War / 9. Looking 4 Strange / 10. Hau Ruck / 11. WWIII / 12. D.I.Y. // /


From Industrial legend KMFDM now back to main stage where icon NEW MODEL ARMY were preparing for their show. The Independent Rock band is already in business since the 80s and of course, Justin Sullivan, Michael Dean, Dean White, Marshall Gill and Ceri Monger have visibly aged. But musically, they all still seem to be young, presenting a powerful energetic set where also new bass player Ceri Monger left a good impression among the fans. Even though there occurred some minor technical problems during the set, the band still could convince. Even though such hits like ’51stState’ or ‘Stupid Questions’ were missing, of course lots of old pieces made it into the set, such as ‘Green and Grey’ from 1989 or ‘Here Comes The War’. Big hit ‘I Love The World’ was ending an impressive set. // Setlist: 1. Get Me Out / 2. High / 3. Wonderful Way To Go / 4. Flying Through The Smoke / 5. Living In the Rose / 6. Today Is A Good Day / 7. Christian Militia / 8. Red Earth / 9. Here Comes The War / 10. Green And Grey / 11. Ocean Rising / 12. Purity / 13. I Love The World // /


HOCICO as headliner at the Hangar was founded by Mexican Erk Aicrag (lyrics & vocals) and Racso Agroyam (programming) in 1992 under the name HOCICO DE PERRO. Their trademark is distorted aggressive chant in English or Spanish accompanied by harsh electronic sounds. As headliner, the duo had a special duty and they fulfilled it well. Diabolic as always, Erk was marching across the stage while Rasco was handling the electronics and videos were accompanying the danceable dark electronic sounds. Songs like ‘’ Dog eat dog’, ‘Bite me’ or ‘Forgotten Tears’ were celebrated frenetically and there was no time to take a breath until the great final with ‘Tiempos de Furia’. // Setlist: 1. Breathe Me Tonight / 2. Where Words Fail Hate Speaks / 3. About a dead / 4. Flesh to Lacerate / 5. Dog eat dog / 6. Bite me / 7. Escape the Spell / 8. Altered States / 9. Forgotten Tears / 10. Poltergeist / 11. Tiempos de Furia // /


It was getting dark now over the airfield and time for the last band of the weekend, IN EXTREMO. A wonderful dawn was welcoming the band consisting of Das Letzte Einhorn, Van Lange, Die Lutter, Dr. Pymonte, Flex der Biegsame, Yellow Pfeiffer and Specki T.D. and soon, the band could prove their headliner position. The mood within the audience was fantastic and supported by a hot pyro show spreading over the whole concert, they celebrated songs from the current album ‘Sterneneisen’ but also old gems such as ‘Vollmond’ or ‘Erdbeermund’ marking the end of the set. But no one believed that this shall be the end already and requested encores. So, the band came back to release the fans into the night with ‘Spielmannsfluch’ and ‘Villeman Og Magnhild’. // Setlist: 1. Sterneneisen / 2. Frei zu sein / 3. Zigeunerskat / 4. Vollmond / 5. Herr Mannelig / 6. Sängerkrieg / 7. Unsichtbar / 8. Zauberspruch No. VII / 9. Rasend Herz / 10. Siehst du das Licht / 11. Viva La Vida / 12. Küss mich / 13. Erdbeermund / Encore: 14. Spielmannsfluch / 15. Villeman Og Magnhild // /


And so, the 13th M’era Luna was already ending with a fantastic headliner. Two day passed really fast and all what remains are lots of good impressions and memories of fantastic live shows along with perfect festival weather. The date for next year’s festival is set already. M’era Luna 2013 will take place on 10th and 11th August. Furthermore, there are already 3 bands confirmed: ASP, FRONT 242 and THE CRÜXSHADOWS. Pre-sale has already started and the first 666 wildcard tickets are nearly sold-out after just a few days. They are available for 74 EUR incl. 5 EUR waste disposal at

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Written by Daniela Vorndran & Jens Arndt

All pictures by Jens Arndt (All bands except The Beauty of Gemina & Hocico) & Daniela Vorndran (The Beauty of Gemina & Hocico - / / /

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