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08 hocico ool weekender 2017 9Astra Kulturhaus, Berlin, Germany
31st March to 2nd April 2017
Out of Line Weekender 2017 Day 2 with Hocico, Klangstabil, Chrom, Ashbury Heights, The Horrorist, Amduscia, Cephalgy and Pseudokrupp Project

It comes not often that I've never heard of a band before. So I was a pleasant surprise when PSEUDOKRUPP PROJECT entered the stage on late Saturday afternoon, performing a really good set. After the set of CEPHALGY, I was very pleased to watch AMDUSCIA in Berlin and watch the full show.

If you're into watching a steel helmet and a hand lamp wearing man screaming in a microphone - THE HORRORIST is your band. If this is not the case, one could easily use the time to have a cold drink or visit the merch. With ASHBURY HEIGHTS and CHROM, the quality of the music rose to a higher level again, and the audience filled up the Astra Kulturhaus the time. Fine music paired with a good show and an enthusiastic crowd resulted in unforgettable moments. After KLANGSTABIL and their great show, finally HOCICO entered the stage. Obviously Erk and Racso spared no effort to bring a truly monumental stage design with them. The show started with a drum solo and from the first beats the fans went crazy. Over one hour, the two Mexicans performed a high class show and left an exhausted but happy audience behind to party on in the manifold nightlife of Berlin.

  • 01_pseudokruppproject-ool_weekender_2017-1
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  • 02_cephalgy-ool_weekender_2017-1
  • 02_cephalgy-ool_weekender_2017-2
  • 02_cephalgy-ool_weekender_2017-3
  • 02_cephalgy-ool_weekender_2017-4
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  • 03_amduscia-ool_weekender_2017-1
  • 03_amduscia-ool_weekender_2017-2
  • 03_amduscia-ool_weekender_2017-3
  • 03_amduscia-ool_weekender_2017-4
  • 03_amduscia-ool_weekender_2017-5
  • 05_ashburyheights-ool_weekender_2017-1
  • 05_ashburyheights-ool_weekender_2017-2
  • 05_ashburyheights-ool_weekender_2017-3
  • 05_ashburyheights-ool_weekender_2017-4
  • 05_ashburyheights-ool_weekender_2017-5
  • 06_chrom-ool_weekender_2017-1
  • 06_chrom-ool_weekender_2017-2
  • 06_chrom-ool_weekender_2017-3
  • 06_chrom-ool_weekender_2017-4
  • 06_chrom-ool_weekender_2017-5
  • 07_klangstabil-ool_weekender_2017-1
  • 07_klangstabil-ool_weekender_2017-2
  • 07_klangstabil-ool_weekender_2017-3
  • 07_klangstabil-ool_weekender_2017-4
  • 08_hocico-ool_weekender_2017-1
  • 08_hocico-ool_weekender_2017-10
  • 08_hocico-ool_weekender_2017-2
  • 08_hocico-ool_weekender_2017-3
  • 08_hocico-ool_weekender_2017-4
  • 08_hocico-ool_weekender_2017-5
  • 08_hocico-ool_weekender_2017-6
  • 08_hocico-ool_weekender_2017-7
  • 08_hocico-ool_weekender_2017-8
  • 08_hocico-ool_weekender_2017-9

All Pictures by Matthias Irrgang

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