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Klangstabil at Infest 2015

The creation of KLANGSTABIL`s current album ‘Shadow Boy’ took a few years to come to the surface with the character Shadow Boy at its helm. Shadow Boy is the brain child of Boris and is an intimate rendition of a boy standing alone with his thoughts and feelings. Shadow Boys are entities onto themselves enjoying the solace of a different type of environment avoiding crowded places. Boris reminds us that there is a Shadow Boy in all of us.

To bring together these many impressions Boris drafted a story which became a ‘Shadow Boy’ book written by German author Christian Von Aster. The story is about a boy who lives in the woods without parents or any contact with humans. Then the boy meets with a group of children from the nearby town and the children come together learning the value of true friendship, overcoming any prejudice. The interaction is a give and take. The boy learns how to communicate with the other children and the children learn about life in the woods from the Shadow Boy. KLANGSTABIL produces their own music interpretation of this story. The theme song to this story is very emotionally haunting and is something that every listener can relate to. A band with intense commentary about the human condition. This band is the epitome of the poem by Henry David Thoreau, “I went to the woods because I wanted to live life deliberately.” KLANGSTABIL`s music has a deliberate story to tell if you just listen closely.

Reflections of Darkness [RoD]: Please tell us about the new album.
Klangstabil: The new album is a concept, a process, where it talks about the human race and how it does not need to be the human race anymore. The human race changes into something else, cybernetics. What is real and what is a dream, you can’t tell the difference anymore. The post human factor becomes normal which is reflected in the music. The music is food for the fans, the perfect way to share with other people because you can work with emotions, a language everyone can understand.

RoD: What are your goals?
Klangstabil: To develop the power in the music, to get stronger tracks and move to the next point, decode the music.

RoD: How did KLANGSTABIL start?
Klangstabil: It was started by a friend. The group was brought together and a switch was turned on and we started to make music. The first gig was on an old door made into a table. The group has created their own universal sound and 10 years later created structure. It is fun to work with lyrics and layers keeping it intelligent. The lyrics are very direct conveying the idea behind them. We don't use many effects, the sound has to be real. We talk directly and this makes us different from other bands. Every album conveys a different story. I am proud that we are still exploring.

RoD: How can fans access your music?
Klangstabil: Facebook, Cloud, websites like / /

RoD: Where are your next shows?
Klangstabil: Four upcoming shows in Germany

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