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introDas Rind, Rüsselsheim, Germany
31st January 2014
Klangstabil & Eisenstein und der Zar

After their appearance at last Planet Myer Day in Leipzig just two weeks ago I finally had the chance for another KLANGSTABIL show. This time, our way was leading us to Rüsselsheim, where the duo was playing in the small club Das Rind, supported by the local band EISENSTEIN UND DER ZAR from Wiesbaden.

Eisenstein und der Zar

The trio EISENSTEIN UND DER ZAR consists of Thorsten Mönch (vocals), Hansi Boer (drums) and Uwe Schnelle (keys). A first single, ‘Ein anderer Mensch’, was released online on 29th June 2012. As the band states itself, they offer a mixture of Alternative, Electro and Dark Pop with pushing beats and dark, electronic bass lines completed by emotional German lyrics. The first album ‘Aufgewacht’ was released in autumn 2013. Well, the description of the band sounds not too bad. But what was awaiting us? Just thirty minutes after the doors opened, the trio entered the stage. Musically, the songs were not too bad – electronic music with good melodies. But the chant and also the performance were not really convincing at all. I am not sure if the band just had a bad day or any other problem. But their show this evening did not work at all. No wonder that the audience’s reactions were quite hesitant. Anyone was just longing for KLANGSTABIL.

Music: 5
Performance: 5
Sound: 5
Light: 4
Total: 4.8 / 10



KLANGSTABIL, consisting of Maurizio Blanco and Boris May, was formed in 1994. So far, Boris was not active in the music business, but Maurizio was dealing the biggest part of his life already with music. Soon after they met,  the duo started producing material, first without the intention to release something. But releases came and we are happy about that. Over the years, KLANGSTABIL carved out a very own niche in alternative electronic music by taking elements of its very beginning adding to it a contemporary, sometimes experimental edge. October 2008 saw the release of the duo’s conceptual work ‘Math & Emotion, followed up by the ‘Vertraut EP’. The newest output is the ‘Shadowboy’ album from November 2013, available as box with an additional book written by Christian von Aster. /


Music & Performance
Just a handful of concerts are planned for 2014 and so, fans of KLANGSTABIL tried to find their show. On 31st January, they gathered in Rüsselsheim to listen to the extraordinary music of Boris and Maurizio. After a first beer and the support act, it was time for KLANGSTABIL to enter the stage. Headline of the evening surely was “Pay with Friendship”, also the title of one song out of the latest album. The club was finally well filled and the band entered the stage, Boris as always barefoot on the microphone first while Maurizio took position behind the keys. The first song ‘Shadowboy’ was presented in a slightly distorted version, making the audience move from the very start. The set contained several songs from the new album, like ‘1 of 100’ or the already mentioned ‘Pay with Friendship’ which is, according to Boris, a bit poppy. But there were also some classics, like ‘Lauf, lauf!’ or ‘Perdere per vincere’ where Maurizio took over vocal duties. The later the evening, the more the audience was taken away and danced along to the music. There are not many artists bringing so strong emotions onto stage. Anyone had a lot of fun and also Boris was expressing his joy when jumping from stage and performing in the middle of the crowd. ‘Math & Emotion - The square root of three’ was the final song.


In the moments of silence afterwards, the audience was shouting for ‘Maschinengewehr’. This wish was not fulfilled, but the band returned with ‘Twisted words’. Even if there were some technical issues at the end, which the band bridged with some jokes, the mood did nor decrease. This was really a wonderful concert evening. After the show, the band was available at the merch booth, where you could also get “Pay with Friendship” cards, signed by band and fan.

01. Shadowboy - The awakening
02. Math & Emotion - The square root of one
03. Pay with friendship (Disco Remix by Sonic Area)
04. 1 of 100
05. You may start
06. Perdere per vincere
07. Love has too much audience
08. End of us
09. Lauf, lauf!
10. Push yourself
11. Schattentanz
12. Math & Emotion - The square root of three
13. Twisted words

Music: 9
Performance: 9
Sound: 7
Light: 5
Total: 8 / 10


All pictures by Daniela Vorndran ( /

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