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chromedivision3Rieckhof, Hamburg, Germany
21st February 2015
Heathen Rock Festival with Chrome Division, Suidakra, Blackbird, Waldgeflüster, Gloryful, Aletrun, Waldschrat, Phallax, Frigoris, Painted

On Saturday, the 21st of February, the Heathen Rock Festival took place for the sixth time at the Rieckhof in Harburg, Hamburg. The location is actually unusual for a metal festival as there is not that much space for a crowd but the nearly 700 visitors did fit in. There are many possibilities to sit and watch the stage which was really welcomed by the audience because you could sit there and take a rest. Despite this, the bands delivered an amazing performance and were rewarded with a lot of movement in the crowd.


The first band was PAINTED, a really young band from Gifhorn (close to Wolfsburg) who would describe their music as "grunge metal" with influences from bands like METALLICA and PANTERA. Their live performance is a joy to watch as you can clearly see how much they enjoy being on stage. Even though they were playing as the first band they managed to rev up the audience, having them singing along in no time. Some people even started to bang their heads. The vocalist ended the last song with an impressive scream and they left the stage leaving an energy filled atmosphere. / // Setlist: 1. Regrets / 2. Born to Waste / 3. Bittersweet / 4. Gimme Some / 5. Wrong Conviction / 6. New Sons / 7. In My Head // Rating: 8.5 / 10



The next band on stage is FRIGORIS, a melodic black metal band from Essen who are quite different than PAINTED. Because of this the whole atmosphere changed. They started with a really calm intro, but during their performance it began to get more and more crowded with the audience seeming to enjoy every second of it. A lot of people start banging their heads along, FRIGORIS was obviously enjoying playing for the crowd. They ended their performance with the song ‘...und Asche rinnt durch meine Hände’ (...and ashes runs through my hands) and left a satisfied crowd behind. // / // Setlist: 1. Windgeflüster / 2. Zwischenwelten / 3. Wenn die Maske bricht / 4. Frühlingsnacht / 5. Himeros / 6. Im Keim ertrunken / 7. …und Asche rinnt durch meine Hände // Rating: 7 / 10



Right after FRIGORIS, PHALLAX entered the stage, a power metal band from Mutlangen, Germany. The audience, curious to see how PHALLAX would performed, crowded around the stage. They didn’t disappoint, giving an amazing performance. It was their release show for their new album ‘Relies of Harmony’ and because of that the band had fun playing their new songs live. The energy was so high that some people even tried to start a mosh pit. // / // Setlist: 1. Parasite / 2. Little Things / 3. Hooray Harry / 4. Zacharias / 5. Eldr / 6. Sanctimonious / 7. One Fine Day / 8. Dad and His Driver / 9. Trollinger // Rating: 6.5 / 10



Now WALDSCHRAT started to set the stage. They are a black metal band from Austria who are different to the genre and performances of the first three bands. The whole atmosphere was dark and heavy. They had incense sticks on stage and all band members had a corpse paint. The audience first is not really sure about what they are supposed to do but during the third song ‘Freiheit’ (freedom) the vocalist asks them to shout "hey" and put their fists in the air and this seems to be what the crowd needed. They start moshing and head banging. WALDSCHRAT leave the stage after seven amazing songs. // / // Setlist: 1. Als das Lied das Land heimsuchte / 2. Im Rauschen des Windes / 3. Freiheit / 4. Metropolis / 5. Von Traum und Zeit / 6. Heimat / 7. Der Wind hat mir sein Lied geklagt // Rating: 8.5 / 10



The following band was ÀLETRUN, a band from Hamburg who do have two vocalists, a female and a male one. Because of that you can't really define their genre because the music is unique. After their first song called ‘Parasite’, the male vocalist asks the crowd "how are you? Do you like your beer?" and he adds that the band is happy about the people who made it to the festival. And the band proves that by playing an amazing show, loaded with energy. The people keep dancing and moshing and of course banging their heads and they even start a small circle pit. At the end of the concert a guy from the crowd asks for a birthday-wall of death and the band fulfils his birthday wish. They left the stage with lots of applause. // / // Setlist: 1. Intro / 2. Journey / 3. Ashes / 4. Hammer / 5. Saga / 6. Banner / 7. Spear / 8. Battlecry / 9. Raise Your Horns // Rating: 7.5 / 10



Because of the amazing performance by ÀLETRUN the next band called GLORYFUL was challenged to keep the general atmosphere. They are a heavy metal band from Gelsenkirchen. When they got on the stage it wasn't as crowded as before but they had lots of energy which they could easily deliver through their music. Some people were standing right in front of the stage and kept head banging and sometimes it seemed as if the band would just celebrate a huge party with the crowd because everyone kept head banging together. When they were asking the crowd to clap along they immediately started doing it and the general mood was really good. // / // Setlist: 1. Intro / 2. Ocean Blade / 3. Heavy Metal / 4. Hearing the Dead / 5. Evil Oath / 6. Cradle of Heroes / 7. Gloryful’s Tale / 8. All Men to the Arms / 9. The Warrior`s Code // Rating: 8 / 10



After GLORYFUL the next band was WALDGEFLÜSTER and even before they got on the stage it was really crowded. WALDGEFLÜSTER are a black metal band from Munich who are really attached to nature and deal with it in lots of their songs. They entered the stage with storm sounds and the stage was foggy. The crowd was enthusiastic from the first note of the first song ‘Karhuntierros’ and they started head banging and it gets even more crowded. With lots of more calm parts in their songs WALDGEFLÜSTER are able to change the atmosphere from energy loaded to calm. The audience enjoyed the music by simply listening to it. After some songs with more calm parts the vocalist says "after some slower songs now something else.. action!" and with some faster songs they bring back a lot of movement into the crowd. // / // Setlist: 1. Karhuntierros / 2. Herbst befiel das Land / 3. Mit wlchen Fesseln / 4. Seenland / 5. Wotan sang / 6. Fichtenhain // Rating: 8 / 10



Now the crowd got from energy loaded to calm back to energy loaded and wants to be entertained. This seems to be the right job for the next band called BLACKBIRD, a rock 'n roll band from Zweibrücken. Starting with the first song called "man on a mission" they go in a completely different direction than the bands before. They really do enjoy their performance and even though it's not that crowded they show that they appreciate the audience. The vocalist says, that he is always happy when the people clap and is really thankful. After some songs there is some more movement in the crowd and people start dancing and clapping along. Many people bang their head and the audience gets excited when the band starts walking through the crowd. The band doesn't seem arrogant they seem like they just want to share their music with their fans and they did a really good job. After they played the last song ‘Paradise city’ they left the stage with lots of applause. // / // Setlist: 1. Man on a Mission / 2. I Ain't No Rebel / 3. It's Only Rock'n'Roll / 4. Whole Lotta Rosie / 5. Of Heroes and Enemies / 6. Got Me Ready / 7. Finally Yours / 8. Fire Your Gun / 9. Paradise City // Rating: 9 / 10



The second last band this day was SUIDAKRA. They are a Celtic metal band from Düsseldorf. They walk on the stage while an intro is playing and it's really crowded. As soon as they start playing the people start to move and bang their heads. The mood is fantastic and there is even a mosh pit and during one instrumental song they start a wall of death. The people really liked that because the whole day they kept shouting "wall of death" and now their wish is being fulfilled. SUIDAKRA leave the stage after playing ‘Pair Dadeni’ but after the audience kept asking for one more song they come back and play two more songs called ‘Balor’ and ‘Wartunes’. They ask the crowd to celebrate the last song with them and everyone is dancing, moshing or banging their head. // / // Setlist: 1. Intro / 2. Pendragon's Fall / 3. Isle of Skye / 4. Defiant Dreams / 5. Dead Man's Reel / 6. March of Conquest / 7. Darkane Times / 8. Shattering Swords / 9. Pair Dadeni / 10. Balor / 11. Wartunes // Rating: 8.5 / 10


Chrome Division

The last band this evening, the headliner, is called CHROME DIVISION. They are a Norwegian dirty doomsday rock n roll band. The first thing I acknowledged about them was that all of them were wearing a leather jacket with the band logo on its back. It got really crowded before they even started and when they started playing the whole audience was freaking out. The vocalist had some pyrotechnics attached to his belt which made the whole performance way more exciting. The audience knows the lyrics from most of the songs and sings along, head bangs and dances to the music. CHROME DEVISION are delivering a really professional performance even when they were having some technical problems but I did not expect anything else. They used the time for a drum solo and were able to keep the mood up in the audience.


They played 16 energy loaded songs filled with amazing guitar solos and they gave the Heathen Rock Festival the ending it deserved by giving the audience one last amazing performance. // / // Setlist: 1. Intro / 2. Wine of Sin / 3. Bulldogs Unleashed / 4. Zombies & Monsters / 5. Chrome Division / 6. Raven Black Cadillac / 7. Fight / 8. Endless Nights / 9. (She's) Hot Tonight / 10. Here Comes Another One / 11. Booze, Broads & Beer / 12. Damage Solo / 13. Reaper on the Hunt / 14. Life of a Fighter / 15. Raise Your Flag / 16. Whole Lotta Rosie / 17. Serial Killer // Rating: 9 / 10

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