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introAirport Drispenstedt, Hildesheim, Germany
9th and 10th August 2014
M’era Luna Festival 2014 Day 1: Aeverium, Meinhard, Ignis Fatuu, Sündenklang, Henke, Chrom, The Beauty of Gemina, Rabia Sorda, Lacrimas Profundere, Solitary Experiments, Stahlmann, Neuroticfish, ASPs von Zaubererbrüdern, Das Ich, Paradise Lost, Leaether Strip, Subway to Sally, DAF, Marilyn Manson, Combichrist, Within Temptation

Like last year, too, the 15th M’era Luna was, with 25,000 visitors, sold out. And once again the organizers offered manifold fine musical acts, readings, fashion shows, a shopping mall, the medieval village with all kind of stands, actions and fun and so much more. The concerts took place on the main stage outside and in the Hangar.

The weather was quite agreeable, sunny, not too hot and only short showers and luckily the announced storm was not that bad on Sunday as feared. This year, the M’era Luna had a special surprise, as the concerts were filmed and broadcasted on German TV. Also there were big screens in front of the stages so that everybody had the chance to see what was going on the stage even if you couldn’t get that close, or in case of the Hangar you even had no chance to get in. Disguised in colourful animal costumes seemed to be en vogue this year at the M’era Luna. I was not really surprised to see some unicorns on the festival ground on Saturday as COMBICHRIST had their show and the drummer Joe Letz is known to be a unicorn fan, collecting them as plush toys. But seeing other animals in candy colours were very irritating for me and some of my friends.


Already the evening before had something to offer. Of course there was the obligatory opening party at the disco hangar. But before, like during the last few years, there were some author’s readings. First author was well-known and one of Germany’s most successful fantasy authors, Markus Heitz, who was reading from its new book ‘Exkarnation’. Like during the last years, he made a very good start into the evening and the reading was very entertaining. Second reader of the evening was Jörg Schneider, who is known for his satiric essays. He was reading from his book ‘So komme ich in die Hölle’. As already known from past years, the grand finale was made by Christian von Aster, presenting very amusing stories and presenting his program “on Grantelwanze bis Gothenfloh - auf der Spur des wirklich wahren Ursprungs der Gothicbewegung”. It is always great fun to hear him reading and the title of his program fitted perfectly to a Goth festival!

lesung heitzlesung aster

Aeverium – Main Stage [morTICIA]

This year’s winner of the M’era Luna contest is the German six piece Metal band with a female beside the male singer. Inspired by bands like WITHIN TEMPTATION, EVANESCENCE, LACUNA COIL and the like the young band tries to make its way. Some of their songs are sung as duets which sounded quite ok but there was also one song where Aeva Maurelle, the female singer, tried to sing a kind of aria but failed at the high notes. Anyway the overall impression of the festival opener was quite good and one can be curious what path the band will be following in future. // / // Rating: 6 / 10


Meinhard – Hangar [morTICIA]

Another young band is the German band MEINHARD who performed in the Hangar. MEINHARD are on a journey through Wonderland so find answers to questions never being asked. Remarkable is the make- up of the guys consisting of strange black symbols on their white faces, the quite elegant outfits of the band members and the throw back 80’s frilled shirt of the singer. And the music is somehow the same: very much 80’s inspired, but to me it was more a kind of kindergarten Goth music to sway to and fro. Among other songs they introduced their new single ‘Blood and love’. Other songs being played were ‘MaD aS A hAtTer’, ‘Caucus-Race’ and ‘Pig & Pepper’. // / // Rating: 5 / 10


Ignis Fatuu – Main Stage [morTICIA]

Ten years ago, in 2004, this German Medieval- Rock band was founded. They had to experience several changes in the line-up but made it to survive as band and released five albums until now. Although it was still early day there were quite a lot people in front of the stage to listen to the band. . Overall, the band understands their music as an ode to life, and an invitation to dance. And though I found the vocal quality of the singer more than mediocre there were nevertheless a lot of people shouting for an encore when the band finished their show. // / // Rating: 5 / 10


Sündenklang – Hangar [morTICIA]

This band is a side project of the STAHLMANN singer and front man Mart Soer, founded in 2013. And like STAHLMANN the musical genre is as well Neue Deutsche Härte, but more melodic and kind of softer than Soer’s main band. The Hangar filled continuously while the band performed. A great part of the audience clapped their hands and moved to the songs and the singer showed a good feeling how to interact with the audience. The band already has quite a fan base and people clapped and sang along to songs like ‘Lieber sterben’, ‘Kreuzzug’ or ‘Die Welle’. Furthermore, the audience presented a little birthday song for Ablaz, who was celebrating this day. Good gig overall! // /ündenklang/144525665735233 // Rating: 7 / 10


Henke – Main Stage [morTICIA]

In 2009 Oswald Henke, also known from his band GOETHES ERBEN and his following project FETISCH:MENSCH, formed this band. Though more Rock influenced than his other projects the sprechgesang was retained unchanged as stylistic device. And also the lyrics are poetry set to music. A bigger crowd showed up in front of the main stage and listened attentively to the songs. Oswald, with his recognizable vocals, performed impressively and thus it was no wonder that the band got a big applause when the guys left the stage. The music and lyrics were complex and the show itself turned out being very intense and may have surprised also critics in a positive way. // / // Setlist: 1. Herz (Remix) / 2. Valiumregenbogen / 3. Weil ich es kann / 4. Weckt mich / 5. Epilog / 6. Zeitmemory / 7. Vergessen / 8. Wer mich liebt / 9. Nur allein // Rating: 8 / 10


Chrom – Hangar [morTICIA]

At the E-Tropolis Festival Oberhausen I had already the chance to see this German duo. Since 2007 the band entertains with fine Synth Pop sound inviting the audience to dance. The Hangar filled more and more but nevertheless there was enough space for dancing. Once again an agreeable performance for sure, exciting many fans. // / // Setlist: 1. Slave / 2. Walked the line / 3. Morbid mind / 4. We’ll be alone / 5. In my world / 6. Loneliness / 7. Start of something new / 8. Memories // Rating: 8 / 10


The Beauty of Gemina – Main Stage [Niggels]

Just right after lunch break it was time to see Swiss Goth Rockers BEAUTY OF GEMINA at the main stage. It wasn't their first visit to the M'era Luna and a quite good crowd gathered to see the performance of the band around singer and guitarist Michael Sele, who actually looks a little bit like Andy Warhol with his blond shock of hair and the black sunglasses. Starting with a hypnotic version of 'Run Run Run', BEAUTY OF GEMINA delivered a 40-minute dose of their synth-charged, melancholic Rock that wouldn't feel out of place along EDITORS, INTERPOL or SISTERS OF MERCY. The set of BEAUTY OF GEMINA of course also featured the club hit 'Suicide Landscape', an acoustic version of 'Dark Rain' and ended with the energetic groove 'One Million Stars'. A rock-solid performance by the four men from Switzerland – and unlike their last appearance at the M'era Luna, this time it even didn't rain! // / // Setlist: 1. Run Run Run / 2. All Those Days / 3. Fight Song / 4. Suicide Landscape / 5. Rumours / 6. Seven-Day Wonder / 7. Dark Rain (Acoustic) / 8. One Million Stars // Rating: 8 / 10


Rabia Sorda – Hangar [Niggels]

The Speedy Gonzales of the Electro scene is back! Every time I see Erk Aicrag on stage, be it with his main band HOCICO or with his own brain child RABIA SORDA, I am astonished how much he zips around on stage. That must be a nightmare for photographers, as Erk Aicrag hardly stands still for a moment. The gig at the hangar stage of the M'era Luna was no different, and as soon RABIA SORDA entered the stage with 'Eye M the Blacksheep' the little man from Mexico was bursting with energy. The second song, 'Out Of Control', really deserves its title and delivered more furore and stage rage. With such a high level of energy on stage it didn't take long until the crowd was completely infected, making the gig a crazy, manic party in no time. RABIA SORDA recently introduced more Rock elements to their sound, especially live, but I for one was happy that the guitar wasn't as dominant as the last time I saw RABIA SORDA live. 'Radio Paranoia' raised the energy bar even a little higher and with 'Somewhere along the Road' RABIA SORDA finished their 40-minute set of party madness. A very entertaining gig! // / // Setlist: 1. Intro / 2. Eye M the Blacksheep / 3. Out of Control / 4. Deaf / 5. Turbulence / 6. Abuse Me / 7. Radio Paranoia / 8. Indestructible / 9. Hotel Suicide / 10. Somewhere along the Road // Rating: 8 / 10


Lacrimas Profundere – Main Stage [morTICIA & Dani]

The German Dark Rock band was founded in 1993 and thus they are of course some experienced old stagers. Throughout the years there were several changes in band members but they made it to survive as a four piece band up to now. Meanwhile they had launched 11 albums, the last one in 2013. They have toured intensively, were supporting act for bands like PARADISE LOST, THE 69 EYES, LACUNA COIL, and APOCALYPTICA, to mention but a few, had successful headliner tours and performed as well at all major festivals of the Gothic/ Rock and Metal scene. The band itself describes its style as “Rock’n’Sad“. The music is marked by heavy riffs and an melancholic mood, based especially on the voice of singer Roberto Vitacca. The band presented a lot of songs from the current album ‘Antiadore’, but also some older gems like ‘My Mescaline’ or ‘I Don’t Care’. // / // Setlist: 1. Dead to Me / 2. Antiadore / 3. Remembrance Song / 4. A Sigh / 5. What I'm Not / 6. Again It's Over / 7. I Don't Care / 8. My Release in Pain / 9. My Mescaline / 10. Ave End // Rating: 8 /10


Solitary Experiments – Hangar [morTICIA]

Twenty years ago, this German Electro band saw the light of day. Busily touring as supporting act for bands like ICON OF COIL, FUNKER VOGT, [:SITD:], NEUROTICFISH, to mention just a few, as well as headliner shows and releasing several remarkable albums, the Electro scene is unthinkable without them. Trademark for their live appearance are the red shirts and black ties. The Hangar was almost packed and still more people came to party with the band. The audience was presented a good mixture of songs that work great for the dance floors, especially as the combination of an electro and a real drum set give the songs lots of energy. Some songs were underlined with a nice little laser show. // / // Setlist: 1.Epiphany / 2. Immortal / 3. Delight / 4. Trial and Error / 5. Beg your Pardon / 6. Stars / 7. No Salvation / 8. Rise and Fall // Rating: 8 / 10


Stahlmann – Main Stage [morTICIA & Dani]

STAHLMANN is another German band, founded in 2008, of the genre Neue Deutsche Härte. To underline the band name (Steel man) the guys appear with their skin painted silver which makes them recognizable as well. And probably their outer appearance is the only exciting thing as their music is not at all. It was the second show on this day for Martin Soer and some of his band members after the SÜNDENKLANG appearance earlier. The sound of STAHLMANN is often criticized since it is quite close to RAMMSTEIN, but the live shows are always celebrated. For their M’era Luna show, the band appeared in new, pimped outfits, partly with masks in front of the faces, and of course with the known silver paint all over face and body. During first song, ‘Willkommen‘, Martin was equipped with some smoke canons, giving some nice effect to the show. The following best-of set was perfectly chosen for the audience and so, there was kind of party feeling in front of the big stage. // / //
Setlist: 1. Willkommen / 2. Adrenalin / 3. Stahlmann / 4. Hass mich / 5. Teufel / 6. Stahlwittchen / 7. Süchtig / 8. Spring / 9. Schwarz / 10. Tanzmaschine // Rating: 7 /10


Neuroticfish – Hangar [morTICIA]

If you don’t know this German band you might get the wrong impression when the singer enters the stage. The man with a full beard and his red check pattern shirt probably looks like a laid-back dad and you might expect tranquilly sound but from the first tune of their current single ‘Silence’ the band got the crowd going. The venue was filled and the crowd was happily dancing to the songs. Since the beginning of the 1990’s Sascha Mario Klein and Henning Verlage create fine Synth Pop sound and as a kind of old stager they know how to interact with the audience. No wonder that the people were cheering loudly and singing along with the band. // / // Setlist: 1. Silence / 2. Former Me / 3. Bomb / 4. Behaviour / 5. Wake Me Up / 6. Suffocating Right / 7. M.F.A.P.L. / 8. Velocity // Rating: 9 / 10


ASPs von Zaubererbrüdern – Main Stage [Dani]

While the Hangar with NEUROTICFISH presented dance music, the main stage provided the calmer sounds. ASP presented ASPs VON ZAUBERERBRÜDERN and an acoustic set with some classical instruments like the violin or cello under the direction of Alex Spreng. This show was surely a highlight for many visitors of the M’era Luna. The show too the listener to an acoustic journey though the sing cycle of ‘Krabat’ to the dark tales of ASP. The deep voice of Alecander “Asp” Spreng was underlined by the classic instruments perfectly. And so, songs like ‚Denn ich bin der Meister‘, ‘Krabat‘ or ‘Werben‘ sounded very different to the original versions. There was a lot of excitement in the audience and it grew even bigger when a cover version of THE CLUT was presented: ‘Rain‘. This show was a highlight for many visitors of M’era Luna. // http://www.vonzaubererbrü / // Rating: 8 / 10


Das Ich – Hangar [morTICIA]

Another primary rock of the Gothic scene is this German band, founded 1989 by Stefan Ackermann and Bruno Kramm. Their musical style can be described as Electro Punk/ Electronica and the band was also part of the Neue Deutsche Todeskunst (new German death-art) where a number of German musicians combined music in neo-classical, Gothic Rock, and Darkwave styles with German philosophical texts and a highly theatrical stage show. Live they are supported by Johannes Thon at the keyboards. As Stefan suffered from severe health problems it was a great surprise when he had his comeback in 2013. The Hangar was filled and there was hardly a chance to get in and so it was great to see how well Stefan is doing on stage again. Their performance was definitely a success and the fans cheered loudly. // / // Setlist: 1- Kain und Abel / 2. Kannibale / 3. Keimzeit / 4. Das dunkle Land / 5. Kindgott / 6. Nahe (with Marianne Iser of SCHNEEWITTCHEN) / 7. Der Schrei / 8. Gottes Tod // Rating: 8 / 10


Paradise Lost – Main Stage [Niggels]

Unfortunately the performance of DAS ICH at the hangar stage overlapped with PARADISE LOST at the open air stage so that I missed a bit of the show of Nick Holmes and his men. Although “show“ might be a little too much to say, as it was basically PARADISE LOST standing in the blazing sun and performing their set. Granted, Nick Holmes has never been one of the most enthusiastic front men but actually he tries to get the crowd involved much more these days than he used to. And while there were, frankly, one or two gigs in the past when he struggled with his vocal performance it was simply spot on this time around. I arrived just in time to hear the song 'Gothic' from the album of the same name. The audience clearly loved this vintage, slow-going steamroller but PARADISE LOST also had poppier and more melodic tracks as 'Erased' or 'Isolate' up their sleeves.


After one hour and a few grumblings about the “f*cking sun” PARADISE LOST finished their set with a rising rendition of the classic 'Say Just Words' and quickly vanished from the stage. Perhaps not one of the most memorable gigs of this year's M'era Luna but still a decent one. // / // Setlist: 1. The Enemy / 2. So Much Is Lost / 3. Remembrance / 4. Gothic / 5. Enchantment / 6. Erased / 7. Faith Divides Us - Death Unites Us / 8. Tragic Idol / 9. Isolate / 10. One Second / 11. Say Just Words // Rating: 7.5 / 10

Leaether Strip – Hangar [Niggels]

Today's EBM & Electro scene owes a lot to Claus Larsen aka LEATHER STRIP, so it was a pity to see that the hangar was not as packed as it could be. There were bigger crowds at previous gigs this day but there was still a good crowd, especially one that was up and ready for LEATHER STRIP's old school EBM sound. And Claus Larsen delivered! Together with his partner in crime (and husband) Kurt Grünewald Hansen at the keys Larsen performed a very classics-heavy set featuring old gems as 'Japanese Bodies' or 'Strap Me Down'. Fortunately the hangar got more filled with people soon but unfortunately the sound left a bit to desire. The volume of the sound was way too low (when it comes to EBM I love to hear it loud and not just hear but also feel the beat!) while the vocals were about twice as loud as the music. Was there an instruction by the festival promoters to keep the volume low to not disturb the sound at the main stage? Who knows!


However, Claus Larsen rampaged the stage, obviously happy as a sandboy and with a big candy-apple grin between the songs. Regardless of the not exactly perfect sound, the fans danced to LEATHER STRIP's old school EBM from the front to the bar in the back, making the gig a success for everyone. Just pump up the volume next time, please! // // Rating: 7 / 10

Subway to Sally – Main Stage [morTICIA]

With Medieval Rock, this German band entertains the people since 1992 successfully and produced 12 albums until now. On this evening they presented us a good mixture of songs including some of their new album ‘Mitgift- Mördergeschichten’ (Dowry- murder tales) which was released this year. Fireworks every now and then underlined the energetic show and the audience danced and sang along to the songs or waved their arms, especially at the song ‘Das schwarze Meer’. // / // Setlist: 1. Warte, warte / 2. Schwarze Seide / 3. Feuerland / 4. Wo Rosen blüh'n / 5. Wenn Engel hassen / 6. Traum vom Tod II / 7. Unterm Galgen / 8. Grausame Schwester / 9. Arme Ellen Schmitt / 10. Für immer / 11. Das schwarze Meer / 12. Veitstanz // Rating: 7 / 10


DAF – Hangar [morTICIA]

With this duo, consisting of Gabi Delgado (vocals) and Robert Goerl ( drums), the heroes of the eighties entered the stage. And if you think only people of their generation came to see the band perform you are definitely wrong. Though no actual albums were released by DAF, there are lots of younger people who are intrigued by the unmistakably sound. The Hangar was filled and I made the mistake to stand quite in front of the stage as with the first tunes of ‘Verschwende deine Jugend’ the crowd start to pogo without any concern of those in the audience who don’t want to pogo. Well, I made it to escape and find a more secure place for such an old lady like me. Anyway, the concert was a big party. And while Robert played the drums with full concentration, Gabi performed with lots of passion and energy. We surely all had a great time and so it was no wonder that the audience shouted for an encore and we even got one which is surely seldom at festivals. Even more as some people left the venue during the last 10 minutes in order to see MARILYN MANSON’s show. //

daf1daf2 / / // Setlist: 1. Verschwende deine Jugend / 2. Ich und die Wirklichkeit / 3. Mussolini / 4. Ich will / 5. Muskel / 6. Tanz mit mir / 7. Mein Herz macht bum / 8. Moschino, Heckler & Koch / 9. Als wär’s das letzte Mal / Encore: 10. Der Räuber und der Prinz // Rating: 9 / 10

Marilyn Manson – Main Stage [Niggels]

While MARILYN MANSON has a bucket full of great, infectious Industrial Rock songs in his back catalogue, I have always thought that his interviews are a bit more interesting than his music actually. Apparently this is all the more true today! MARILYN MANSON still has to prove that his best days as a musician and performer are not over yet. The performance at the M'era Luna didn't give a clue to an answer, to say the least. A muddy sound, a performer who oscillates between enthusiasm and going through the motions and washed-up “shock” effects are probably not enough to get a crowd going. And for the most part it didn't! The Hardcore fans in front of the stage aside, MARILYN MANSON didn't manage to enthuse the massive audience at the festival ground, which was actually packed until the very back for the first time. It says a lot that the cover versions, DEPECHE MODE's 'Personal Jesus' and EURYTHMICS' 'Sweet Dreams', by far got the loudest feedback from the audience. Only 'The Beautiful People', the last song of MARILYN MANSON's encore, was on par in this regard. After 'Personal Jesus' I heard a guy yelling “Dave Gahan is still so much greater than you!” - that's right! To be fair, MARILYN MANSON delivered a solid and intense, though acted and staged, Rock show. There were a handful of costume changes, there was MANSON walking on stilts during 'Sweet Dreams' as usual, there were energetic live renditions of 'mOBSCENE' and 'This Is The New Shit'.


It was fine but it was simply not enough for a co-headliner of such a big festival and surely not enough for an artist who used to deliver mind-blowing performances. Oh, and if MANSON would have screamed “Deutschlaaaaand” just one more time I swear I'd climbed the stage to give him a slap in the face! After all, it's just an act and sometimes Manson overact. // / // Setlist: 1. Requiem (Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart) + Intro / 2. Angel With the Scabbed Wings / 3. Disposable Teens / 4. No Reflection / 5. Hey Cruel World... / 6. Personal Jesus (Depeche Mode Cover) / 7. mOBSCENE / 8. The Dope Show / 9. Rock Is Dead / 10. Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This) (Eurhythmics Cover) / 11. This Is the New Shit / 12. Irresponsible Hate Anthem / Encore: 13. Antichrist Superstar / 14. The Beautiful People // Rating: 6 / 10

Combichrist – Hangar [morTICIA]

Since 2003 Andy La Plegua’s project COMBICHRIST is a guarantor for great tracks from the genre Industrial/ Aggrotech/ Electro. Actually it is a one man project with its mastermind, but for live shows he is supported by a life band with keyboard, guitar, bass and not to forget the amazing drummer Joe Letz which gives the whole show even more energy. Being headliner of the day in the Hangar it was no wonder that the venue was packed that there was no chance for me to get in, and even if there was a little chance, I would not have felt comfortable to enjoy the show. Thus I was more than happy about the big screen at the venue so that I had the opportunity to see the show nevertheless. The audience got an energetic show like one is used to of COMBICHRIST concerts. And as I have mentioned the unicorns before: close to the drum set there was a ‘unicorn’ cowering, catching the drum sticks Joe was throwing around. Though some of the older songs were performed, we were presented as well some songs of the current album ‘We love you’ which worked quite well. //

combichrist1combichrist2 / // Setlist: 1. We were made to love / 2. Today I woke to the rain of blood / 3. Blut Royal / 4. Can’t control / 5. Throat full of glass / 6. Maggots at the party / 7. Denial / 8.What the fuck is wrong with you? / 9. Shut up and swallow / 10. Get your body beat / 11. Love is a razorblade / 12. Fuck that shit // Rating: 9 / 10

Within Temptation – Main Stage [Dani + morTICIA]

The Symphonic Metal / Power Metal band from the Netherlands delights since 1996 a growing fan base all over the world. Their success is surely owed to the charismatic front woman and co- founder Sharon den Adel. They won numerous awards and with their new album ‘Hydra’ which was launched this year, they have released six albums. Characteristically is the high vocal singing of Sharon. Well, you have to like it. The place at the front stage was packed and apparently the people liked the performance. Sharon appeared in a black outfit with an amazing head piece. Of course every now and then there was some firework as dramatic effect. The stage design was fantastic and the band surely provided anything you could with for a headlining act. So WITHIN TEMPTATION took care for the crowning final of first festival day with lots of bombast, pyro and light effects. Big hits like ‘Let Us Burn’, ‘Paradise (What About Us?)’, ‘Faster’ or ‘Stand My Ground’ were causing goose bumps within the audience. ‘Sinéad’ was presented as acoustic version and finally, the set was ended with ‘Ice Queen’ and a final pyro bang! //

within1within2 / // Setlist: 1. Let Us Burn / 2. Paradise (What About Us?) / 3. Faster / 4. In the Middle of the Night / 5. Fire and Ice / 6. Stand My Ground / 7. Summertime Sadness (Lana Del Rey Cover) / 8. And We Run / 9. The Last Dance (acoustic) / 10. Edge of the World / 11. Mother Earth / Encore: 12. What Have You Done / 13. Covered By Roses / 14. Sinéad (acoustic) / 15. Ice Queen // Rating: 9 / 10

Who was not tired after this long festival day now had the chance for the big after-show party at the hangar where several DJs were entertaining the audience. But also at the camp ground, one or another party was celebrated…

Written by Dani Vorndran, morTICIA & J. Niggels Uhlenbruch
All Pictures by Daniela Vorndran ( /

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