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 D4S8760 kleinLeipzig, Germany
18th - 21st May 2018
Wave Gotik Treffen 2018 (Day 1) with Oswald Henke, Markus Heitz, The Eden House, Seigmen, Rome, The Last Cry, Undertheskin, The Beauty Of Gemina, Merciful Nuns & Skeletal Family

Our team had planned a lot for the first day. We wanted to go to the Victorian Picnic, where HENKE announced a small “secret” gig, we planned a reading and the first show of SEIGMEN in Germany for twenty years. Part of our team enjoyed the program at Täubchenthal. It was hard to decide what band to visit at the evening. So many we wanted to see but played parallel. Like BLACK LINE, BOY HARSHER, DIE KAMMER and ASH CODE. At the end, due to time reasons, we ended at the Volkspalast for a wonderful ROME concert.

Henke - Clara Zetkin Park (Betty & Dani)

After a very good breakfast in the Lindner Hotel we set off right away. At 1pm, the Clara Zetkin Park was already well filled before the official start of the Victorian Picnic at 3 pm. At 1:45 pm, OSWALD HENKE (GOETHE’S ERBEN) made a secret appearance on an improvised stage and was warmly greeted. Even though Oswald announced before that it won’t be very loud and you had to come close to the stage since he only had small speakers, you could hear him scream in his extraordinary manner through the whole park. For the Victorian Picnic, tailored baroque dresses and suits attracted many visitors to the park. Press spokesman Brach estimated that up to 8,000 people came for the picnic alone - a new visitor record. Brach attributed this to the fact that the Victorian Picnic does not require entry ribbons. And indeed it was really crowded when we left the park after the HENKE performance. [Side note: Wrist bands are also not required to the medieval market in the Pagan Village, The Moritzbastei and the South Cemetery, which were also well attended.] // /

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Reading: Markus Heitz - Blauer Salon (Betty & Dani)

At 3pm we were on the way to the “Blauer Salon” for the reading of Markus Heitz and actually met him on the way there, so we did not have to search for the venue. The Central Kabarett has been expanded to include another function room with an exclusive ambience. This multifunctional Blue Salon seats up to 200 people and is in the centre of Leipzig, in the historic Albert House, right on the market square with its incomparable view of the Leipzig market and the Old Town Hall. Unfortunately for many, it was not possible to see any reading as the venue was too small i.e. for the readings of Christian von Aster and Lydia Benecke. But luckily, Markus Heitz was reading early on Friday and so, all people waiting outside could find a place in the room and listen to the writer. At approximately 3.45pm, Markus started reading a funny introduction to his books. He read from ‘Die Klinge des Schicksals’ and from the trilogy ‘Doors’, which comes out in autumn 2018. Information can be found at From this dtriology, he read a fantastic short story, ‘Das Klopfen an der Tür’... my favourite!

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The Eden House - Agra (Betty & Dani)

From the centre of the city to the south and the Agra, where THE EDEN HOUSE would open the day. THE EDEN HOUSE is a musical collective that has already collaborated with a stunning number of virtuoso singers and musicians. This project have already appeared two albums as well as two mini-albums. THE EDEN HOUSE essentially consists of guitarist Stephen Carey, bassist Tony Pettitt and drummer Simon Rippin, who have already gained popularity with their band FIELDS OF NEPHILIM. In 2017, the album ‘Songs For The Broken Ones’ was published, featuring no one less than Monica Richards (FAITH & THE MUSE), who was also part of the live performance at WGT. Her voice is simply amazing and together with the other female singers, Louise Crane and Meghan-Noel Pettitt, created a wonderful sound. // /

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Seigmen - Agra (Betty & Dani)

At 8.45pm the band SEIGMEN from Norway finally entered the stage. My expectations were fulfilled and they were my WGT highlight for 2018! In their native Norway, alternative rockers SEIGMEN have been legendary since the early nineties - filling the biggest venues. Unfortunately, internationally the band never got the deserved attention; maybe because the first four albums were exclusively sung in Norwegian. Now they had their first appearance after 20 years in Germany. The guitar melodies and the melancholic vocals of front man Alex Møklebust enchanted us all. A wonderful atmosphere filled the Agra and SEIGMEN was duly celebrated by the audience. For us, who previously knew only Norway’s ZEROMANCER, it was a real surprise and discovery at this year’s WGT. Unfortunately, our photographer Betty could no longer edit some of the photos taken with wide-angle, as apparently the memory card had a malfunction during the shooting. Ironically with SEIGMEN, but unfortunately it can happen that you lose photos... But luckily we had another photographer and can present you some nice shots. // / // Setlist: 01. Performance Alpha / 02. The World Revolves Around You / 03. Ohm / 04. I mitt hus / 05. Fra X til døden / 06. Trampoline / 07. The Modern End / 08. Neon Sun / 09. Döderlein / 10. Agnus Dei / Encores: 11. Hva vi elsker / 12. Mesusah / 13. Hjernen er alene (deLillos cover)

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Rome - Volkspalast (Betty & Dani)

In order to see ROME that evening, we quickly made our way to the Kuppelhalle of the Volkspalast right after the end of the SEIGMEN show. A small disappointment for us was that there was no photographer’s pit anymore and so the photographers had to squeeze somehow around the edge of the full hall. But despite everything there was a wonderful atmosphere. At 10.30pm Luxembourg-based artist Jerome Reuter and his band ROME, armed with his acoustic and electric guitar, some strong drums and synth sounds, charmed the audience with his present voice. It was beautifully atmospheric and in the style he himself calls the Chanson Noir.

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This evening, like all other evenings during WGT, half of our team ended up with our friends at our hotel bar with the WGT special cocktail. But remember, there were more people for you reporting from WGT. Here are their reports from Täubchenthal, where they spent the first festival day.

The Last Cry - Täubchenthal (Judith & Marko)

Brighton-based British band THE LAST CRY has been around since the mid-80s. At that time, they released their first singles. Since then, the band had dissolved, but reunited several years ago. Their current album is called ‘Goodbye’. The entrance to the Täubchenthal started at 4.15pm, only a quarter of an hour before the concert began. It all went quickly at the entrance and so the concert started on time, the hall was already half filled. This cool band really got the audience going with their fast gothic rock, although also some slower songs were included the program. The singer’s clear voice and the overall sound were striking and it was clear how much singer Andrew enjoys being on stage. After just over an hour the audience rewarded them with a big round of applause. A great first concert at the WGT 2018 at the Täubchenthal. // // Setlist: 01. The Night / 02. Punishment / 03. Falling Away / 04. Perfume / 05. Isolate / 06. Life Of Lies / 07. No Resistance / 08. Nowhere / 09. Haunting Me / 10. To Dream / 11. Song About / 12. Prison / 13. Walking

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Undertheskin - Täubchenthal (Judith & Marko)

UNDERTHESKIN is a one man studio project but live they perform as a trio. Their debut album ‘Undertheskin’ has received positive reactions worldwide. The Täubchenthal was already completely filled. The audience was totally enthusiastic from the beginning, reacting to the extraordinary voice of singer Mariusz. The band proceeded to convince us with great guitar-wave with many instrumental passages. The concert was extremely varied - from carpets of sound with incredible guitar alternating with deep bass lines and drum beats. Too bad that this great gig lasted only 40min. // / // Setlist: 01. Fade / 02. Borders / 03. Cold / 04. Wrong / 05. Fall / 06. Undone / 07. Rain / 08. Burn / 09. Wave

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The Beauty Of Gemina - Täubchenthal (Judith & Marko)

The band THE BEAUTY OF GEMINA was founded in 2006. They have already released seven albums, some of which have achieved considerable chart success in Germany and Switzerland. Gothic rockers with Lichtenstein-based singer Michael Sele delivered an absolutely perfect show in Täubchenthal. As expected, the singer was on the stage clad in black with his trademark cool high boots. In the completely full hall they played many of their well-known songs. Highlights included the great CALVIN RUSSELL cover of ‘Crossroads’ and the acoustic version of ‘Dark Rain’. A totally great gothic rock performance, which would fit WGT every year. // / // Setlist: 01. Intro / 02. All Those Days / 03. Prophecy / 04. Suicide Landscape / 05. Hunters / 06. This Time / 07. Darkness / 08. Crossroads / 09. Bittersweet Goodbye / 10. The Lonesome Death Of A Goth DJ / 11. Rumors / 12. Seven-Day Wonder / 13. Dark Rain (Acoustic)

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Merciful Nuns - Täubchenthal (Judith & Marko)

The band MERCIFUL NUNS was founded in 2010 and emerged from the band GARDEN OF DELIGHT, which was dissolved in 2008. They have released 10 albums during this time and have played together with FIELDS OF THE NEPHILIM. When the MERCIFUL NUNS entered the stage, it was wrapped in fog, totally in tune with their gloomy Gothic Rock / Metal music. Massive guitar walls blended perfectly with the deep, penetrating voice of singer Artaud Seth. It was a very atmospheric set in a great location. Throughout the day in the Täubchenthal audience continually changed for the different bands, but some members remained in place all day long and the gallery was filled. The audience would probably have liked to have had more of this concert, as it was probably going to be one of the band’s last gigs. // /

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Skeletal Family - Täubchenthal (Judith & Marko)

The band SKELETAL FAMILY was founded in 1982. Their debut album made it to no. 1 on the independent charts. A probable reason for this was a joint tour with THE SISTERS OF MERCY, which increased their awareness considerably. The last band of the evening also attracted the masses into the Täubchenthal which was still totally filled with people even having to stand in the entrance area. Their last album was released almost 10 years ago, in that year the band broke officially for the second time. Nevertheless, they perform live every once in a while and, like last year, were guests here in Leipzig again at the Wave Gotik Treffen. Their mix of gothic and post punk rock, along with singer Anne Marie’s cool, high voice, was a hit with the crowd. It was a fascinating performance and ended with great rejoicing, bringing the first day of the festival at Club Täubchenthal to a close. // /

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Pictures by Marko Jakob, Betty Schulze and Daniela Vorndran ( /

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