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garynumanLeipzig, Germany
3rd to 6th June 2022
Wave Gotik Treffen 2022 Day 3 with Bedless Bones, Hapax, And Also The Trees, Lindy-Fay Hella, Gary Numan

And here we are. It was Sunday again and that means half-time at WGT. Time as always flew by super quickly. However, I was super excited about the day packed with only bands and artists whom I haven’t had the chance to see live yet.

But first things first, breakfast at campground is a must. The weather was okay, it’s been raining in between, especially in the night, but most of the time during the day it was totally okay. After the breakfast it was time to get up and after hanging around with friends to head over to Volkspalast. I remember being there before, but very rarely in the past WGT years and didn’t stay so long. It turned out that I really like the venue. Volkspalast is a beautiful, classy place, and particularly the hall is amazing. The interior is super luxurious and just the perfect fit for an event like WGT. Also, the possibility to stand around almost the whole round stage offers great perspectives for the audience.

garynuman DSC02210

The first artists for me on this day were BEDLESS BONES who enchanted me immediately with their beautiful music and turned out to be one of my main discoveries of this year’s WGT. The magical stage performance along with the clear and soft vocals and mystical music were all it needed to win music hearts on this early Sunday afternoon. If you haven’t seen them yet, but enjoy enchanting music, I warmly recommend you to check out BEDLESS BONES.

  • bedlessbones_DSC01818
  • bedlessbones_DSC01820
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  • bedlessbones_DSC01824
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  • bedlessbones_DSC01827
  • bedlessbones_DSC01829
  • bedlessbones_DSC01830
  • bedlessbones_DSC01832
  • bedlessbones_DSC01833
  • bedlessbones_DSC01839
  • bedlessbones_DSC01843
  • bedlessbones_DSC01856
  • bedlessbones_DSC01857
  • bedlessbones_DSC01859
  • bedlessbones_DSC01868
  • bedlessbones_DSC01869
  • bedlessbones_DSC01873
  • bedlessbones_DSC01882
  • bedlessbones_DSC01886

Next to another band of the day were HAPAX from Italy. HAPAX took over the stage from BEDLESS BONES and I was looking forward to see them! I’ve been following them for quite a bit, also their collaborations with other bands, such as THE FOREIGN RESORT. It’s been a pleasure to finally catch them life while being surrounded by many friends. The Post Punk family has so many great gems which are worth to discover. HAPAX delivered a great, emotional, dark and very intense show. Loved every second of it.

  • hapax_DSC01899
  • hapax_DSC01906
  • hapax_DSC01907
  • hapax_DSC01916
  • hapax_DSC01919
  • hapax_DSC01929
  • hapax_DSC01943
  • hapax_DSC01948
  • hapax_DSC01949
  • hapax_DSC01952

Still at Volkspalast - AND ALSO THE TREES were what you needed when you were looking for a place to escape the reality for a moment. Beautiful, often calm, yet intense compositions unfolding in front of the audience song by song, moment by moment. Hypnotic vocals, and layers of intense music - minimalistic stage performance - this all was filling out the majestic hall of Volkspalast an unique way. I decided to sit down at one of the many stairs around the stage and feel the music, get some rest from the intense past days, yet absorb every tune and word which were filling the venue.

  • andalsothetrees_DSC01976
  • andalsothetrees_DSC01977
  • andalsothetrees_DSC01978
  • andalsothetrees_DSC01979
  • andalsothetrees_DSC01982
  • andalsothetrees_DSC01985
  • andalsothetrees_DSC01990
  • andalsothetrees_DSC01991
  • andalsothetrees_DSC01993
  • andalsothetrees_DSC01994

Short break outside, and it already started to rain a bit. By that time just as much as one still can ignore when being outside, yet - it was supposed to become way more. After getting some dinner in the city centre and being almost late I hurried to Schauspielhaus to catch the wonderful LINDY-FAY HELLA whom some of you might know also as vocalist in WARDRUNA. Just a few minutes to walk from the tram station to the venue - but those few minutes happened to be in the middle of a heavy rain storm. The umbrella was more of a desperate trial to not get too wet than actually protecting from the water masses coming down. Entering the classy venue of Schauspielhaus all wet felt somewhat wrong. But what you gotta do.

lindafayhella DSC02005

Gratefully taking the sits upstairs after the long third festival day and entering another intimate spectacle. LINDY-FAY HELLA, while accompanied by wonderful and talented musicians, owned the stage with her presence. Between the songs she kind of apologized for not being very talkative in between, but expressed her full gratitude for the audience and its warm welcome and reactions throughout the songs. The Nordic Folk & Pop inspired solo project of the artist is standing out with its atmosphere and ability to play around with moods and sceneries. A wonderful late evening act to enjoy while the rain, luckily, stopped outside.

  • lindafayhella_DSC02005
  • lindafayhella_DSC02009
  • lindafayhella_DSC02013
  • lindafayhella_DSC02023
  • lindafayhella_DSC02031

The festival day was not over yet. I was honestly not sure if I would make it on time, and in the end, I entered Agra just a minute or two before the midnight special act of the day started his fulminant show. The mighty GARY NUMAN came, saw and won, as me may say. The show was beyond words! I was honestly fighting tiredness just before, but the energetic performance put away it all. GARY NUMAN is a legend beyond the scene as well and has been making music since 1977 - 45 years! Hard to imagine. Still, here to entertain the masses and the audience gave so much love back.

garynuman DSC02071

It’s been great so see the audience being diverse, in terms of age, but also probably favourable music - they were all here to enjoy this amazing show. GARY NUMAN has been going through a long journey along so many different music genres - this show was dominated by Industrial Rock and it’s been great to be able to join it. Such an incredible opportunity and perfect choice for the midnight special on the third, purely magic day of WGT!

  • garynuman_DSC02070
  • garynuman_DSC02071
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  • garynuman_DSC02087
  • garynuman_DSC02093
  • garynuman_DSC02113
  • garynuman_DSC02120
  • garynuman_DSC02124
  • garynuman_DSC02130
  • garynuman_DSC02138
  • garynuman_DSC02139
  • garynuman_DSC02143
  • garynuman_DSC02151
  • garynuman_DSC02173
  • garynuman_DSC02185
  • garynuman_DSC02187
  • garynuman_DSC02188
  • garynuman_DSC02190
  • garynuman_DSC02202
  • garynuman_DSC02208
  • garynuman_DSC02210
  • garynuman_DSC02211

All Pictures by Nastja Iz

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