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breminale impression01Osterdeich, Bremen, Germany
14th July 2022
Breminale 2022 with Nackt, Bitch Boost Bunny, Twins in Fear and Grausame Töchter

Do you like village fairs and city festivals? I used to visit that kind of events quite often in my hometown and the villages nearby when I was still in school. The concept was simple most of the time. Put a ROLLING STONES cover band on the bill, the band of the local fire fighters, maybe a school choir in the afternoon and a DJ playing German Schlager…

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In slightly bigger towns you might be lucky to see a one hit wonder from the early 1980s and an AC/DC cover band. Not so in Bremen. The organisers of the Breminale were brave enough to throw old concepts overboard (right into the river Weser so to say) and dare a refreshment. Reason enough to hit the road in Hanover and take a trip to Bremen. Unfortunately, we could not see all bands of the event. However, here are a few highlights.

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Let’s start with NACKT (“naked”) from Oldenburg on the stage “Dreimeterbretter”. The self-description of the band: “social criticism pulling knickers” and “phantasies of late pubertal long-term students”. Imagine a mix of the young FALCO, UDO JÜRGENS on weed and Northern German coolness. An appropriate onset of the evening.

  • Na_100
  • Na_101
  • Na_102
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  • Na_104

We left the open-air stage here and moved over to a tent called “Schleuse” (sluice). On the bill: BITCH BOOST BUNNY. An Electro Pop duo performing songs about sugar daddy’s, prey preferences and - bitches. Candy floss with razor blades. The two of them seem to be new in the business and surprisingly do not even have a social media footprint. I am curious what we will hear from them in the future.

  • BBT_100
  • BBT_101
  • BBT_102
  • BBT_103
  • BBT_104

Next on were TWINS IN FEAR. The band has seen their stage debut as a duo in late 2019 a few weeks before lock downs have stopped live music all over the world. The gig in Bremen was their live come back, presenting an additional musician playing guitar. The band currently works on their second album and has presented some for their new songs for the first time. They performed a convincing show and I’m looking forward to their new album.

  • TiF_100
  • TiF_101
  • TiF_103
  • TiF_104
  • TiF_105
  • TiF_106
  • TiF_107
  • TiF_108
  • TiF_109
  • TiF_110
  • TiF_110_sw
  • TiF_111
  • TiF_112
  • TiF_113
  • TiF_113_sw

Headliner of the evening were GRAUSAME TÖCHTER (German for Cruel or Horrific Daughters). Their music includes elements of EBM, Electro Pop and hard-hitting club Aggrotech. The band has released six albums so far and performed numerous shows in Fetish Clubs and at Gothic Festivals. Compared to these events the show was a bit softened but probably still a surprise for many people who haven’t heard of them before. However, the reaction of the audience was positive, and I am sure the band has won several hearts and new fans. Singer Aranea Peel has lived in Bremen for quite a while so playing at the Osterdeich was a sort of a home match she has obviously enjoyed.

GT 132

The band performed songs from their lates album ‘Zyklus’, another dystopic view on modern society including topics like hedonism, independence and the damage drugs cause to people. The band is going to play in several German cities in 2022 and early 2023 so if you want to see their live show without considering a mainstream festival crowd check out their tour dates. The set ended with a furious cover version of JOACHIM WITT’s NDW smash hit ‘Goldener Reiter’, featured on GRAUSAME TÖCHTER’s album ‘Engel im Rausch’.

  • GT_100_sw
  • GT_101_sw
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  • GT_105_sw
  • GT_106_sw
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  • GT_108
  • GT_110_sw
  • GT_111_sw
  • GT_112_sw
  • GT_113_sw
  • GT_114_sw
  • GT_115_sw
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  • GT_119_sw
  • GT_120
  • GT_121
  • GT_122
  • GT_123
  • GT_124
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  • GT_127
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  • GT_138

Nice going, Breminale! We promise to come back.

More information about the abovementioned artists:

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All Pictures by Christian W.

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