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GT Hamburg2018 153MS Stubnitz, Hamburg, Germany
30th November 2018
Grausame Töchter - Release Party “Engel im Rausch” - Supports: Beton Braut, Devil-M, Barabaz, Unterschicht

GRAUSAME TÖCHTER have released their fifth album, ‘Engel im Rausch’, and invited for a Release Party at a very special place, the ship MS Stubnitz in the harbour of their hometown Hamburg. Together on board they invited also some interesting supporters, namely BETON BRAUT, DEVIL-M, BARABAZ and UNTERSCHICHT. The evening was moderated by the wonderful Desdemona Sin from the SINDERELLAS.


The MS Stubnitz, a former ocean-going vessel of the GDR fishing fleet, is an outstanding location, several floors are spread over the hull with the main stage just at the bottom of the ship. Inside you have that atmosphere of darkness, wrapped in steel and all the equipment a fishing ship needs for cooling the shipload. As an open platform for research and documentation of contemporary young culture each performance is recorded and preserved in an on-board audio-visual archive, totalling in more than 3,000 recordings for the last 15 years.

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  • A26A1337
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Beton Braut

Opener of the evening was BETON BRAUT, composed by Henrike Wolke (vocal) und Lars Golenia (instruments). Henrike Wolke had already performed as part of the GRAUSAME TÖCHTER and is now on her own independent way. The band describes its music as something that was weld together in cellar full of insaneness. Aranea Peel claimed: “If you are running away from your own shadow you should avoid BETON BRAUT. For all others - it’s a must have.” And that in mind, the performance was the perfect start for the evening.

01. LOCH
02. Ein guter Witz
03. Hängmän
04. Gut genug

  • A26A1395
  • A26A1420
  • A26A1483
  • A26A1501
  • A26A1513
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  • KV7B3208
  • KV7B3254
  • KV7B3277
  • KV7B3300
  • KV7B3305
  • KV7B3327
  • KV7B3352
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  • KV7B3381


As the second supporter of the evening, DEVIL-M, entered the stage and delivered a different but extreme fascinating performance. The actual band members are Astharat (vocal, percussion), Rotny (bass), Void (guitar, backing vocals) and Tim Gröger (drums, sampling). For Tim Gröger it was the first time playing with the band because DEVIL-M announced that their long-life drummer Julian Hemken is not a band member anymore. DEVIL-M was founded in November 2006 as a project by Astharat and they are able to look back over a successful past as an Industrial/ Metal-Band. For their gig they choose nine songs from their remarkable performance at the WGT 2017 and in spite of some technical problems with the guitar on stage the sound in front of the audience was perfect for the feeling in that darkness between steel and dust deep down in the bottom of the ship.

01. Harmful Scab
02. Siddhartha Gautama
03. Savior Self
04. Apokrypha
05. Incited Volition
06. Astharat
07. Scabbed Angel
08. Inside You
09. Rebirth

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  • A26A1692
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  • A26A1743
  • A26A1760
  • A26A1764
  • A26A1770
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  • KV7B3431
  • KV7B3661
  • KV7B3711
  • KV7B3721
  • KV7B3727
  • KV7B3778


The artists’ collective BARABAZ, composed by (maybe) two producers and the singer/ rapper Ainars is musically hard to classify. The brute rap is more than telling stories, each word of Ainars is claiming seems to be a painful struggle with immense tension all over the body. Ainars is the only one who represents the collective in the public, the producers themselves are hidden in the unknown. The performance gives you the feeling of a lonesome wolf screamed out his heart and soul in the word of grey building blocks and empty streets to nowhere. Goosebumps for the audience but also warm reactions by shouting out his name back several times. For the new GRAUSAME TÖCHTER album BARABAZ remixed the song ‘Verlassen’ (on the second bonus CD)

01. Staub
02. Ichiban
03. Jaeger
04. Tabu
05. Stiefel
06. Freier Fall
07. Hungriger Hund
08. Hexe
09. Sie kommen sie fallen

  • A26A1812
  • A26A1833
  • A26A1835
  • A26A1856
  • A26A1897
  • A26A1904
  • KV7B3926
  • KV7B3949
  • KV7B3961
  • KV7B3970
  • KV7B3973
  • KV7B3993
  • KV7B4002
  • KV7B4030
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  • KV7B4098
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Founded in the year 2010 and after the sudden death of Dennis Kleist refunded in 2014 the todays line-up of the band was Sven Hegewald (vocal), Ria Becker (keys), Rotney Ramirez (bass) and as a guest from WOLVES OF WAR  Janina Pinzel - so Rotney Ramirez played the second time this evening. UNTERSCHICHT is performing a heavy mix between Dark Electro and EBM and is well known for their ‘Monster’-Trilogy with ‘AKT 1’, ‘AKT 2’ and ‘AKT 3’. (See also our review for ‘AKT 2’.) In Hamburg they played ten songs from this trilogy, starting with ‘Kopfkino’ from ‘AKT 2’. Centre of the band is unmistakable Sven Hegewald, two metres high and strong-voiced. If he is not performing as the frontman for UNTERSCHICHT he is also playing the keyboards for DAS ICH. For the new GRAUSAME TÖCHTER album UNTERSCHICHT remixed the song ‘Bis das Blut fließt’.

01. Kopfkino - Akt 2
02. I kill you - Akt 1
03. Mental Isolation - Akt 2
04. Du sollst bluten - Akt 1
05. Frau Holle - Akt 3
06. Produkt - Akt 2
07. Spiegel - Akt 2
08. Dort wo du jetzt bist - Akt 1
09. Seelenfrieden - Akt 1
10. Monster - Akt 1

  • A26A1952
  • A26A2015
  • A26A2028
  • A26A2036
  • A26A2071
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  • KV7B4377
  • KV7B4381
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  • KV7B4516

Grausame Töchter

Perfect warmed up by the support bands it was time for the real highlight of the evening - GRAUSAME TÖCHTER’s debut performance for their new album, ‘Engel im Rausch’. On ‘Engel im Rausch’ the background story is that you get drawn into an intoxicated night, in which you get seduced by singer Aranea Peel (on the opening track ‘Engel im Rausch’) and where you find yourself waking up the next morning to bright sun rays, with the last song ‘Helle Sonne’. For the first time GRAUSAME TÖCHTER have included also three cover-versions on the album: The Neue Deutsche Welle classics ‘Der Goldene Reiter’ by Joachim Witt and ‘Rosemarie’ by Hubert Kah - but also a brand new cover from one of their own songs: ‘Beleidigte Engel’. A song of her first album.

GT Hamburg2018 8

The actual line-up for the evening was: Aranea Peel (vocal), Joscha Radaj (drums), Kiara Kazumi (vocal), Kat de Ville (instruments), Thenia Afentoulidou (vocal) and Skara Apis (actor). As expected the performance was packed by many songs from the new album and followed the concept of an intoxicated night - narrating aspects from an ecstatic and at times psychedelic night, always leaving it open, whether the various metaphors - mostly dealing with heaven and the universe - to stand for Love, Drugs, Sex or something completely different. Occasionally Skara Apis appeared on stage but she had nothing to say and is treated in different ways. Later she told us: “I am a play object by passion and this not only on stage. I love to bring - or to be brought - myself in states I normally do not have.”

GT Hamburg2018 67

But her role is more complex and also more authentic than expected. Nevertheless she fulfils an important demand by Aranea Peel, saying: “I hate everything which is not authentic. Not authentic means not artistic. But artistic means: Emotion, ecstasy, sex and consequence!” The chosen location proved to be a perfect place for the performance. It was dark and dire like the night down in the ship ground and the hard rhythm of the songs was heavy reflected by the steel walls, much more intensive than on an open stage. Especially songs like ‘Liebe will Beweise’ were rarely heard in such so clearly quality. But there was also time for a romantic moment when Aranea Peel asked one other women on stage to sing the cover song ‘Rosemarie’.

GT Hamburg2018 140

GRAUSAME TÖCHTER finished the awesome performance with their hymn ‘Ich darf das!’ and played with great enthusiasm of the spectators the encore ‘Wie eine Spinne’. During this song, but not to be heard in front of the stage an accident happened in the back of the ship, shocked the people first but ended more or less in a good way.

01. Engel im Rausch
02. Beleidigte Engel
03. In deinem Kopf
04. … und ich fühle nichts
05. Engel im Himmel
06. Fette Katzen
07. Goldener Reiter
08. Liebe will Beweise
09. Annika in Ekstase
10. Zirkus
11. Sex in Deutschland
12. Lila Katzen
13. Rosemarie
14. Wildes Tier
15. Wodka-Polka
16. Annika ist tot
17. Ich darf das!
18. Wie eine Spinne

Music: 9
Performance: 10
Sound: 9
Light: 8
Total: 9 / 10

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  • GT-Hamburg2018-93

All in all the Release Party was an outstanding event in an unbelievable venue, great atmosphere, wonderful and special support bands, a lovely moderation and at least with the awesome GRAUSAME TÖCHTER celebrating an intoxicated night in the harbour of hope.

All pictures by Chris W. Braunschweiger (

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