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GrausameTöchter 19Hellraiser, Leipzig, Germany
10th September 2016
Electronic Transformers Tour 2016 with Scintilla Anima, Chemical Sweet Kid, Enter and Fall and Grausame Töchter

The aim of the ELECTRONIC TRANSFORMERS TOUR is to help young and more or less unknown bands by linking them together with popular headliners for one common tour in Germany. The ELECTRONIC TRANSFORMERSTOUR 2016 with GRAUSAME TÖCHTER was set up with three supporting acts: SCINTILLA ANIMA, CHEMICAL SWEET KID and ENTER AND FALL. For the concert in Leipzig, the Hellraiser was chosen as location and this seems to be a perfect match. It was one of the hottest summer days and the venue was a real melting pot - hot, dark, misty and full of vibrations. The opening act of the eventing was SCINTILLA ANIMA.

Scintilla Anima

The permanent band members are Nangoo (vocals, keys), DT (vocals and guitar) and Trinity which is a mannequin but an important part of the performance. For this evening, the band was also flanked by Doja (back vocal). The performance pursues the concept of a coherent story about the question: What is good and what is evil ? All songs are involved within this framework and even Trinitiy plays an important part as a main protagonist. But to be honest, I had the feeling that not everybody was willing to follow this performance thoughtful - it was too early, most of the people were just arriving at the venue. But SCINTILLA ANIMA will release a new long-player in November/ December and will be on tour in December. This can be the chance to see them again. The performance, especially songs like ‘Awake’, is truly worth to listen. // / // Setlist: 01. Intro + Welcome / 02. Prologue to Emptiness Of Black / 03. Emptiness Of Black / 04. Awake / 05. Confused / 06. Prologue to Salvation / 07. Salvation / 08. Big Deal / 09. Fallen

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Chemical Sweet Kid

It was 9pm, the Hellraiser was well crowded and the French band CHEMICAL SWEET KID started its performance with a big bang. CHEMICAL SWEET KID, founded 2008, are Julien Kidam (vocals), Kora Li (keyboard) and Nicolas Dorwald (guitar). They are well known for their harsh and explosive electro metal. They performed a lot of tracks from their latest album, ‘The Speed of Time’, like ‘Once Again’, ‘Kiss my Hate’ or ‘Precious Time’. But they also covered the old STONES song ‘Paint it black’ and yes, that was a real awesome performance! Julien Kidam, white painted in his face, is a charismatic person with a strong presence on stage. The people in the melting pot Hellraiser started to dance or just to move heads and feet by the strong beats and vibrations coming from the stage. With ‘No Way’ from their second album ‘Broken Wings’ CHEMICAL SWEET KID finished this impressive gig. // / // Setlist: 01. Once Again / 02. So far so good / 03.Next Chapter / 04. Paint it black / 05. Kiss my hate / 06. No emotions / 07. Broken Wings / 08. Tears of Blood / 09. Precious Time / 10. No Way

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Enter and Fall

Third band of the evening was ENTER AND FALL and just a word before: The changeover times between the bands were incredible short, just a switch of the equipment and without long testing the next performance started, great! ENTER AND FALL, founded 2008 by Daniel Diaz Gonzalez and David Goldammer, are looking back on a history of some success, among other things they lead the Deutschen Alternativ Charts (DAC) with their debut album ‘Push Enter And Fall Down’ in the year 2012. They started their gig with the song ‘Aufsicht Ost’, a stamping beat with German lyrics and well known by the crowd. Daniel Diaz Gonzalez left the band in 2012, so David Goldammer took over the vocal part. Toni T. at the keyboards stayed in the background, but David was permanent in contact with the people in front of the stage, pushing them for more support. Everyone was sweating like a pig and at the end David took off his shirt and his shining upper body was dancing in the rhythm of the night - the audience was excited! Great performance, finished by the song ‘Running out’ (what most of the people did just to get fresh air). // / // Setlist: 01. Aufsicht Ost / 02. A little Girl / 03. So bye bye / 04. Hope (It's not the end) / 05. I will / 06. The things you never did / 07. So much to see / 08. Isolation / 09. Running out

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Grausame Töchter

All joys desire eternity -
deep, deep eternity.
 -Friedrich Nietzsche

The times are changing and in fact not for the better. Facebook discards the world famous anti-war picture, just because the victims are naked. In Germany the right populist party AfD won from scratch more than 20% in a state election just with xenophobia and racism. So at times like these, GRAUSAME TÖCHTER is not simply a band playing music, is not simply a band with an extraordinary performance and is not simply a band with German songs about love, desire and passion - the band is a statement or more exactly the band is a political statement. They teach, that we are humans with -yes- sex and deep feelings, maybe with conflicting emotions, but in the end we are humans with a sexual desire.

GrausameTöchter 34

GRAUSAME TÖCHTER is a band continuously reinvent itself and for the ETT-Tour the band members were: Aranea Peel (vocals), Era Kreuz (bass), Valeria Ereth (guitar), Kiara Kazumi (vocals), Shirley Schwarz (background vocals), Nadine Paczia (background vocals) and Arnaud Vansteenkiste (drums). Also, I had the feeling that the band decided to concentrate their set to the last album ‘Vagina dentata’ from which they performed the most songs (see also our review). From that album, they started with the song ‘Sisyphos will vögeln’. Aranea Peel appeared on stage in a glittering extravagant evening gown, like a Marlene Dietrich fetish diva. But with the next song ‘Liebe will Beweise’, the direction was set for the evening. I must admit, ‘Liebe will Beweise’ with a strong RAMMSTEIN-like sound is, in my view, one of the best songs from the album. Vocals are an important part for GT and Aranea Peel can cover the whole spectrum, but with Kiara Kazumi she had a perfect support at her side. I have seen videos from the GT performance at WGT 2016 festival, but it is impossible to compare this with the Hellraiser gig. At Hellraiser (what a name for GT!), you got the perfect symbiosis: A dark, hot venue, a crowd directly in contact to the stage, an atmosphere full of vibrations and with the energy on-stage being mirrored off the stage.

GrausameTöchter 76

After remarkable sixteen songs, GT tried to finish the performance but they had to play two more songs. Finally, late after midnight everyone was really exhausted and pooped but completely satisfied by that unbelievable night in a hell called Hellraiser. // / // Setlist: 01. Sisyphos will vögeln / 02. Liebe will Beweise / 03.Wie eine Spinne / 04. Tor zur Hölle / 05.Tränen in einer toten Welt / 06. Lust und Tod / 07. Fette Katzen / 08. Die ganze Welt ist ein Zirkus / 09. Angst entstellt den Menschen / 10. Vagina dentata / 11. Ich liebe meine Vagina / 12. Nordsee-Tango / 13. Wie eine Krake / 14. Annika ist tot / 15. Los, Schlampe, ficken geht immer! / 16. Mensch und Tier / 17. Ich darf das!

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All Pictures by Chris W. Braunschweiger (

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