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Parkway DriveEichenring, Scheeßel, Germany
21st to 23rd June 2019
Hurricane Festival 2019 Day 1 with Shame, Betontod, Alice Merton, Enter Shikari, Cigarettes After Sex, Leoniden, Axel Bosse, Parkway Drive, Bilderbuch, Die Toten Hosen, Tame Impala

Since 1997, the HURRICANE Festival takes place at the Eichenring in Scheeßel. Over the last years, the festival hosted internationally successful artists, well-known German acts and a sizable number of promising newcomers alike. Having its debut in 1999, the Southside Festival in the south of Germany is Hurricane’s twin offering the same line-up in Neuhausen ob Eck. With more than 78,000 attendees in the year 2017, it is one of the largest music festivals in Germany. The first festival in Scheeßel took place in 1973 and was called “Es rockt in der Heide”. The festival hosted many prominent names in Rock music at the time like CHUCK BERRY, JERRY LEE LEWIS, CHICAGO, MANFRED MANN'S EARTH BAND, and LOU REED.

In 2004 DAVID BOWIE performed at the festival and, after his performance, BOWIE complained of having difficulties with his heart and underwent emergency operation overnight. So his performance at Hurricane was the last time BOWIE performed live. As with other festivals in Germany, HURRICANE suffers from erratic weather every year. In 2016, the festival was in the evening of the second day when cancelled due to thunderstorm warnings. Hurricane is furthermore known for its famous line-ups with a blend of Rock, Alternative, Pop and Electro music from established as well as upcoming artists.


For 2019 HURRICANE announced top international bands like MUMFORD & SONS, FOO FIGHTERS, DIE TOTEN HOSEN, THE CURE, TAME IMPALA, PAPA ROACH, STEVE AOKI, INTERPOL, MACKLEMORE, THE WOMBATS, and WOLFMOTHER. In this review, we concentrated on the main acts scheduled to perform on the Forest and River Stage, knowing that we will miss many remarkable acts on the other three stages. The festival was opened by Elton, a popular German television presenter and comedian, and the Hurricane Swim Team, an in-house festival band, founded 2016 when the festival ground was more or less under water.


Surprisingly the first band on the River Stage was the British band SHAME instead of the announced SAM FENDER.

  • A26A2717
  • A26A2777
  • A26A2804
  • A26A2823
  • A26A2827
  • A26A2875
  • A26A2897
  • KV7B5592
  • KV7B5597
  • KV7B5624
  • KV7B5633
  • KV7B5659
  • KV7B5662
  • KV7B5670
  • KV7B5695


First act on the Forest Stage was BETONTOD. BETONTOD is a German Punk Rock group from Rheinberg, dating from the start of the 1990s by five pupils. The group comprises Oliver Meister (Meister) (vocals), Frank Vohwinkel (Eule) and Mario Schmelz (guitars), Adam Dera (Ado) (bass), and Maik Feldmann (percussion). Under the slogan “Wir spielen keine Popmusik” (We don’t play Pop music) the band was in a good mood and singer Oliver Meister jumped despite of his heavy arm bandage back and forth in contact to the crowd.

  • A26A2931
  • A26A2952
  • A26A2970
  • A26A2984
  • A26A3007
  • A26A3018-2
  • A26A3076
  • A26A3100
  • A26A3145
  • A26A3171
  • KV7B5841
  • KV7B5856
  • KV7B5867
  • KV7B5888
  • KV7B5899
  • KV7B5909-2
  • KV7B5909
  • KV7B5925
  • KV7B5940
  • KV7B5961

The afternoon continued with ALICE MERTON, ENTER SHIKARI and CIGARETTES AFTER SEX. ALICE MERTON, who stated to be never private on a festival before is a German-Canadian-English singer and songwriter. CIGARETTES AFTER SEX is an American band formed in 2008 by Greg Gonzalez. The band is known for their ethereal and often dream-like musical style, lyrics often based on the themes of romance and love. All band members dressed in black the band asked to publish pics also in black and white. All three bands together were a perfect match for the sunny, warm and wonderful festival start.

Alice Merton

  • A26A3300
  • A26A3415
  • KV7B6055
  • KV7B6073
  • KV7B6100
  • KV7B6113
  • KV7B6128
  • KV7B6143
  • KV7B6176
  • KV7B6211
  • KV7B6220
  • KV7B6244
  • KV7B6275
  • KV7B6301
  • KV7B6306
  • KV7B6339
  • KV7B6347
  • KV7B6372
  • KV7B6378
  • KV7B6436

Enter Shikari

  • A26A3482
  • A26A3609
  • A26A3674
  • A26A3683
  • A26A3757
  • Enter_Shikari
  • Enter_Shikari1
  • Enter_Shikari2
  • KV7B6522
  • KV7B6552
  • KV7B6553
  • KV7B6591
  • KV7B6596
  • KV7B6606
  • KV7B6670
  • KV7B6692
  • KV7B6728
  • KV7B6760-2
  • KV7B6774
  • KV7B6795
  • KV7B6808
  • KV7B6828
  • KV7B6846
  • KV7B6881
  • KV7B6889

Cigarettes After Sex

  • KV7B6955
  • KV7B6958
  • KV7B6964
  • KV7B6969
  • KV7B6990
  • KV7B7004
  • KV7B7017
  • KV7B7046
  • KV7B7051
  • KV7B7062


At the beginning of the evening there was one notable gig by the young band LEONIDEN on the Mountain stage. Founded 2015 in Kiel, Germany, the band members are the brothers Lennart Eicke (guitar) and Felix Eicke (drums), Jakob Amr (vocal), JP Neumann (bass) and Djamin Izadi (synthesizer). One year ago the band was on the Hurricane festival invited as a warm-up and due to their success they got now the chance to play on one of the three main stages. Their performance was so intense that Lennart Eicke hurt himself. Bleeding in the face, the wound had to be sutured later.

  • A26A4109
  • A26A4127
  • A26A4151
  • A26A4183
  • A26A4216
  • KV7B7596
  • KV7B7618
  • KV7B7623
  • KV7B7640
  • KV7B7654
  • KV7B7675
  • KV7B7682
  • KV7B7692
  • KV7B7728
  • KV7B7762
  • KV7B7798
  • KV7B7819
  • KV7B7857
  • KV7B7874
  • KV7B7883
  • KV7B7892
  • KV7B7901
  • KV7B7912
  • KV7B7944
  • KV7B7970
  • KV7B7985
  • KV7B8006
  • KV7B8013
  • KV7B8021
  • KV7B8036


It was 8:00pm and time for BOSSE on the River Stage. Axel Bosse is a German song-writer and together with his band he stands for tremendous energy on stage. Most of the German songs like ‘Schönste Zeit’ are very popular. 2016 the album ‘Engtanz’ reached the number one in the German charts. In 2018 BOSSE released his actual album, ‘Alles ist jetzt’. In respect to his career he just received the Paul-Lincke-Ring 2019. On stage BOSSE is a straight worker and delivers truly happy moments with dancing and singing together. His setlist was packed with all the well-known successful songs.

01. Du federst
02. Alles ist jetzt
03. So oder so
04. Dein Hurra
05. 3 Millionen
06. Ich warte auf dich
07. Vier Leben
08. Augen zu, Musik an
09. Schönste Zeit
10. Frankfurt Oder

  • A26A4284
  • A26A4317
  • A26A4346
  • A26A4352
  • A26A4363
  • A26A4387
  • KV7B8065
  • KV7B8075
  • KV7B8091
  • KV7B8108
  • KV7B8113
  • KV7B8154
  • KV7B8167
  • KV7B8179
  • KV7B8180
  • KV7B8193
  • KV7B8209
  • KV7B8238
  • KV7B8249
  • KV7B8265
  • KV7B8291
  • KV7B8301
  • KV7B8316
  • KV7B8327
  • KV7B8354
  • KV7B8375
  • KV7B8412
  • KV7B8422
  • KV7B8430
  • KV7B8455
  • KV7B8488
  • KV7B8506
  • KV7B8515
  • KV7B8519
  • KV7B8568-2

Parkway Drive

Suddenly several torchbearer appeared in front of the Forest Stage and to the surprise of the audience the PARKWAY DRIVE band members were led to the front of stage. It was a dramatic beginning for the best gig of the evening. PARKWAY DRIVE, formed in 2002, is a Metalcore band from Australia. Their debut album, ‘Killing with a Smile’, was released in May of 2005. Their album ‘Deep Blue’ was released 2010, went on to win the 2010 ARIA Award for “Best Hard Rock / Heavy Metal Album”. Following an international tour, they went back into the studio to record the album ‘Atlas’. It was released October 2012, with the leading single being the song ‘Dark Days’. This album achieved Gold status in Australia.


Also the band’s latest albums have reached the top 10 of the Australian ARIA Charts, with ‘Ire’ reaching number 1 in 2015, and ‘Reverence’ in 2018. The show with many flames and pyrotechnics was just incredible and with the best you can imagine.

01. Wishing Wells
02. Prey
03. Vice Grip
04. Dedicated
05. Cemetery Bloom
06. The Void
07. Absolute Power
08. Writings on the Wall
09. Shadow Boxing
10. Wild Eyes
11. Chronos
12. Crushed
13. Bottom Feeder

  • A26A4442
  • A26A4555
  • A26A4576
  • A26A4608
  • A26A4681
  • A26A4712
  • KV7B8637
  • KV7B8642
  • KV7B8671
  • KV7B8691
  • KV7B8832
  • KV7B8850
  • KV7B8864
  • KV7B8889
  • KV7B8900
  • KV7B8902
  • KV7B8914
  • KV7B8919
  • KV7B8923
  • KV7B8929
  • KV7B8940
  • KV7B8950
  • KV7B8961
  • KV7B8969
  • KV7B8994
  • KV7B8998
  • KV7B9031
  • KV7B9086
  • KV7B9111
  • KV7B9120
  • KV7B9136
  • KV7B9166
  • KV7B9178
  • KV7B9184
  • KV7B9189
  • KV7B9201
  • KV7B9207
  • KV7B9210
  • KV7B9224
  • KV7B9229


Some recovery was possible by the next gig from BILDERBUCH on the River Stage until THE TOTEN HOSEN played their well-known setlist on the Forest Stage. Campino celebrated its 57th birthday on stage but sadly the DTH management forbade most of the photographers to take pictures…

  • A26A4802
  • A26A4827
  • A26A4833
  • A26A4848-2
  • KV7B9263
  • KV7B9284
  • KV7B9292
  • KV7B9297
  • KV7B9308
  • KV7B9315
  • KV7B9346
  • KV7B9351
  • KV7B9361
  • KV7B9388
  • KV7B9402
  • KV7B9412
  • KV7B9424
  • KV7B9458
  • KV7B9466
  • KV7B9483
  • KV7B9507
  • KV7B9535
  • KV7B9546
  • KV7B9587
  • KV7B9611

Tame Impala

The first festival day ended with a really pleasant and chilly gig. The temperatures had cooled down a bit and many people had themselves dressed warmer and stood closer together. TAME IMPALA is an Australian psychedelic music project led by Kevin Parker who writes, records, performs, and produces the music. Kevin Parker started with several acts in the Perth scene before some home recordings he posted on Myspace under the name TAME IMPALA earned him some label attention. A self-titled EP was released in 2008 which had some success in the Australian Independent charts. In 2010, the band released their debut studio album, ‘Innerspeaker’, which was certified gold in Australia and was well received. Their 2012 follow-up, ‘Lonerism’, was also acclaimed, reaching platinum status in Australia and receiving a Grammy Award nomination for Best Alternative Music Album. The band’s third album, ‘Currents’, was released in July 2015 and like its predecessor, it won ARIA Awards for Best Rock Album and Album of the Year.


TAME IMPALA created a very special atmosphere together with visual elements. One quickly sinks into a relaxed atmosphere, perhaps like in the days of LSD trips. But it was a very pleasant and beautiful end of the first festival day.

01. Let It Happen
02. Patience
03. The Moment
04. Mind Mischief
05. Nangs
06. Elephant
07. Love / Paranoia
08. The Less I Know the Better
09. Yes I’m Changing
10. Why Won't You Make Up Your Mind?
11. Eventually
12. Borderline
13. Apocalypse Dreams
14. Gossip
15. Feels Like We Only Go Backwards
16. New Person, Same Old Mistakes

  • KV7B0032
  • KV7B9656
  • KV7B9660
  • KV7B9662
  • KV7B9665
  • KV7B9670
  • KV7B9680
  • KV7B9685
  • KV7B9690
  • KV7B9704
  • KV7B9708
  • KV7B9712
  • KV7B9723
  • KV7B9733
  • KV7B9742
  • KV7B9773
  • KV7B9782
  • KV7B9831
  • KV7B9842
  • KV7B9874
  • KV7B9881
  • KV7B9895
  • KV7B9901
  • KV7B9921
  • KV7B9927
  • KV7B9933
  • KV7B9954
  • KV7B9965
  • KV7B9974
  • KV7B9985

All Pictures by Chris W. Braunschweiger

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