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Hurricane 2019Eichenring, Scheeßel, Germany
21st to 23rd June 2019
Hurricane Festival 2019 Day 2 with Die toten Crackhuren im Kofferraum, Schmutzki, Idles, Zebrahead, Fünf Sterne Deluxe, Die Orsons, 257ers, Frank Turner & The Sleeping Souls, Flogging Molly, Bloc Party, AnnenMayKantereit, Mumford & Sons

The second festival day brought a lot of sunshine with very warm temperatures. But the organizer had provided many free water points and there were also shady places. Nevertheless the conditions in front of the stage were very extreme, especially at noon. The program was packed with many top bands and it was impossible to follow them all.

The beginning was made by two somewhat special German bands: DIE TOTEN CRACKHUREN IM KOFFERRAUM and SCHMUTZKI.

Die toten Crackhuren im Kofferraum

DIE TOTEN CRACKHUREN IM KOFFERRAUM or simply The T.C.H.I.K. are a Pop Punk / Electroclash band from Berlin with fancy names like Luise “Lulu” Fuckface (vocals) Doreen K. Bieberface / Doreen Nr. 19, Kristeenager and Ilay, sometimes called the last RIOTGRRRL band in Germany. They started very successfully with songs like ‘Ich und mein Pony’ mostly on YouTube and just released a new album called ÄBitchlifecrisis’. Despite their direct and often harsh language, T.C.H.I.K. address very topical issues of feminism and everyday problems. The song ‘Jobcenterfotzen’, for example, deals with the feelings and treatment of unemployed applicants. The hard text has even prompted the Federal Employment Agency to take a position, but it hits the nail on the head.

  • A26A4862
  • KV7B0062
  • KV7B0084
  • KV7B0090
  • KV7B0097
  • KV7B0107
  • KV7B0114
  • KV7B0120
  • KV7B0125
  • KV7B0149
  • KV7B0155
  • KV7B0158
  • KV7B0189
  • KV7B0204
  • KV7B0210
  • KV7B0237
  • KV7B0287
  • KV7B0302
  • KV7B0314
  • KV7B0326


SCHMUTZKI is a young German Punk band with amazing lyrics and catchy tunes, founded 2011 in Stuttgart. The band members are Beat Schmutz (vocals, guitar), Dany Horowitz (bass) and Flo Hagmüller (drums). This band from Stuttgart has an enormous fan base, even at the beginning of the festival day. The band starts with the song ‘Punk ist tot’ (Punk is dead) - which of course isn’t the case. Dany Horowitz on bass embodies an incredible energy and doesn’t stand still for a second. This is immediately transferred to the crowd and so the mosh pits come up very fast. It would be nice if this band could start at a better slot next time.

  • A26A4953
  • A26A4972
  • A26A4992
  • A26A5000
  • A26A5077
  • A26A5084
  • KV7B0351
  • KV7B0381
  • KV7B0385
  • KV7B0389
  • KV7B0401
  • KV7B0403
  • KV7B0413
  • KV7B0421
  • KV7B0428
  • KV7B0454
  • KV7B0469
  • KV7B0471
  • KV7B0480
  • KV7B0485
  • KV7B0509
  • KV7B0513
  • KV7B0517
  • KV7B0526
  • KV7B0562


Directly after SCHMUTZKI another band followed which can also be assigned to Punk Rock. IDLES are an English Punk Rock band formed in Bristol in 2009 and called one of the best live band in the UK. In 2019, the band were nominated for Best Breakthrough Act at the 2019 Brit Awards. The band members are Joe Talbot (vocals), Adam Devonshire (bass), Mark Bowen (lead guitar), Jon Beavis (drums) and Lee Kiernan (rhythm guitar). The band’s music has been associated with Punk Rock, Singer Joe Talbot, however, rejects all of these labels. In 2017, he was quoted as saying: “We’re not a Post Punk band. I guess we have that motorik, engine-like drive in the rhythm section that some post punk bands have but we have plenty of songs that aren’t like that at all.” IDLES process a lot of social criticism in their texts, often difficult for outsiders to understand. Nevertheless, frontman Joe Talbot makes contact with the audience and addresses some of them personally. Mark Bowen was on stage in boxer shorts only and will later, like Lee Kiernan, come directly into the crowd and continue playing there. At the Hurricane, they certainly lived up to their reputation of being one of the best life acts.

  • A26A5191
  • A26A5197
  • A26A5210
  • A26A5247
  • A26A5260
  • KV7B0626
  • KV7B0671
  • KV7B0705
  • KV7B0830
  • KV7B0850
  • KV7B0857
  • KV7B0872
  • KV7B0891
  • KV7B0907
  • KV7B0929
  • KV7B0959
  • KV7B0980
  • KV7B1026
  • KV7B1045
  • KV7B1075


As the next of the Punk Rock related bands on this early Saturday afternoon ZEBRAHEAD finally entered the stage. ZEBRAHEAD is an American Punk Rock band from Orange County, California. Formed in 1995, the band has released thirteen studio albums to date. ‘Brain Invaders’ is the thirteenth studio album it was released in Japan March 2019, and globally on March 8, 2019. The band announced the album along with a music video for the album’s first single, ‘All My Friends Are Nobodies’. Current members are Ali Tabatabaee (lead vocals), Ben Osmundson (bass guitar, backing vocals,) Ed Udhus (drums), Matty Lewis (lead vocals, rhythm guitar) and  Dan Palmer (lead guitar).


At that time the area in front of the stage was already very well filled with people and the willingness to dance and just to jump was enormous. Big mosh pits turned their rounds and surely there would have been a lot of crowd surfers if they were allowed on the Hurricane. The performance ended with goose bumps and a joint singing by Whitney Houston’s song ‘I Will Always Love You’.

01. Rescue Me
02. Call Your Friends
03. Drink Drink
04. Save Your Breath
05. Mike Dexter Is a God, Mike Dexter Is a Role Model, Mike Dexter Is an Asshole
06. Hello Tomorrow
07. All My Friends Are Nobodies
08. Who Brings a Knife to a Gunfight?
09. Falling Apart
10. Hell Yeah!
11. Anthem

  • A26A5296
  • A26A5299
  • A26A5327
  • A26A5420
  • A26A5428
  • A26A5438
  • A26A5496
  • KV7B1120
  • KV7B1142
  • KV7B1153
  • KV7B1168
  • KV7B1186
  • KV7B1203
  • KV7B1208
  • KV7B1216
  • KV7B1225
  • KV7B1237
  • KV7B1257
  • KV7B1270
  • KV7B1321

The rest of the afternoon was determined by some Hip-Hop groups, namely FÜNF STERNE DELUXE, DIE ORSONS and 257ERS. These groups created an astonishing enthusiasm among the spectators. Often different entertainment elements were used, like a foam shower or a monkey jumped across the stage. The success of these bands are certainly the German lyrics and the opportunity to sing along. But there was also a special reason to celebrate: After Campino from DIE TOTEN HOSEN, Mike from the 257ERS also celebrated his birthday on the Hurricane. But also for those who are not very into hip hop or rap there were enough alternatives in the afternoon.

Fünf Sterne Deluxe

  • KV7B1332
  • KV7B1354
  • KV7B1379
  • KV7B1381
  • KV7B1394
  • KV7B1404
  • KV7B1407
  • KV7B1409
  • KV7B1418
  • KV7B1440
  • KV7B1444
  • KV7B1477
  • KV7B1482
  • KV7B1488
  • KV7B1496
  • KV7B1516
  • KV7B1540
  • KV7B1552
  • KV7B1580
  • KV7B1602

Die Orsons

  • A26A5696
  • A26A5716
  • A26A5794
  • KV7B1988
  • KV7B2003
  • KV7B2008
  • KV7B2013
  • KV7B2050
  • KV7B2053
  • KV7B2070
  • KV7B2090
  • KV7B2098
  • KV7B2101
  • KV7B2117
  • KV7B2134
  • KV7B2151
  • KV7B2181
  • KV7B2191
  • KV7B2215
  • KV7B2257


  • A26A5921
  • A26A5930
  • A26A5975
  • A26A6009
  • A26A6034
  • A26A6082
  • A26A6102
  • A26A6114
  • KV7B2553
  • KV7B2558
  • KV7B2582-2
  • KV7B2590
  • KV7B2637
  • KV7B2668
  • KV7B2750
  • KV7B2761
  • KV7B2778
  • KV7B2808
  • KV7B2857
  • KV7B2888

Frank Turner & The Sleeping Souls

FRANK TURNER is an English Punk and Folk singer-songwriter and was accompanied by his backing band, THE SLEEPING SOULS, which consists of Ben Lloyd (guitar, mandolin), Tarrant Anderson (bass), Matt Nasir (piano, mandolin) and Nigel Powell (drums). TURNER, the leader of the travel playlists of this world, heart-warming, shirt-sleeved and blessed with an inexhaustible amount of great songs between indie rock, punk and folk, also created this special pleasant mood on the Hurricane.

KV7B1930 2

01. Get Better
02. 1933
03. Long Live The Queen
04. If Ever I Stray
05. The Road
06. Photosynthesis
07. Be More Kind
08. The Way I Tend to Be
09. Little Changes
11. The Next Storm
12. Try This At Home
13. Recovery
14. I Still Believe
15. Four Simple Words

  • A26A5577
  • A26A5607
  • A26A5617
  • KV7B1661
  • KV7B1665
  • KV7B1697
  • KV7B1704
  • KV7B1724
  • KV7B1736
  • KV7B1741
  • KV7B1760
  • KV7B1772
  • KV7B1775
  • KV7B1779
  • KV7B1793
  • KV7B1882
  • KV7B1926
  • KV7B1930-2
  • KV7B1948
  • KV7B1970

Flogging Molly

Another great alternative to Hip Hop / Rap was the band FLOGGING MOLLY on the Forest stage. FLOGGING MOLLY is an Irish-American seven-piece Celtic Punk band led by Irish vocalist Dave King. The music is influenced by various artists, such as THE DUBLINERS, THE POGUES, HORSLIPS, JOHNNY CASH, THE CLASH, and GREEN DAY. The band members are Dave King (lead vocals, acoustic guitar), Bridget Regan (violin, tin whistle, backing and lead vocals), Dennis Casey (guitar, vocals), Matt Hensley (accordion, concertina), Nathen Maxwell (bass guitar, vocals), Spencer Swain (mandolin, banjo, guitar, vocals) and Mike Alonso (drums, percussion).


You simply have to realize that this refreshing combination of Punk and Irish Folk music immediately sweeps everyone along. Dave King and his six band members radiated an enormous joy of playing and it was especially Dave King who has a fascinating charisma.

01. (No More) Paddy’s Lament
02. The Hand of John L. Sullivan
03. Drunken Lullabies
04. The Likes of You Again
05. Swagger
06. The Days We’ve Yet to Meet
07. Life in a Tenement Square
09. Float
10. Devil’s Dance Floor
11. Crushed (Hostile Nations)
12. What’s Left of the Flag
13. If I Ever Leave This World Alive
14. The Seven Deadly Sins

  • A26A5835
  • A26A5852
  • KV7B2301
  • KV7B2308
  • KV7B2310
  • KV7B2317
  • KV7B2324
  • KV7B2326-2
  • KV7B2338
  • KV7B2346
  • KV7B2351
  • KV7B2366
  • KV7B2376
  • KV7B2387
  • KV7B2409
  • KV7B2422
  • KV7B2466
  • KV7B2478
  • KV7B2491
  • KV7B2525

Bloc Party

BLOC PARTY (formed in 2003) is a hard-hitting British Indie Rock band known for straying into the realms of Electronica, House and Post-Punk music, hailing from London. The band members are of Kele Okereke (lead vocals, rhythm guitar, keyboards, sampler), Russell Lissack (lead guitar, keyboards), Justin Harris (bass guitar, keyboards, saxophones, backing vocals) and Louise Bartle (drums, percussion). It had been a very exhausting afternoon for many, with a lot of heat, dancing, joy and singing along. It seemed that some people needed a break until the main acts and so the bands Bloc Party and THE WOMBATS suffered some attention. Especially THE WOMBATS on the River Stage had to struggle with the fact that ANNENMAYKANTEREIT on the Forest Stage were the actual highlight of the evening.

  • KV7B2943
  • KV7B2957
  • KV7B2973
  • KV7B2996
  • KV7B2998
  • KV7B3000
  • KV7B3022
  • KV7B3036
  • KV7B3042
  • KV7B3067
  • KV7B3091
  • KV7B3112
  • KV7B3115
  • KV7B3133
  • KV7B3140
  • KV7B3153
  • KV7B3179
  • KV7B3187
  • KV7B3198
  • KV7B3216

The Wombats

  • KV7B3256
  • KV7B3263
  • KV7B3266
  • KV7B3275
  • KV7B3288
  • KV7B3308
  • KV7B3312
  • KV7B3329
  • KV7B3365
  • KV7B3370
  • KV7B3410
  • KV7B3457
  • KV7B3473
  • KV7B3510
  • KV7B3515


ANNENMAYKANTEREIT is a German Rock band from Cologne, which was founded in 2011. They sing in both German and English; a notable feature is the distinctive rough voice of the singer Henning May. The three founding members, from whose surnames the band name was created, formed a band while at school. At first the three performed as street musicians in Cologne. Malte Huck has been the bassist of the band since August 2014. The Hip Hop group K.I.Z. featured singer Henning May in their song ‘Hurra die Welt geht unter’. In 2018, the band released their new album, ‘Schlagschatten’, but was not touring in that year. For this reason the expectations for the first performance after the long break were high.


An unbelievable number of spectators had gathered in front of the Forest Stage and then at 21:00 it was time: A big, black curtain literally fell down and Henning May sang the first song ‘Marie’. It was an almost intimate, quiet moment and a perfect introduction to the performance. At the latest with the third song, ‘Wohin Du gehst’, Henning May had gripped everyone with his unbelievable voice and many people felt goose bumps. The band played impressive 16 songs until the gig ended with the song ‘Ich geh heut nicht mehr tanzen’ with free dancing of all. This was truly a successful comeback of ANNENMAYKANTEREIT after their one-year break.

01. Marie
02. Nur wegen dir
03. Wohin Du gehst
04. Es geht mir gut
05. Du bist anders
06. Weiße Wand
07. Hinter klugen Sätzen
08. Vielleicht Vielleicht
09. Jenny Jenny
10. Freitagabend
11. 21, 22, 23
12. Pocahontas
13. Oft gefragt
14. Komm zu mir
15. Barfuß am Klavier
16. Ich geh heut nicht mehr tanzen

  • A26A6210
  • A26A6233
  • A26A6300
  • KV7B3602
  • KV7B3616
  • KV7B3623
  • KV7B3629
  • KV7B3652
  • KV7B3656
  • KV7B3676
  • KV7B3693
  • KV7B3694
  • KV7B3753
  • KV7B3760
  • KV7B3825
  • KV7B3840
  • KV7B3851
  • KV7B3935
  • KV7B3960
  • KV7B3981
  • KV7B3991
  • KV7B4024
  • KV7B4033
  • KV7B4045
  • KV7B4079

On the River Stage, MACKLEMORE probably played an impressive set, but photographers were not allowed and so we dedicated ourselves to the last big headliner of the evening: MUMFORD & SONS.

Mumford & Sons

MUMFORD & SONS are a British band formed in 2007. The band consists of Marcus Mumford (lead vocals, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, drums), Ben Lovett (vocals, keyboard, piano, synthesizer), Winston Marshall (vocals, electric guitar, banjo) and Ted Dwane (vocals, bass guitar, double bass). It was a wonderful ending to the day. Front man and namesake Marcus Mumford takes his time between songs to be silent and enjoy. Calm as a soul, he strolls with his guitar and smiles shyly into the silent crowd. Then he tunes ‘The Cave’, the biggest hit of the band, and transforms the silence into thunderous cheers within seconds.


01. Guiding Light
02. Little Lion Man
03. Babel
04. Beloved
05. Lover of the Light
06. Tompkins Square Park
07. Rose of Sharon
08. Believe
09. Ditmas
10. The Cave
11. Roll Away Your Stone
12. Slip Away
13. Picture You
14. Darkness Visible
15. The Wolf
16. Awake My Soul
17. I Will Wait
18. Delta

  • A26A6346
  • A26A6375
  • A26A6414
  • A26A6461
  • KV7B4114
  • KV7B4116
  • KV7B4121
  • KV7B4127
  • KV7B4133
  • KV7B4136
  • KV7B4149
  • KV7B4164
  • KV7B4182
  • KV7B4185
  • KV7B4199
  • KV7B4220
  • KV7B4271
  • KV7B4295
  • KV7B4304
  • KV7B4333
  • KV7B4353
  • KV7B4363
  • KV7B4386
  • KV7B4389
  • KV7B4428

An intense, for very exhausting day ended in a very harmonious way. At a very late hour Steve Aoki entered the River Stage but there were already many safe in their tents, well packed in the now cool summer night.

All Pictures by Chris W. Braunschweiger

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