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Parkway DriveFesthalle, Frankfurt, Germany
14th September 2022
Parkway Drive, While She Sleeps & Lorna Shore

The Australian Metalcore band PARKWAY DRIVE from New South Wales formed in 2003 is now on their Europe 2022 tour. We had the chance to see Winston Mc Call (vocals) and his band in Frankfurt this week. As you can see on our pictures the show was packed with special effects and pyrotechnics and it was awesome!

Luke Kilpatrick (guitar), Jeff Ling (guitar), Jia O’Connor (bass) and Ben Gordon (drums) are the other current members of PARKWAY DRIVE. Beside their best songs from the last six albums, they also performed many new songs of their latest album ‘Darker Still’ which is album no.7 and has been released in 2022. I have seen many shows from PARKWAY DRIVE so far and I think there are getting better and better.

parkwaydrive by MatthiasUtz20

As support. or let’s call them co-headliners, we saw WHILE SHE SLEEPS, a Metalcore band from the UK, and LORNA SHORE, a Death- and Metalcore band from the US. Both bands are worth it. Unfortunately, the light was a bit dim and a lot of smoke was in the air which made it harder for me to get some nice pictures - but who cares about me. The audience had a lot of fun the bands had a lot of fun and I guess that’s what it is all about.

whileshesleeps by MatthiasUtz12

You still have the chance to get some tickets for upcoming concerts in Germany. Be there or be square! You won’t regret it. Please enjoy our galleries of the show.

Lorna Shore

  • lornashore_by_MatthiasUtz01
  • lornashore_by_MatthiasUtz02
  • lornashore_by_MatthiasUtz03
  • lornashore_by_MatthiasUtz04
  • lornashore_by_MatthiasUtz05
  • lornashore_by_MatthiasUtz06
  • lornashore_by_MatthiasUtz07
  • lornashore_by_MatthiasUtz08
  • lornashore_by_MatthiasUtz09
  • lornashore_by_MatthiasUtz10
  • lornashore_by_MatthiasUtz11
  • lornashore_by_MatthiasUtz12
  • lornashore_by_MatthiasUtz13
  • lornashore_by_MatthiasUtz14
  • lornashore_by_MatthiasUtz15

01. To the Hellfire
02. Of the Abyss
03. Sun//Eater
04. Cursed to Die
05. Into the Earth /

While She Sleeps

  • whileshesleeps_by_MatthiasUtz01
  • whileshesleeps_by_MatthiasUtz02
  • whileshesleeps_by_MatthiasUtz03
  • whileshesleeps_by_MatthiasUtz04
  • whileshesleeps_by_MatthiasUtz05
  • whileshesleeps_by_MatthiasUtz06
  • whileshesleeps_by_MatthiasUtz07
  • whileshesleeps_by_MatthiasUtz08
  • whileshesleeps_by_MatthiasUtz09
  • whileshesleeps_by_MatthiasUtz10
  • whileshesleeps_by_MatthiasUtz11
  • whileshesleeps_by_MatthiasUtz12
  • whileshesleeps_by_MatthiasUtz13
  • whileshesleeps_by_MatthiasUtz14
  • whileshesleeps_by_MatthiasUtz15

01. Sleeps Society
02. Anti-Social
03. You Are All You Need
04. The Guilty Party
05. I’ve Seen It All
06. Eye To Eye
07. You Are We
08. Fakers Plague
09. Silence Speaks
10. Systematic /

Parkway Drive

  • parkwaydrive_by_MatthiasUtz01
  • parkwaydrive_by_MatthiasUtz02
  • parkwaydrive_by_MatthiasUtz03
  • parkwaydrive_by_MatthiasUtz04
  • parkwaydrive_by_MatthiasUtz05
  • parkwaydrive_by_MatthiasUtz06
  • parkwaydrive_by_MatthiasUtz07
  • parkwaydrive_by_MatthiasUtz08
  • parkwaydrive_by_MatthiasUtz09
  • parkwaydrive_by_MatthiasUtz10
  • parkwaydrive_by_MatthiasUtz11
  • parkwaydrive_by_MatthiasUtz12
  • parkwaydrive_by_MatthiasUtz13
  • parkwaydrive_by_MatthiasUtz14
  • parkwaydrive_by_MatthiasUtz15
  • parkwaydrive_by_MatthiasUtz16
  • parkwaydrive_by_MatthiasUtz17
  • parkwaydrive_by_MatthiasUtz18
  • parkwaydrive_by_MatthiasUtz19
  • parkwaydrive_by_MatthiasUtz20

01. Intro
02. Glitch
03. Prey
04. Carrion
05. Vice Grip
06. Dedicated
07. Ground Zero
08. Cemetery Bloom
09. The Void
10. Karma
11. The Greatest Fear
12. String Solo
13. Schattenboxen (feat. Casper)
14. Darker Still
15. Bottom Feeder
16. Crushed
14. Wild Eyes /

All pictures by Mathias Utz

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