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while she sleeps tour2024Turbinenhalle 2, Oberhausen, Germany
7th November 2024
While She Sleeps - “European Tour 2024” - Special Guests: Malevolence, Thrown, Resolve

With six albums, the British quintet WHILE SHE SLEEPS has established itself internationally as a constant in Metalcore, breaking out of the usual sound corsets time and time again. With skilfully composed, enormously powerful and at times intricately progressive songs, the band from Sheffield defines what modern Metalcore should sound like today. But even in a career full of bold, powerful steps, their work ‘Self Hell’, a concept album about mental illness released at the end of March, is something special.

WHILE SHE SLEEPS’ sixth long-player (produced by her guitarist Sean Long and long-time collaborator Carl Bown) casts its net even wider, taking in symphonic music, Hardcore, Synth-Rock and Metal in equal measure. Yet despite all these styles, the band never loses sight of their ability to compose confident, stadium-ready anthems - nor their focus on advocating for the mental health of all. At the beginning of their formation in 2006, WHILE SHE SLEEPS was considered more of a side project by those involved - the five musicians from Sheffield were all busy in other bands when they first formed, but had liked each other since school days and shared a taste in music. The first EP ‘The North Stands for Nothing’ was released in early 2010, and there aren’t many bands that have toured Europe several times with just a handful of songs and even been invited on an extensive US tour by BRING ME THE HORIZON.

Things have continued at this pace ever since: their debut album ‘This Is the Six’ was released in 2012, became a chart success and won several awards. They were invited to the VANS Warped Tour twice, toured Europe and the USA several times and, since their second album ‘Brainwashed’, have also regularly toured Asia and Australia. In the short breaks between these trips, they are always working feverishly on their next work. And they continue to develop with every record, not least thanks to their intense live ethos. Since their third album ‘You Are We’, which was entirely crowdfunded by their fans, WHILE SHE SLEEPS have also been in the top league of contemporary Metal in the USA. With the release of their latest, sixth album ‘Self Hell’, the Sheffield band’s success story continues as expected.

An additional incentive to attend their uncompromisingly energetic live shows is their habit of inviting other exciting special guests to their concerts. For a total of eleven shows in ten cities, WHILE SHE SLEEPS have once again invited three thrilling acts: their Sheffield Hardcore colleagues MALEVOLENCE, Swedish Metalcore whips THROWN and French Post-Hardcore rockers RESOLVE.

Additional Concert Info
Doors: 17:00
Start: 18:00
Tickets: are available starting at 50.90 euros (plus charges pre-sale) via Eventim

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