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While She Sleeps A1846Live Music Hall, Cologne, Germany
18th January 2020
While She Sleeps - European Tour 2020 - Special Guests: Every Time I Die, Vein

We are writing January 18th, 2020. This evening, a host of Metalcore fans is drawn to the Live Music Hall in Cologne - sold out venue with three bands that know how to animate the crowd to circle pits and crowd-surfing.


While it is still quite civil during the show of opener VEIN, things should speed up later during the special guest. The Boston Hardcore Punk band VEIN places great emphasis on the so-called “gangster image”. Again and again the music is accompanied by verbal vigour. However, with 20 minutes of playing time only, nothing really matters here. /

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Every Time I Die

Things are turning much better with the special guest EVERY TIME I DIE. The Metalcore formation, which originates from the beautiful American Buffalo, with its over 20 year band history is already a different class in music business than VEIN. The motto now is surely “Let’s get the crowd-surfing event started” - very much to the dislike of security, which from now on needed to work hard since crowd-surfing is appropriate for every man and every woman, no matter how small, tall, light or heavy! Everyone who dares is carried to the stage and is received by the boys there. I guess there were people during the evening with surely twenty surfs. From a musical side, the guys from EVERY TIME I DIE really make you wanting more. The band had fun, the audience had fun, that’s how the chemistry should be at a concert. /

01. No Son of Mine
02. Bored Stiff
03. Glitches
04. We’rewolf
05. Floater
06. The Marvelous Slut
07. Thirst
08. Decayin’ With the Boys
09. Ebolarama
10. It Remembers
11. Underwater Bimbos From Outer Space
12. Apocalypse Now and Then
13. Map Change

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While She Sleeps

With four internationally acclaimed albums, the British quintet WHILE SHE SLEEPS has established itself internationally as a major force in Metalcore. With artfully composed, enormously powerful and progressive songs, the band from Sheffield defines how modern Metalcore has to sound today. From Europe to Japan, from Australia to the USA, worldwide sold out tours provide the proof. After a highly euphoric German tour in spring, WHILE SHE SLEEPS are now back to us for three shows in Cologne, Munich and Wiesbaden between January 18th and 22nd, 2020.  Their fourth long-player ‘So What?’ was released on March 1st 2019. It once again demonstrates the ambitious progression of WHILE SHE SLEEPS with many new style nuances and even surprising excursions into electronic sounds - and at the same time advanced to become their biggest chart striker to date in almost all European nations. /

While She Sleeps A1851

Music & Performance
And it should get even better than as with the special guest. The British quintet WHILE SHE SLEEPS is on the program now with the current album, ‘So What’, in their luggage. It probably is the strongest album by the Sheffield boys so far. And now there is real movement again in the sold-out Live Music Hall. Those who did not come home sweaty, hoarse or even deeply relaxed after this evening probably either stood at the very back of the hall or outside on the wall. If you consider that Metalcore is not exactly the commercial music, you should be surprised what crowds like to celebrate at such concerts. Conclusion of the evening: After I got back home, I was asked if I came from the gym. I replied, no I was at a WHILE SHE SLEEPS concert.

01. Anti-Social
02. I’ve Seen It All
03. Inspire
04. Civil Isolation
05. Trophies Of Violence
06. Brainwashed
07. Set You Free
08. Fakers Plague
09. Empire Of Silence
10. Death Toll
11. Four Walls
12. The Guilty Party
13. Hurricane
14. Haunt Me
15. Silence Speaks
16. You Are We

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All pictures by Marcus Nathofer

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