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KettcarStahlwerk, Düsseldorf, Germany
26th January 2020
Kettcar - “Und das geht so” Tour 2020 - Special Guest: Schrottgrenze

With the “Und das geht so” tour, KETTCAR once again say goodbye to the music scene for an indefinite period of time and grant themselves a break. But before the five guys from Hamburg go undercover, they presented songs from their last album ‘Ich vs. Wir’ and their previous albums on a total of eight dates. We were allowed to see the band on the second night of the tour in Düsseldorf.


The support act SCHROTTGRENZE was allowed to perform for a whole 40 minutes. The German Indie Rock band with singer and guitarist Alex Tsitsigias, founded in 1994, has been back in business since 2016 after breaking up 10 years ago. Last year they released their eighth album ‘Alles zerpflücken’. SCHROTTGRENZE left a very good impression. Alex Tsitsigias performed as drag queen Saskia Lavaux and clearly drew all attention. But that shouldn’t distract from the music as the band’s indie rock is absolutely convincing. /

 D3 7873

01. Glitzer Auf Beton
02. Life Is Queeer
03. January Boy
04. Traurige Träume
05. Am gleichen Meer
06. Fotolabor
07. Lied vom Schnee
08. Mensch am Punkt
09. Fernglas
10. Alles zerpflücken
11. Sterne

Music: 8
Performance: 8
Light: 8
Sound: 8
Total: 8 / 10

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In 2017, after a long hiatus, it was ‘Ich vs. Wir’. And it was urgently necessary that KETTCAR appeared on the scene again out of nowhere at that time and challenged society to take a closer look. Sold out halls, enthusiastic fans and critics attested the Hamburg rock band that they simply still know how it’s done. Exactly this is also the motto of their next tour. With the live album ‘... und das geht so’ they review the impressions of the last years and announce a new break at the same time. /

 D3 8020

Music & Performance
With ‘Volle Distanz’ from the debut album ‘Du Und Wieviel Von Deinen Freunden’, the men around singer and guitarist Marcus Wiebusch started almost quietly. But that didn’t harm the atmosphere in the Stahlwerk in Düsseldorf. The audience in the sold-out club was at the band’s side from the first note on and sang along enthusiastically. This was especially noticeable in the more quiet songs like ‘Volle Distanz’. In the following two hours, the Hamburg band picked out the highlights of their discography and kept the mood high. No doubt about it: With songs like ‘Money Left To Burn’, ‘Sommer 89’, ‘48 Stunden’, ‘Balkon gegenüber’ or ‘Landungsbrücken raus’ the Hamburg guys have a home game in every club in Germany.

 D3 8038

Besides songs from the KETTCAR discography, the band also performed two songs from the solo album of frontman Marcus Wiebusch. And of course among these songs was ‘Der Tag wird kommen’, an important song which is a strong statement against homophobia (using the example of a homosexual footballer). Between the songs, KETTCAR were as charming and funny as ever. Besides Marcus Wiebusch, it was mainly bassist Reimer Bustorff who was looking for the contact to the audience. Again and again the bassist amused the fans with stories of his life. On a negative note, the light show was far from perfect as it was consistently focused on Marcus Wiebusch. Only the frontman was in the light, his band members remained in the dark almost throughout the entire set. So at times it seemed more like a Marcus Wiebusch concert than a KETTCAR gig. And, last but not least, the sound was okay, but by no means outstanding.

 D3 8048

All in all, the memory of a great gig with one of the best and most important bands in Germany remains.

01. Volle Distanz
02. Money Left to Burn
03. Benzin und Kartoffelchips
04. Sommer '89 (Er schnitt Löcher in den Zaun)
05. Wagenburg
06. Rettung
07. 48 Stunden
08. Balu
09. Palo Alto
10. Nur einmal rächen
11. Balkon gegenüber
12. Der Tag wird kommen
13. Ankunftshalle
14. Im Taxi weinen
15. Den Revolver entsichern
16. Auf den billigen Plätzen
17. Landungsbrücken raus
18. Trostbrücke Süd
19. Kein Außen mehr
20. Deiche
21. Mein Skateboard kriegt mein Zahnarzt

Music: 10
Performance: 9
Light: 7
Sound: 8
Total: 8.5 / 10

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All pictures by André Wilms

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