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Linea Aspera2Conne Island, Leipzig, Germany
18th January 2020
Linea Aspera & Bestial Mouths

Do you know the disappointment when you discover a band just to find out they split up and there is no chance to see them live? The story about LINEA ASPERA could have ended here but in fact it doesn’t. ‘Reunion’ is not only one of the band’s songs but also what happened. On September 16th, 2019, they published “Hey, we’re back!” on their Facebook page and announced a number of gigs in Europe. Hurray!

Bestial Mouths

Four months later they hit the stage of the Conne Island in Leipzig. However, at first a few words about the support act: BESTIAL MOUTHS, a band I had never seen live before although they exist for ten years already (shame on me). My golden rule for support acts is, expect nothing and be prepared for everything. In this case I was surprised in a very positive way. Imagine gloomy, analogue synths and tribal drums in a powerful mix. Add vocals in a wide range from operatic over shouted to ghostly echoes from the crypt and mantra like lyrics. The whole performance was powerful, impressive, and ecstatic. The stage presence of singer Lynette Cerezo is a phenomenon for itself. It is still the first month of the year and here I’ve already found a nominee for one of the hottest live acts of 2020.

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Linea Aspera

Back to LINEA ASPERA. If you like their records you will love their live shows. While many electronic bands need massive distortions to be listenable or fail live completely, Zoè Zanias voice sounded brilliant during the complete show. She and her wingman Ryan Ambridge are for sure a duo of musicians who know what they are doing. The set consisted mainly of tracks from their debut album and the collection ‘Preservation Bias’. Great stuff, no question. Let’s still hope there will be a new release soon. In case you have missed them this time, Wave Gotik Treffen in Leipzig is your next chance!

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All Pictures by Christian W.

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