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ancientsettlers autumnus
Artist: Ancient Settlers
Title: Autumnus
Genre: Death Metal / Thrash Metal
Release Date: 30th January 2021
Label: self-released

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Sometimes I don’t understand why bands or PR people try to beat around the bush when it comes to a genre definition. ANCIENT SETTLERS are listed as Death / Thrash by the press-text and the Metal Archives but I would rather call it melodic Thrash with background growls, the vocalist Antony Hämäläinen mainly sings and sometimes shouts (I don’t know who is responsible for the growls that are present in the background). Sound-wise the whole arrangements are rock solid, expertly played yet still rough enough around the edges to not wake the gatekeepers. It is a bit funny to see an international band arise that due to the restrictions all around the globe may never rehearsed together, these guys did fine when it comes to composition and finding a rather distinct and heavy sound. I don’t think ANCIENT SETTLERS will stay unsigned very long.

Conclusion: This mixture of people from the US, Venezuela, Spain, Portugal and Finland is a brand new force to be reckoned with, mark my words!

Rating: 8 / 10

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