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witchbound endofparadise
Artist: Witchbound
Title: End of Paradise
Genre: Heavy Metal
Release Date: 30th April 2021
Label: El Puerto Records

Review Flash

WITCHBOUND is the Phoenix that did rise from the ashes of STORMWITCH after Lee Tarot, founder and head of former band died in 2013. The band members decided to finish and release the song material they had written together before Tarot’s death and that resulted in the record ‘Tarot’s Legacy’. That was in 2015, now after another blow of fate (guitarist / vocalist Martin Winkler passed away in 2019) the band reformed again and managed to record another record called ‘End of Paradise’. Sound-wise WITCHBOUND is Melodic Power Metal with two vocalists (Natalie Pereira dos Santos and Tobias Schwenk) which means we are facing two different timbres thwarting each other. The vocal harmonies are a nice touch for a change and the rest of the arrangements really fit well, the riffs and breaks combined with the exact drums and great sounding bass makes for a worthwhile musical experience. One thing is worth mentioning: Natalie’s range is fucking impressive!

Conclusion: Like Power Metal? Like bad-ass vocals? Check out WITCHBOUND!

Rating: 7 / 10

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