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archedfire remotecontrol
Artist: Arched Fire
Title: Remote Control
Genre: Speed Metal
Release Date: 30th April 2021
Label: Worm Hole Death Records

Review Flash

I often get to review debuts of bands, some are promising, some are not and then there are bands that got this distinct sound that makes you think that they might just make it. ARCHED FIRE is one of the latter cases, being unique is something that is no longer achievable in this day and age but I like the spirit of those that manage to make you think about the concept. There are inspirations, of course, I think I can hear IRON MAIDEN and OVERKILL plus this typical feeling you always get when listening to Scandinavian bands (the different but clearly northern European accents for example). Kristian Herkman is able to sing clean, shout and hit high notes like OVERKILLS Bobby Blitz (including that kinda Ghoulish voice). Mika Rytilahti’s bass is always present and undergirds the excellent riffs of Janne Särkelä and Ari Väntänen. Only the drum sound is kinda washy (I blame it on the mix because you can still hear punch and precision). This is another one of those debuts that sounds really good and complete. I honestly expect that ARCHED FIRE won’t undergo great changes in sound on the next output, refine and repeat is the way.

Conclusion: If you like OVERKILL, IRON MAIDEN and generally dig Speed Metal then you should check this out!

Rating: 7 / 10

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