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HeilungRattenfängerhalle and area, Hameln, Germany
18th to 20th October 2019
Autumn Moon 2019 Day 2 with Embrun, Cellar Darling, Adam Is A Girl, The Shiver, Girls Under Glass, Snow White Blood, Das Ich, C-Lekktor, Rroyce, Heilung, Project Pitchfork and many more + Day 3 with band contest presenting U-Manoyed, Scintilla Anima, Dunkelsucht & Zwaremachine

The second day started with a little bit of rain, that disappeared for the most part of the day though, just leaving us a cloudy sky. A breakfast in the Sumpfblume café with some great coffee later, it was about time to start into the second day with a huge variety of bands, program and genres. The diversity at the 5th edition of the Autumn Moon Festival has been really mind-blowing and surprising!


Day 2 - Saturday

EmBRUN - Moon Stage (Nastja)

The Moon Stage invited to start the day with EMBRUN, the Belgian Folk band with a mystic and very enchanting appeal. Though it was so early on Saturday, 1 am to be exact, there were quite some people already in front of the stage listening and even dancing. The masks made the magic real and in total the visual impression was fitting very well to the music. Especially the accordion caught my attention as a music instrument that is not so common in this scene, at least. EMBRUN performed their songs in front of a selected, yet very attentive and supportive audience that was ready to be entertained and paid with enthusiastic applause. // /

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Cellar Darling - Sumpfblume (Nastja)

Another band at the Sumpfblume that appeared extremely interesting music-wise, was CELLAR DARLING. The band from Switzerland performed some very exciting Progressive Folk that will thrill the fans of Folk & Progressive Metal. The band was founded just three years ago after the members Anna, Ivo and Merlin left ELUVEITIE. The debut album ‘This Is The Sound’ was released in 2017. The second album ‘The Spell’ just hit the shelves and digital platforms earlier this year and CELLAR DARLING are now touring successfully with the new songs and surprising with their engaging performance. I lost track how many instruments Anna used during the first 2-3 songs while also singing, anyway, it looked and also sounded amazing. A really exciting discovery for everyone who is into Folk Rock & Metal and the paths that go out from there. // / / Setlist: 01. Insomnia / 02. Death / 03. The Spell / 04. Freeze / 05. Drown / 06. Black Moon / 07. Avalanche

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Adam Is A Girl - Ship (Nastja)

ADAM IS A GIRL was for sure a band that I never heard of much before (beside of the name that appeared in some festival bills some months ago) and totally flashed me. A trio from Berlin, creating wonderful Indie Pop and able to make the songs sound so extremely different and catchy without confusing, but always surprising. Beautiful music to dance, to dream, to plan the next rebellion. The boat or ship that they played at felt extremely fitting for this concert. Quite small, but very unique, dreamy and atmospheric. And what you really need to know: ADAM IS A GIRL are currently running a Kickstarter campaign for their second album, ‘Now Or Never’, and it’s on until 17th November 2019 and a really big bite of it is already done, but they still need some help until then. Check them out, I am sure you won’t regret. Talked to many others afterwards who enjoyed their music and show a lot as well while being totally clueless just before. At least for me, I totally fell in love with the clear and atmospheric voice of Anne and the music that the trio creates with a strong 80ies influence in there, creating something very new. Extremely talented & cool young artists that enrich the music landscape a lot and totally deserve the support. // /

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The Shiver - Moon Stage (Nastja)

Back to the Moon Stage where THE SHIVER were already expecting us. First of all the extravagant red dress and the mask that the singer Federica Faith Sciamanna was wearing stood out, second just when they started to play - the strong, engaging Alternative Metal and Nu Rock. The Italian band that already supported bands like PAPA ROACH, MISFITS, TARJA, just recently THE RASMUS and many more, played an extremely cool, dark, sensual and strong show. THE SHIVER presented a cool set of eleven songs that made it possible to dive into their music creating different worlds. // // 01. Ocean / 02. Awaiting / 03. Light Minutes / 04. Electronoose / 05. Adeline / 06. Forgotten Soul / 07. The Fragile Sound / 08. Crushing Down / 09. Pray / 10. Wounds / 11. The Darkest Hour

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Girls Under Glass - Sumpfblume (Nastja)

GIRLS UNDER GLASS are some kind of classic in the scene, as being founded back in 1986 in Hamburg as follow-up project after CALLING DEAD RED ROSES. At the beginning being more of a Gothic Rock band, the Electro and also Metal influences also found their way into their music. The show at the Autumn Moon Festival turned out very atmospheric, the stage covered in blue light, quite dreamy and very melancholic. A fragile emotion interplay, a charismatic voice and music filling the really packed Sumpfblume. People even standing outside of the doors and listening. Also dancing and just being curious. Nostalgic performance and wonderful atmosphere. //

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Snow White Blood - Moon Stage (Nastja)

From the darkness of the Sumpfblume back to the light Moon Stage. SNOW WHITE BLOOD extremely stood out with their outfits like directly from the fairy-tale and their Symphonic Metal was perfectly refreshing, energetic and enchanting. What an energy on stage and really fun to watch this young band, founded in 2013, which spread a lot of charisma, some magic and power. Casting the spell over the audience and the well packed venue and for sure convincing a whole bunch of people to become new fans. The storytelling was interesting and covered in varied, magic melodies. So much energy and passion in their performance - really surprised by that. Also extremely professional and self-confident. For everyone into Symphonic Metal a must to check-out! // / // Setlist: 01. Drop A Stitch / 02. Mirror On The Wall / 03. The Court Jester / 04. Longing For The Sea / 05. Hamelin / 06. Shadows Of Our Yesterdays / 07. Shared Hearts / 08. Lullaby For The Undead / 09. Sheherezade

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Das Ich - Rattenfängerhalle (Nastja)

Back to the Rattenfängerhalle and the legendary DAS ICH. A band that I adore and that all of us know for their evergreens on the dance floors - ‘Destillat’ or ‘Gottes Tod’ - for me my almost only memory from my very first Gothic party back in 2004 in Cottbus when visiting a friend. Seems like lives ago. However DAS ICH are “still” around and more than ever before. The trio performed all their classics and had obviously a great time themselves on stage. The thundering beats, the gloomy vocals of Stefan, the moving keyboards and the typical appearance - devilish, dark, DAS ICH. 30 years of band history and for sure neither too old nor too tired. An electrifying performance and journey throughout the decades. // /

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C-Lekktor - Moon Stage (Nastja)

From Neue Deutsche Todeskunst to Mexican Industrial at Moon Stage. C-LEKKTOR let the Moon Stage vibrate and move to the strong, harsh beats. Jumping, dancing crowd letting the beats flow through the veins and C-LEKKTOR know how to do it. The frontman Markko Barrientos shows an aggressive, energetic performance and engages the crowd to dance and party more, while in the background his two colleagues take care of the beats and synths. While Markko himself was already active under that name as a DJ in the 90ies, around 2000 C-LEKKTOR became a band, the first demo was released in 2004 with ‘Re-a-Gression’. A journey through two decades of Industrial and Hellectro in the best tradition of HOCICO, SUICIDE COMMANDO, AMDUSCIA and so on. The Golden Age of Hellectro might be pausing a bit for now, but the power of that genre is still there and it’s lot of fun to dance to it. // // Setlist: 01. Animals (Club Version) / 02. Refusing The Paradise / 03. Hellektro Convulsion Therapy / 04. El Comienzo De La Muerte / 05. Silence Remains / 06. Out Of My Way / 07. Rotten Flesh / 08. Radioactivity / 09. Sick Of You / 10. Cyborgs / 11. Alteración / 12. Dirty Electro Sex

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Rroyce - Moon Stage (Nastja)

That one was the most challenging in terms of taking photos, first because it was crazy packed and second because the floor under my feet was vibrating insanely because of all the jumping and dancing people, so camera focus was quite a task here. Also it was the show with the fun factor of 10/10. Really. I just had the honour to review the new album ‘Patience’ (release date: 27th September 2019) and so recognised many of the songs that were played. While having their strong signature in those, RROYCE show a lot of variety in the songwriting and so it is a real pleasure to watch and listen to them live. Also the trio is one of the bands that appeared just recently on my radar and I really enjoy watching them perform as they seem to have so much fun on stage. From the first chords of ‘The Principle Of Grace’ to the last ones of ‘I Like It When You Like’ - it’s such a pleasure to join RROYCE’s performance and they seem to almost offer you a guarantee for a good time during their shows. Chapeau. // / / Setlist: 01. The Principle Of Grace / 02. Parallel Worlds / 03. Who Needs / 04. Full Speed, Half Sight / 05. Learn To Hate Me / 06. Someone Else’s Life / 07. Too Little / 08. Cry / 09. Walking On Water / 10. Run Run Run / 11. My Dearest Enemy / 12. I Like It When You Lie

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Heilung - Rattenfängerhalle (Nastja)

Trying to describe a HEILUNG performance is equivalent to just say nothing. I heard so much of their shows before and almost everyone at the festival seemed to have one goal for tonight - the typical answer to the question “What performance are you looking forward to the most?” was answered in a majority of cases with “HEILUNG”. How to turn a live music performance into an ancient Viking ritual. The next minutes went by like in trance and deep fascination for the spectacle - the unusual to our nowadays ears music, vocals, calls and the Viking play on stage - so crazy and rare, yet so real and close. I was a bit concerned that the festival audience could be too loud for such a different performance, but it was all fine as most of the people were just fascinated by the things happening on stage and also in front of it. Not to forget the traditional outfits and the immense amount of decorations, instruments and whatever else was there. To recognize everything was just not possible or would take way longer, while it was also a performance to get lost in the time and space. Mind-blowing and breath-taking, also extremely interesting and just unique. Clearly a highlight that outreached the expectations! //

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Project Pitchfork - Rattenfängerhalle (Nastja)

Quite a hard break after HEILUNG but not less great to see - the legendary PROJECT PITCHFORK hit the stage at 22:30. The hall packed, the sound set to the blast, the setlist full of gems and hits that mark the about three decades of creating music. If you don’t know who PROJECT PITCHFORK are, you don’t know the scene. 90 minutes of new and old classics - no chance not to dance either you are 20 or 55 - the hall was full of vibrations celebrating the end time soundtrack. ‘Timekiller’, ‘Alpha Omega’, ‘Rain’, ‘K. N. K. A.’ or ‘Souls’ - just to name a few - an explosive mix of hits and the guarantee for a packed and celebrating crowd. Big name, big show - outstanding band that is never boring to watch and listen to. Also new songs have been played of course like ‘Akkretion’ as the band is one of the most productive bands out there - releasing albums frequently along with touring through Germany and abroad. Another tour is just about to happen in February and March 2020. // / // Setlist: 01. Akkretion / 02. Conjure / 03. Timekiller / 04. Alpha Omega / 05. Titâner / 06. An End / 07. Volcano / 08. Rain / 09. Requiem / 10. Antidote / 11. Blood-Diamond (See Him Running) / 12. K. N. K. A. / 13. Acid Ocean / 14. Beholder / 15. Existence v4.1 / 16. I Am ( A Thought In Slowmotion) / 17. Souls / 18. Onyx

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Day 3 - Sunday - Bandcontest (Eva)

The third day of the Autumn Moon Festival was a lot smaller and quieter, a perfect and relaxed way to round off an intense festival weekend. While the main stage kept closed, there was still the market and some readings. But what really captured my interest was that they did a band contest. I love the idea of giving new bands a platform and I am always curious about discovering new musical developments. The band contest was organised with the help of the Kulturschock e.V. from Asendorf which aims to promote international, contemporary art. So an international line-up was put together and there was a voting on Facebook to decide which 5 of 10 bands got the possibility to play the Moon Stage on Sunday. The resulting line up looked truly diverse and promising. Unfortunately, there were not many people despite the fact that the entrance was free on Sunday. This may have resulted from the former confusion. For a longer time it was difficult to find any information on the program on Sunday (or whether there were any live acts at all). I really hope, that the next year the band contest and thus the Sunday program will become more established so that more people can plan to stay at Sunday upfront.


U-MANOYED started the band contest and they themselves already offered an interesting range, from danceable synth pop over catchy industrial to stomping EBM. Actually, they have published a range of songs during the last years and had their live debut already three years ago. So, it was quite obvious that they were not totally new to the live experience. What I liked most are the synthesizer hooks that caught my attention immediately. This was combined with industrial style screaming to melodic singing for the synth pop parts. Luca R sure has a wide range of vocal styles and spread a lot of energy, moving all over the stage and engaging the crowd. Just the keyboard players seemed to vanish at the farther away part of the stage, even more so as all of the band were dressed in black hoods and masks. All in all, I definitely got curious thanks to the variety of their songs and danced a lot during their show. //

  • DSC00053
  • DSC00061
  • DSC00062
  • DSC00066
  • DSC00068

Scintilla Anima

SCINTILLA ANIMA instead led us to the world of electro pop, though with a good portion of dark wave and some avant-garde elements. What is striking about them is that there are three vocalists on stage, two male (nangoo and DT) and one female (Chordeva), who manage to produce an interesting and captivating mesh of their different voices. What is also striking about them, of course, are their outfits as they definitely pay a lot of attention to the visual part of their show. All dressed elegantly, black, with small dark red details, all wearing leather masks. The only one not dressed accordingly was ‘Trinity’, a mannequin which is the fourth band member and the official “muse” of the band. Furthermore, SCINTILLA ANIMA released their first debut album ‘Black’ May this year, a concept album posing the question of “what is good and what is evil”. This was transported on the stage by short, theatre-like sequences. To be honest, while I love the idea of having a concept leading like a thread through an album and through a show, this rather stirred up confusion in me, maybe because I did not know the content of their album very well, maybe because it did feel not very convincing to me and thus spoiled the effect a natural interaction in between the songs might have had for me. //

  • DSC00074
  • DSC00075
  • DSC00076
  • DSC00078
  • DSC00093


DUNKELSUCHT are a newcomer from Switzerland which describe their style with a variety of tags which are “Electropop, Industrial, EBM, Gothic”. They, frontman Patrick Näf and keyboard player Tim Lindner, have already released two albums, played several shows mainly during the last two years and some of you might know them from the promo CDs they handed out at Wave-Gotik-Treffen or Amphi Festival this year. At least, this is how I got to know them. On this, there is also a remix made by NACHTMAHR. And this is indeed what I had to think about during the gig. To me it sounded a lot like BLUTENGEL meets NACHTMAHR, definitely a very interesting mix of dark and catchy synth pop combined with the rough and harsh vocals. This was almost contrasted by the very elegant and rather modest appearance by Patrick. In general, the setup was quite sparse. No decorations, no costumes, just a keyboard setup and a microphone. I couldn’t help but notice that they were the first band without any masks. All of this gave the impression of a rather authentic and focused performance. //

  • DSC00106
  • DSC00108
  • DSC00114
  • DSC00121
  • DSC00124


In 2011, Mach Fox released an EP called ‘Raumschiff’ under the name of ZWAREMACHINE. The EP consisted of just one song with 13 minutes of a haunting combination of electronic music and noises. Mach Fox was indeed not unknown. He released music as early as 2006. Yet, this was the introduction of a new name. Unfortunately, after that no other releases followed, that is not for 7 years. In 2018 there was finally a full album released, named ‘Be a light’. The style had developed a lot during those years. They themselves describe as ‘Minimal Hypnotic Industrial Body Music’, a very fitting and intriguing label. With all this they were not only the musicians with the longest experience and the longest travel time (they are from Minneapolis, USA), but also the band with the most classic and old school style. Indeed, they describe influences from many old school EBM heroes like THE KLINIK, FRONT 242 or NITZER EBB. Yet, they are far from being a mere copy. On stage Mach Fox, Dbot and Dein Offizier unleashed a wall of massive EBM rhythms with forceful drums and energetic vocals. Though I suspected, the audience was not ready for that stark contrast to the earlier, much more modern bands, I enjoyed those classic sounds a lot. //

  • DSC00127
  • DSC00130
  • DSC00139
  • DSC00141
  • DSC00148

Unfortunately, the last act EGGVN had to cancel. Due to reasons beyond their control, they were not able to travel to Germany from Mexico. Such a pity! I had seen their very first live show at WGT and think, their raw industrial combined with captivating stage outfits and masks, really would have been able to excite many people. (Yes, I know, masks seem to be in right now, but those are the really interesting Mexican type of masks. Better luck next time! This way, the band contest ended earlier than expected and the winners were announced. U-MANOYED, SCINTILLA ANIMA and DUNKELSUCHT will all get a slot to perform at Autumn Moon next year. Congratulations to the winners and huge thank you to Autumn Moon and Kulturschock e.V. for promoting new music!


All pictures by Nastja Iz

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