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Wave Gotik Treffen LadytronLeipzig, Germany
17th to 20th May 2024
Wave Gotik Treffen 2024 Day 1 & 2 with Peter Heppner, GVLLOW, Ladytron, Martial Canterel, Still Patient?, Girls under Glass

We started this year’s WGT on the Agra area. As soon as we arrived, we were able to watch the omnipresent Dr Mark Benecke during one of his interviews for television. As on every Friday of the WGT, the Agra grounds slowly but steadily filled up. For most visitors, it was the day of arrival and the campground was already well filled. Next door in the Pagan Village (Heidnisches Dorf) it was still quiet, probably due to the recent rain shower. As always, there were plenty of exhibitors offering crafts, accessories, food and drink. There were also various activities for the WGT offspring.

Peter Heppner

Back on the Agra grounds, we went to the already well-attended hall for the performance by PETER HEPPNER and band. Heppner’s performance was a well-sorted mix of songs from his solo and band projects. If you like, you can call it a best-of of his entire creative work. Peter impressed with his distinctive clear voice, came across as unagitated and very likeable. Afterwards, he described his performance as a “great concert” and we can only agree with him. // Setlist: 01. Unloveable / 02. Meine Welt / 03. Once in a Lifetime (Wolfsheim song) / 04. Just One Word / All Is Shadow / Sedate Yourself / …Und ich tanz’ / 05. The Sparrows and the Nightingales (Wolfsheim song) / 06. Herz (Metropolis) / 07. Alleinesein / 08. Was bleibt / 09. Wir sind wir / 10. Leben… I Feel You (Schiller cover) / 11. Die Flut (Joachim Witt cover) / 12. Kein Zurück (Wolfsheim song)

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After Heppner, GVLLOW were announced for their premiere in Europe. We had listened to a few songs by this previously unknown band beforehand, but we weren’t really impressed. Our plan was to quickly take a few photos and then move on. But far from it. The Californians impressed us from the very first minute and there was no question of leaving early. The sound was driving and captivating, singer GVLLOW kept interacting with the audience, which differed from the previous concert. GVLLOW's label describes the music style as “80s New Wave and southern California Punk Rock mixed with the beach sounds of Dick Dale and The Beach Boys”, which is pretty accurate. In the middle of the concert, frontman GVLLOW invited the audience to form a large circle, as is typical at Punk concerts, and dance in it. Some members of the audience didn’t need to be told twice to do this, which further boosted the exuberant atmosphere. By the last song at the latest, there were familiar sounds to be heard for all those who had never heard GVLLOW before. The band said goodbye with THE CURE’s ‘Just Like Heaven’.

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The midnight specials, even if they don’t start until 1 a.m., are always reserved for special bands, most of whom have never played at WGT before. This year is no exception. LADYTRON had the honour of playing the first midnight special of WGT 2024. The band led by Helen Marnie, Mira Aroyo and Daniel Hunt had travelled exclusively from Liverpool for this performance, making it the first time they had played live in Germany since 2008. Although founded in 1999, LADYTRON took us back to the 80s with their minimalist Electro Pop. The setlist included songs from all their studio albums. The concert ended with the encore of their two biggest hits ‘Seventeen’ and ‘Destroy Everything You Touch’. The show was visually impressive with its rendered video projections. These had a timeless effect and the artists were sometimes completely immersed in them. // Setlist: 01. City of Angels / 02. Faces / 03. Ghosts / 04. Deadzone / 05. True Mathematics / 06. The Animals / 07. Flight From Angkor / 08. Soft Power / 09. Misery Remember Me / 10. International Dateline / 11. Fighting in Built Up Areas / 12. The Island / 13. Paper Highways / 14. Discotraxx / 15. Ace of Hz / Encore: 16. Seventeen / 17. Destroy Everything You Touch

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Martial Canterel

The second WGT day at Haus Leipzig began with MARTIAL CANTEREL. The venue was already well attended at 3 pm, and rightly so. Behind MARTIAL CANTEREL is Sean McBride from Brooklyn, who will perform a second time on this day as XENO & OAKLANDER. MARTIAL CANTEREL’s electronic music is minimalist but always catchy and captivates the audience. Despite the very large stage, Sean didn’t seem lost. He stood unobtrusively behind the wide desk that carried all his equipment. Years ago, I got to know Sean as a very likeable person and he radiated this from the stage today too.

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Still Patient?

Founded in 1988, STILL PATIENT? are regular guests at the WGT. They were also there in the year they disbanded in 1999 and re-formed in 2013. They played at Hellraiser in the east of Leipzig. Due to the many road detours, the Hellraiser could only be reached by a “little trip around the world” (according to Volker from the following band). In contrast to the other WGT venues, day tickets were also available here. Many fans who “only” wanted to visit the small WGT took advantage of this. STILL PATIENT? delivered a good concert. Guitarist Pogue-o played the entire set from a bar stool. Singer Andy Koa explained to the audience that not everything is possible after an operation. He wished Pogue-o a continued good recovery.

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Girls Under Glass

GIRLS UNDER GLASS were the headliners of the day at Hellraiser and the reason for most of the visitors to come. The Hellraiser beer garden turned out to be an insider tip for meeting up with many friends. Volker from GIRLS UNDER GLASS and the guys from A PROJECTION joined the numerous conversations. As was to be expected, GIRLS UNDER GLASS played a strong concert to a full house. In addition to cover versions of MADONNA and THE SISTERS OF MERCY, there was a foray through their albums. There was a premiere with ‘Tonight tonight’. The title will appear on the upcoming album next year. Volker’s announcement “If you don’t like it, please keep it to yourself” was certainly not meant seriously and was not necessary. Let’s hope that the whole album will go in this direction. After the concert, many members of the audience quickly left the venue to “catch the last bus” and complete their little trip around the world. // Setlist: 01. We Feel Alright / 02. Endless Nights / 03. Frozen (Madonna cover) / 04. Reach for the Stars / 05. When I Think About You / 06. Never Go / 07. Tainted / 08. Tonight Tonight (New song) / 09. Wall of Sound / 10. Lucky / 11. Dream Yourself Away / 12. Ohne Dich / 13. Body Electric (The Sisters of Mercy cover) / Encore: 14. Some Kind of Stranger / 15. Du Tier

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All Pictures by Yves Zander

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